Raid Finder growing tiresome

Raid finder occupy’s too much of the content the average player sees and after continuously being ran it becomes rather monotonous and boring. With no new content on the Horizon, aside from saga, I was hoping we could discuss ways to liven the game and add alternatives to new players and alts to obtain gear, vanity, loot, etc. that raid finder currently provides.

Daily/Weekly Dungeons were the first idea I had in mind. Age of Conan has a large number of dungeons and some of them are incredibly well designed and just plain FUN. Sadly, aside from Chaos, the incentive isn’t really there to get people in them. Some really cool puzzles and genuinely fun mechanics are hidden away in dungeons new players and even casual veterans are too hesitant to try due to lack of experience or reward. It is my sincere hope that a Daily/Weekly Dungeon event was added to get more people out into the world and seeing more content than the weekly raid finder or guild raids.

Adding a rotating table of Hard Modes every week that have a reward similar to raid finder (purple box on weeky completion, blue box everytime after) alongside a daily dungeon featuring Old World dungeons or normals would go a long way in revitalizing player activity. Even just adding Atlantean shards to loot tables outside of raid finder, be it in 6 mans, pvp, or in the world zones, would be a breath of fresh air from spamming raid finder. With all the bickering, afk’ers, and general monotony of running the same instance over and over again, raid finder lacks that fun and excitement I know AoC has to offer.


Just add a daily or weekly “hot zone” where if there is an unchained it “may” drop shards.