Raid finder need a tweak

Is there any hope left?
Can funcom remove any mechanics that requiere to be half awake?
Having the Rallying call at max from the start would help.

Seriously guys, please do something.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter raidfinder.

Whole rf should be removed from the game, and put atlantean shards in harder khitai dungeons and t5-6 raids, problem solved no one needs to suffer that s*it.

Your post contains a word that’s not allowed: s*it

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I did 1 raid finder this week, on Saga because my toon was short 1 T4 relic to buy a final piece of gear and I’m pretty close to having enough shards to buy the ring. Anyway, after waiting for a fair amount of time, it finally popped, and first boss wasn’t that bad but on 2nd boss, the total lack of tanks/afk’s meant we couldn’t do the 2nd boss at all. Luckily I got the T4 relic I needed but no shards. I’m seeing the problem of lack of tanks, and too many afk’rs get worse and worse.

Funcom shoould replace the bosses with giant strawmen and see if the raid can kill them before they despawn. Maybe that’s asking to much.

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Keeping in mind that there are reaver barbs in T4 gear who barely hit 300 DPS or demos and necros in T4 gear that get out-DPSed by a single demo pet the chances are high that the strawman might win this fight with his health regeneration :wink:


Are u serious?

Do you really want to live in these dungeons 24/7 instead of making RF once per week?
Personally for me it would be horror.

I had enough of infinite runs in Chaos with the purpose to have necessary gems, and then to win roll on them.

It would be a lot better for the game to give Atlantean shards in dungeons (which are the best parts of this game) than in the nightmare which is raidfinder.

Never said that you need to live in them. And yes I would actually rather play the game than sign rf and go afk while hoping its not a clusterFK run and i can turn off game faster? Yeah id rather do the dungeons

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Well if that’s not exaggeration, then Funcom might as well replace the bosses with giant skinners boxes and let the little birds peck away at the button that feeds them pixels.

It’s like a new breed of player have infested the gaming scene and they want to play multiplayer games but at the same time they really want to take the game out of whatever game they play. This is why modern gaming sucks.

This would be more in line with the rings you can buy with the shards beeing the best rings in the game. Higher content equals higher rewards.
I think the Saga Server taught us that people like to actually play the game, but of course chose the easiest path. Once the RF hit Saga the majority of the group content got killed, because the RF is a shortcut to the highest gear a casual player can get, and one for the T5/6 raiders to gear up for their favorite content.

I would even be fine if we would have a choice - something like RF giving half the amount of atlantean shards and T4 token only in the epic box, blue boxes with token T2/3 (and social stuff like more pets, the T1/3 vanity raid gear that is currently only in the shop, items that are exclusive to the the veteran vendor or the gilding token vendor - give LOTS of this stuff so people who really enjoy the RF have a reason to do it) AND specific dungeons giving atlantean shards AND every raidboss in real raids giving atlantean shards. Even solo dungeons could give a very small amount of them.

Someone do the right math so that there is not one “best” or “easiest” way (for example farming one resettable dungeon or doing only solos), but so that you benefit from doing all content (or only the one you favor the most, but you will need a little bit more time).


Raid finder needs a Tweak stop being a weakling & Warrior up. I wish Raid Finder would go back real mechanic’s. It Supposed to be a training place for noobs like you. & for that Yahoo info Shards not mean to be in T5-T6 is not teared you just selfish is all. Raid Finder is good like it or not. Tweak Raid Finder Little more what’s wrong with You.?

The thing you need to understand is that age of conan isnt a casual game, there is a hug gap between some players. Last rf on saga was terrible, more than 1 hour for a content that can be cleared in 10-15m. There is nothing to " warrior up ", when few people manage to wipe you 3-4-5 times and dont even bother reading chat to understand what they are doing wrong or let’s be blunt, ppl who cant play.

So i want rf rings but i dont want to waste my time on wipe-feast-raid, that’s why “we” are asking it to get even more easier so that the casual dudes dont slow us down. I get you dude, rf is easy as F, but not enough for some it seems.

Let me ask you this, if you could sign to raid finder as a whole raid, do you really think that the dudes who cant play would manage to find a spot anywhere or could kill any of the boss?

So tell me, what do you want to make even easier? Most bosses in the raid finder are already tank and spank fights where all mechanics were removed / nerfed so hard that they became insignificant.

You can’t just create a few bosses that act like a pinata that does not fighting back or anything else and still drop T4 relics. Supporting these already incredible lazy people isn’t helping at all.

What the hell has gaming become? Everyone is crying that everything is too difficult (not only here in AoC, the steam forums for various games are cluttered with such threads), how the hell were we able to do all the real raid versions back then when they were released? They were not nerfed, we didn’t have incredible gear like today and had to figure out everything by ourself.
It really needs to stop. If you can’t stand a challange go play things like these anime clicker games, there are no mechanics, just left clicking.

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I m not complaining about rf difficulty, i m asking a rf change because of casual players who cant endle miasma-blooddraw-entity fight- similar things…
Sure if they all leave the game, that would solve the issue, i dont see that happening so tweaking the rf is the only solution.

Allow me to form my own raid of 24 and queue up to raid finder with my raid.

Problem solved for many people.

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Oh i got an idea, what about raid finder only swap every month instead of each week and we get X4 reward on the epic box ( talking about the atlantean shard ) i can endure the wipes if it’s only once a month. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoudnt be hard to apply, wont requier lot of men power or time.

But then they don’t get u to sub to get shards faster (for longer time)