Put shards in the automatic boss drops in t1 to t6 dungeons please


To increase interest in doing the older scale raids, why not just put in shards for the bosses auto loot tables?
So you’d get the relic for that tier plus shards (1 shard per boss per tier as minimum).

That would increase the interest in raiding old dungeons as well as give those who detest RF somewhere else to go to get shards for rings (and I do run RFs since that’s usually the only game in town now)


I like the idea. Maybe it will kill off rf


This has been requested numerous times ever since raid finder was initially implemented. And here we are today…


ya but squeaky wheels…


The whole point is to keep people playing as long as possible by farming rf endlessly, that is also why wb bs takes whole year to finish, unless u server jump.


Rf is what killing the game. If they add shards to dungeons, more people will want to do them, because other content gets boring.


I am well aware that there is not much to do because of rf, then again I been against rf and wb bs since day one.


Well, rf and WB are a good thing. The problem is how it was done. They made end game stuff easily drop from rf and WB, yet dungeons and raids are untouched. It srsly ■■■■■■ me off.

If not for the fact that I still don’t have the full Raider set, I would have stopped dungeons altogether.


i think offering us atleast hard mode t1-3s with shards/gem drops would be a good idea also(along with other updated rewards)…after all most of these instances were nerfed at some stage years ago (also theres a bunch of doors inside some wings like w2 that has a few doors that go nowhere…im sure theres something on the other side lolz) so offering a hard mode of the older raiding instances would be welcomed by most and give us all another option to constantly grinding RF… more strings to the bow … could be done as a standard raid or a rf type sign up but personally think a traditional raid group would be the go for such an idea…pretty sure others have made similar comments on other threads but extra shard drops would be welcome in any form it takes tbh


Hardmode T1 is called T5 :slight_smile:

While at the time T5 was released I (and others) were not a fan of remaking an old raid, but in the years since I think we are all ok with Funcom reworking a T2 and calling it T7, just so we can have something “new” to do.


To be fair T5 is a really good raid. Well, Kyllikky would be fine if they just didn’t put a max cap on total of adds spawn :smile: Vistrix and HG both very fun though, HG specially.


yawn… as i stated these intances have all been nerfed at some stage…so resetting them and offering a hard mode/original mode may be a better word… t1 has about as much in common with t5 as a poddel has with a pit bull


Yes. Can’t repeat it enough. shard in 6 mans or at least in 6 man related quests, such as the Excavator quest chain and maybe make another one for Khitai dungeons.

Ps. Don’t know what happened last night, but there was lots of 6mans being advertised in global, from monastary to Coils. Almost brought a tear of joy to my eyes :smiley:


if they make shards drop for at least khitai, those great dungeons will be alive finally. i kinda hate how i have to spam global and guild just to get the Pillars group full. I run it 2 times a day, 3 times a week

And fking hell, the fact that vanity still locks out heavier gear is BS. We need the damned limitation removed…

And ffking hell, no character customization is a nightmare


for putting shards ANYWHERE eles then rf

Those damn shards are the only PVE tokens you can only get with one type of playing.

Out of curiousity, which character customization options would you wnat @Garrus-N7?


All except class and gender, race a BIG maybe (but that would have to be a must after races being unlocked on all classes). Those 3 I mentioned should never be allowed after creating a character (races only if they unlock on all, then FFA) as it’s the basic rule of games, never allow significant changes post creation, only up to minor like size skin eyes etc.


I think its cool that you cant change the base appareance of your character except hairstyle and all that. It makes your charactercreation mean something, if you could change it on the fly the game would loose personality, I dont know if im a sicko but i recognize some of my guildmembers by only seeing their characters faces, cos Ive seen them since launch pretty much.


Sadly, most people want customization, some if not many want races to be unlocked for all classes and then be able to change race. I just want to swap to Aquilonnian most likely, cuz their faces are better. I had a cool face for my guy, but I grew out of it. Now it looks utterly creepy.