Give us those daily anniversary boxes permanently

Just from my perspective it was nice to come back for a few weeks, log in, join a mini game every day, get some shards and maybe stick around for a few more or some dungeons or something.

Good to be able to get shards without being forced into raid finder but now that the incentive has gone, so am I again it seems.

Hoping you’ll make it permanent or maybe tweak it with a bit of creativity (like a daily 6 man dungeon rotating each day would be cool given the amount of obsolete content no one does anymore).


They definitely need to add different ways to get shards besides doing raid finder once a week

I totally agree with this @jeetz , however I also totally disagree with OP.
I don’t want to see those shards drop like the rain and certainly not from daily boxes every single day with nothing else to do rather than just log in game… non sense, that would render RF rings totally useless.

However a small amount for some 6mans instance, in HM, once a week or so, could be considered a good way I think. Without a week limit people will just start farming the given instance every 4h cd or so and it will end up being even worse than RF.

Those legendary items need to take time to get, or just remove them all together.

Just my 2 cents.


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Halve the reward for all I care, those people that farm RF every day are probably getting a couple of boxes of 8 shards anyway, which is about half what those anniversary dailies were.

It was kinda nice to log in and have some meaning to doing a mini and something that I’d actually want to do (that isn’t RF). My point is mostly that a weekly reward gives incentive to play once a week, a daily reward gives incentive to play every day.

Yeah I guess if that’s like a ‘chance’ to get 1-3 shards / day, every day, it would not hurt anyone as long as it is not repeatable (like RF).

That kind of small incentive on old world dungeons may make people do them again.

At least now with the kick option in RF, afkers mostly get kicked out after getting their first box.

I agree with the idea of giving shards to other activities then RF. But the anniversary thing would need some tweaks since you could log in and get 5 fatalitys or 20 kills to get the shards.

IMO. Win 1 mini game or complete x dungeon (rotate daily, so it can be Wyrm one day, Xib the next, AI the next etc), would be the most ideal thing I can think of.


Rf is really only worth doing once a week. Doing it more than that just nets you coin bags and trickles of shards and relics if you’re lucky.

This is great suggestion and something that I hope really could be implemented as soon as possible. That even the amount of pick-up groups for Unchained, Kara Korum and Monastary are virtually gone (well, almost) these days are is kinda sad. Its bascially down to Slithering and Raid Finder.

That people are craving other content was kinda evident on friday when I had to say “sorry full” to a dozen of people for a Kylikki T1 drunken raid onf friday was weird.

If you, Funcom that is, have no intention to put in Shards in normal raids. How about, as suggested, put a weekly quest where you get 50, 100 or something Shards when you complete it. For one week it could be an Aquilonian storll down memory lane where we do Imirain Ravine, Xibaluka and Crows Nest. The next we would have to venture into the Paikang sewers and defeat the bosses in there and the third week could be a full BRC clear that is needed.

I know you have limited resources but I imagine, not knowing much about coding and stuff, that adding such a quest rotation wouldnt take to much money and manpower to implement.

If you intent to keep Raid Finder as it is PLEASE give us other ways to obtain Atlantean Shards. Now some people are just stuck in the same loop and farm Raid Finder gear to complete another Raid FInder. Far from me would it be to tell others how to play the game but I think adding additinal ways of obtaining Atlantean Shards would benefit all and maybe some diffrent LFG-calls on Global.

I’ll end this post by just paging @Mussagana. :slight_smile:


Quoting because this suggestion is awesome and I fully support it. Credit to @Evito, too.

A weekly rotating quest including 3 dungeons of ALL difficult ranges would increase pugs and in guild/friendlist groups enourmosly. Just make sure the dungeons of the week have the same difficulty, so that there are easy weeks and hard weeks, so that new and unexperienced players can handle a whole run every other week.
It would be cool to have reason to visit all kinds of dungeons again.

In befor the naysayers: Of course you can visit every dungeon without any more reasons than just the fun of it…but to find a group is waaaaayyyyy more likely AND fun if a lot of people have the same reason at the same time to go there. If it is an easy week you could just start a group in global, pick up pros and noobs and go for it, teaching newbies on the way. If it is a harder week you can plan ahead, or breath new life in guild and friend groups, picking up one or two occaisionell new players. If it is a raid week full T1 or T2 there is finally an additional reason to do those raids again. RF players have not even seen those instances. Those new or unexp. players would have a reason to try to mingle with the veterans, veterans would have a reason to pick up newbies. And for FC there is the chance to lure people into buying all expansions, AND you do not even have to think about implementing shards into dozens of loottables, the quest just gives the loot, regardless which dungeons/raids/open world bosses are up that week. Win, win, and win. Please do that!


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