Limit rewards from RF

I would suggest limiting the rewards from the Raid Finder to only once a week. As it works now, people just continue to grind Raid Finder, which is extremely tedious and strigt out a boring grind.

Limiting it to once a week, like all other normal raids, would give new players time to explore other dungeons, which is actually fun. While also actually learning the game.
Players will be able to fill dungeon groups regulary again.
Raiding T4 would be worth it again.
More people would probably stay because endgame wouldn’t be just about farming tedious and boring content without no challenge.

Hey, I understand that RF was intended to get new people up with the veterans and start raiding from there. But the way it works now, doesnt work. Players from RF are in no shape what so ever to deal with the challenges of T5+. Hell, they would probably struggle in The Black Ring…

It takes time to get good enough for thoes places, but thats also the charm with this game. Limiting RF to once a week will “force”(help) new players into dungeons and raids that will increase not only their gear, but more importantly their skills and understanding of their class and game.

And btw, NOONE HELPS NEW PLAYERS IN RF, THEY KICK THEM. Only when a new player is brought into a normal dungeon group or raid the learning starts.


The big rewards chest from RF can only be claimed once per week. The rest of the week people are grinding for garbage loot and coin sacks and the occasional shard or relic. That’s why many people say it’s only worth doing once a week. if you want to do more real raids then join an active guild.

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While I’m not a fan of Raid Finder, limiting rewards to once a week would have the detrimental side effect of making Raid Finder pop much less. And during US prime time, this could be a major problem as it’s tough enough to get one to pop as it is.

Limiting RF will only drive people from the game. Comments so far make good points but I will add some people are off put by real raid requirements. Ie voice,exp,brain, etc. I don’t grind RF anymore but if some do, that’s up to them. Most probably wouldn’t do a raid anyway

Yeah sadly this suggestion would most likely just force you to do RF on mondays

If you want to increase interest in older raids, put shards as part of the boss drops

T1 bosses: 3 per boss
T2 bosses: 5
T3 7

T4 9
T5 15
T6 20

or some sort of scaling numbers. Then you would have a reason for people to do more raids
If there were constant pug t3s and up going on, then I’d hit more of them. Even my baby alts don’t need t1 anymore: expecting people to move from RF to T1/T2 doesn’t sound very feasible unless you figure someone is going to start pugging a lot more raids

RF is how I gear up my alts and get the rings for my mains. All my mains are full t4 or up now…I just am working on babies now

Show me the pugs to gear them up. Try and get a specific class in a pug raid with requirements

RF gives me something to do: I have a ton of alts I can put through it so its rare I do repeats anyway


I like this kind of comment alot better. With an actual suggestion. A good one that I’d like too.

Yes, Giving rewards only once a week might make people have to complete on monday or tuesday, but it will make more capable players that run other things than RF. This could make any other feature of the game run more often instead. For example pug raids. Do as Anubium said and add shards to thoes raids and we might see a shift for the good.

Saying that limiting people from RF will drive them away is essentialy the same as to say that of all the content in AOC, RF is the best, most interesting and fun content in aoc. That noone wants to do anything else. If you could get shards from runing a monastery/palace run in khitai, I think that would be more fun and make more players stay then leave. Yes we veterans have done Khitai for years. Still its the best content in Aoc and new players should have the ability to experience it. That might just hook them and make them stay for atleast a while.

Noone will stay in the game if RF is all you can do. But sadly, thats the way it seems to be heading… People struggle to find groups for regular dungeons… Where will we be in a year? I’ve never seen Crom in such a condition.

Purple Boxes from RaidFinder
*very ocasionally T3/T4 relics once a week
*its bad idea to drop big relics, cut this off.
*pets, cash etc
Blue Boxes
*T1-T3 relics
*pets, cash etc


Rf killing normal raids fix it up Fu*kcom.

It was first brought up when Raid Finder was first implemented to also have shards drop in regular raids, with increasing amounts of shards for higher tier bosses. Funcom still hasn’t done this, which is odd considering I’d think this would cause a dramatic increase in both guild and pug raids just to get shards outside of raid finder.

Also, I’d love if we could queue a raid we set up into raid finder, instead of just groups like it is now. Other games do this with their raid/group finder, why not here?

Make RF a daily, and remove the weekley reward. I also like the suggestion to add shards to other raids, making them relevant again. Ideally, people would log in to do their daily RF, and then look for other raids/groups to progress their toons.

It would also be nice to make other k6 HMs relevant again, maybe by adding Shards to those as well.

It’s not very hard ti give small amount of shards to dungeons. Its great idea. Again old good dungeons and raids will come to life.

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I disagree strongly to make the RF a daily, as people have many alts … it would make it worse … so instead of a bunch of people cycling their alts through ONCE a week …they’d cycle them through EVERY DAY…
Whilst it would be nice to have it as a weekly lock-out,the time to have done that was when it was released … as now the number of people who are doing them has decreased so it is very hard to get have one spawn later in the week.

the community has asked Funcom since the RF was released to add the shards to other content to encourage people to do a variety of raids and group instances and NOT sit in RF. It’s frustrating that for those who attend player-lead raid content every week as their primary activity are being punished by having their progress towards the best rings in the game retarded.


Mussagana seems to have good common sense.

hope he could remove RF for good. ok these guys had their time now for 2 years to farm their t4 and what not,

now let them advance into the real game: hardmodes and unchained. move the shard boxes here instead.

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I dont agree.

This would only be acceptable if shards / t4 tokens are obtainable by pvp or if the t4 gear and weapons and legendary rf ring are made unuseable in pvp.

As it is now, pvp players are forced to this pve content to get the best pvp gear. Forcing pvp players into time consuming pve raids would make it even worse.

So RF is not pve raid? Way go buy ring, LEGENDARY rings should be hard. Also, RF rings are not made for PVP.

For me RF rings should be buyable only on high end raids not from RF.

imo, rf rewards are fine, not best option, but fine.
if devs put a-shards to reg. raids and dung. ppl will do one that is most easy. same about pvp. and also someone sure will find a way to abuse.

they could put a rotating quest for like:

full clear warmonk monastery
full clear mines of chosain
full clear paikang city sewer dungeons
full clear kara korum dungeons
full clear keshatta unchained dungeons

and the list goes on, and higher rewards for completing on hardmode


Is what i say, but te are for pvp. Best ring in game for pvp…

Maybe that was an oversight on their part (FC). The dps rings do have a pretty nasty debuff (same as SC rings) so I wouldn’t call them best for pvp, even with gems (low const being the biggest drawback). It feels like they just don’t know much about pvp and thought the tanky rings would be harmless so they didn’t do anything about them. I doubt it was intentional judging by what they did with t6 items.

I really wish they would change that but I don’t see that happening :frowning: And it sucks because those rings are indeed stupidly powerful in pvp, on any class. The amount of hp, prot, armour and crits is out of this world.