Suggestion : Raid Finder

I would pay for NOT having to do RF every week. I am dead serious.

There already is such an option, a hoard in the item shop that dtops T5 relics and shards of pure ice. Just buy FC points for 250€/$ and boom, you got a full set of T5 gear, a simple T5 runestone and probably even enough for a weapon.

I have 9 toons. I dont need the gear. Just the Shards.

Purple Box - Little chance to drop T4 tokens from purple box.
Blue box - Relics T1-3 and T1 pieces of raid gear.
Atlantean Shards - Maybe let drop 5-10 atlantean shards from instances like Sepulcher of the Wyrm, Coils of Ubah Kan, Slithering Chaos, Paikang Seewers and every Unchained instance.

Now people only farming Rf’s and Chaos - open eyes and don’t kill other content in the game. Fix RF drop and let atlantean shard drop from different instances not only from RF’s.


Yes, I sincerely wish Funcom would add atlantean shards to drop from 6 mans. The best content in the game, in my opinion, is by far the excellently crafted dungeons and it’s a shame I and others are forced to slog through raid finder for them. I could see a huge influx of players into dungeons groups and more activity in-game through a small change like this.


Need atlantean shards in dungeons, to revive group content


I know that Funcom has very limited resources to expend on their best game …but adding shards to six mans would really give a boost to the group activity in the game…especially in the times that there are not enough players interested in joining raid finder. For many months now I have waited in a queue for hours with no raid finders running, hoping one will spawn so I can get the purple quest box for the week.

Funcom could add the shards to the loot box table of the unchained quests.
They could make sets of dungeon quests that have shards in the box you get for completing all the dungeons.
If adding the shards to the 6man dungeons would take more time than Funcom is willing to assign to their coding team, then add an exchange of rares for shards on the vendor in Old Taranta …


Rares for shards too would work, although it may encourage spamming only the efficient dungeons like warmonks, fort, etc

Those are spammed anyways…always have been and still are even after RF.
Though I’d have to say if they did allow rares for shards the ardashir fort should have the same cool down as the RoF etc and remove the ability to reset it …now that I know would be very unpopular…or it would become the only one to be spam-run and that is as boring as RF repeatedly.

Ya, that’s why I’d prefer a weekly/daily dungeon on a rotating table. Tian’an, Wyrm, Dugout, these sorts of really cool but rarely run instances would actually be done instead of monka pala for the thousandth time.

Yeah if it comes for dungeons it should be added as reward in both existing Excavator & Unchainded questlines.

Plus add a questline for completion of Mines of chosain and Paikang Sewer.

My biggest issue with conan right now compared to other mmo’s is that theres no usefull reason for me to log in daily, after im done raiding. Thats the void dungeons are meant to fill. Add shards in dungeon play, Conan would be semi-great again.


in addition to revitalize the 6 men, in my opinion, the first smart move that the funcom should do is to drastically lower the price (in golds) of gear khitai.
One of the reasons why it is totally snubbed is the exorbitant cost of the items between 12 and 15 golds, price not only not reachable by the f2p but that is almost double the gear T4 and is even higher than the gear T5 ( 10 golds) and T6 (12 golds if I remember well).
On saga I did a lot of dungeons (including Vile Nativity with you, if you remember) as long as the server died with the RF but I admit I did it for fun; despite having rare and moa I did not buy a single piece of gear khitai, except for the armor/prot/ cost ring BB and only for the bad luck of not win even one prot SC or I would have gladly saved that money too.


That would be another step in the right direction to revitalize 6 mans, hardly makes sense t4 is cheaper to purchase than k6 gear especially since you need to purchase the expansion to even buy it in the first place.