Raid relic conversions

We need something to do with Raid finders endless token give away.

T4 Dragon Tear token can be reversed to 200 Shards no gold.

T3 Rares to be traded for 150 shards.

An T4 tokens and Dragon tears convert to t5
Due to raid finder a 45 for 1 conversion.
Could offer T5 runes for T4 tokes, 4 dragon tears and double the simple relic 4s. (Rare 70 t5 to 140t4).

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I agree, I want end game gear with ever stepping foot in the raids themselves.

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Why bothering with rf, would be better to get t5- and t6-gear via /claim


The question is do we want players to stay and progress or not?
Everytime someone suggest things like the op we have the old die hard pvers who farm same raids for the last 10 years say its not good.
But who will spend an eternity hoping to make enough t5 and t6 relics?
There is a workaround that works for all.
Do the raid once and unlock access to the armor gear.
Do the raid twice and unlock access to the weapons.
Do the raid thrice and unlock access to accesories.
Then free token conversion by a reasonable amount just like t1 t2 token conversion is possible.
T2 tokens already require 3 t1’s. T3 tokens already require T2’s and Coin. T4 could require more and more tokens.
This way we can stop relics dropping from RF while justifying the decision.

Otherwise new or returning players will never manage to get into t5-t6 raids due to spots and its not like they will spend years in Age of Conan. There’s better games out there.

I would even suggest requirements to participate in 80 dungeons to clear all dungeons first.
I would even suggest a requirement to clean these dungeons so you can access first raid tier.
Same for next raid tiers. People would do groups again.

Lets be real though. Only one (Developer) left who knows AoC is the CEO himself.
Thats unlikely to ever lead to a possible remaster unless the CEO himself supervises a development team. Unlikely.

Still it wont be worth it due to AoC no matter the advertisement lacking what the average user would want. That’s many things. From Direct X issues to its Optimization and Framerates.
It simply doesn’t benefit from CPUs no matter if 1st Gen or 10th Gen i can’t tell a realy noticeable difference. Graphics? Potato GPUs can run it. Integrated Graphics cards lol

Its more about Servers and Connection which is really really the worst i’ve seen in last 10 years MMORPGs. It really is.

So who of the casual Gamers will invest and abandon Black Desert Online or Elder Scrolls Online for it?
It simply wont have the revenue to justify it. What is justified though is support to those who support it. Like Fix it and Finish the unfinished. Balance it. Listen to feedback and perform trials. But Funcom is the only company i’ve seen with such bad customer support/ service. Nobody does this.

I don’t know why they do it. Some would say because people pay still. It doesn’t make a difference. The company doesn’t really intend to make money out of AoC anyway. Its in Anarchy Online status.

Where do you see progress by encouraging people to farm rf?
There is no need of improving knowledge and skill cause 90% of rf-encounters can be finished with few decent players while the majority is afk or clueless.

And why would players want t5- (and maybe t6-)gear, if they are not interested in playing difficult content?


I believe they would care for this content as they cared about the first 3 Tiers. The first 3 Tiers are easier accesible and don’t require very much farming to perform there. Maybe T3 requires a preparation but its in a reasonable level. T3.5-T4 is kinda ok.
Its T5 and T6 that is rare and nobody would care much to go there if the chance for a reward is very low. They also require too many relics.
People would be skilled for group/raid content if there were requirements to access next tier.
Many in the past have suggested Atlantean Shards from Group content too which would increase the number of people participating. Maybe some Vials for AA even.

Some motivation both in terms of reward and due to access restriction would make people do the content and thus prepare for next tier.
I know for a fact the average person looks at how many relics a piece of t5 requires and says ‘‘nah’’ Good or bad its a point of view but to be honest Loot is what the average person thinks off before going to a Raid.

Kuth Rewards are also a reason. Many don’t care about End Game Gear since Kuth items came out.
Maybe if End Game gear maintained its own tradeoffs and Kuth was only a Gold/ XP but also Gem source to empower them it would be better.
Another issue is Critigation stat. Since old world gear doesn’t have it everyone just tries to skip it.

Funcom always did a good job in implementing new stuff but they always did an average job at fixing stuff and always did a bad job at balancing stuff or thinking of the overall result and consequence.
Still happens to this day in Conan Exiles. Nothing changed.

I always supported the idea of adding shard-rewards to dungeons, but Funcom never cared about reviving group-content.

I don’t understand your point of t5-gear being to expensive. Items require the same amount of token as t4-gear does. And bosses drop more items each than t4-bosses since there are less bosses to be killed.
From my experience players want the rewards, but don’t want to work for it.
Better do mindless rf-content several hours a week instead of trying to form a raidforce and improve skills.

As well if loot was the mainreason for players to join a raid, they’d do regular t4 instead of rf, since you get more t4-relics and additionally have a chance for itemdrops. But these raids require some skill and organization which most players don’t want to be bothered with.
Only valid reason to do rf should be shards for the ridicioulously powerful rings, since unfortunately there is hardly any other option to get enough shards (daily challenges-boxes can provide a few, but not enough to get the rings in decent time).


Wow that’s one hell of a useless conversation, as if anything would ever happen, good or bad.

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It just takes too much time. I don’t believe its due to the effort.

Effort should mean challenge. For funcom effort always meant '‘Time’'

Everything in this game takes too much time. It requires playing more than 1 year for a fully accomplished character. Provided there is enough population.
Currently there isn’t so progression is even slower.

Kuth items take 2-3 months to fill more for gems. I don’t believe the time is too much of an issue for Kuth but the random drop chance makes it bad and the fact its boring and repetitive.

At the Game’s current state Group content is almost abandoned unless its Chaos and 2 instances in Khitai. Sometimes even the early raids are impossible to fill. Other times you must be lucky to find a spot in T3 especially Upper.
Guilds mostly do T4 but T5 rarely even happens and T6 only but the oldest Guilds do it.

For any Guild or group of people to reach that point it takes Ages due to the above issues and the Stat farming wether AA or Relics for Equipment. Anyone can be shown how to tank or heal or dps. Nothing difficult. Voice Chat and simple instructions 1-3 runs and the player is ready and reliable.

Doesn’t take skill really but the truth is skilled people will stand out.

This game just takes too much time for the average casual user and thats why only the hardcore players stayed who can lead the others but even leaders need manpower.

If Funcom made everything more convenient ‘‘not foolproof easier’’ then… Yeah well, if i was an Astronaut… LOL

From a Customer perspective though there’s no doubt: They do owe every Supporter alot in return.
If they can’t go into a re-work to fix/ balance it they can at least rotate Anniversary and special events without nerfing them further.

The average Supporter has been paying Premium for the last 10 years. We’re talking about at least 300 people who spent at least 1200USD just for Premium Status each.
Add DLCs who were sold in larger numbers to people who stayed almost a year Premium or not, that’s alot of money without even counting what everyone bought from the Item Shop.

That money was more than enough for a development team to (Fix/ Balance) the Game
They spent alot in Exiles and SWL and current development but to Fix AoC is nothing in terms of investment. Keeping and rotating the damnable Events without ruining them also costs nothing!

They wont have to rebuild the Engine or re-release it just microadjust things and follow the usual Testlive Beta Testing procedure propably monitor and release a few hotfixes and thats it.

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This is just a post for something simple. No we dont need t6 on the free table.

This is just some things in hope it will lure back players.
Free stuff usally dows.

People are just after the quick dopamine of seeing their character get a new gearpiece. Btw takes shorter time getting full t6 in t6 than getting both rf rings and gems. I see many RF warriors completely decked out full T4 gear + kutchemes weapons + decked out RF rings. They are just not interested in the challange of T5 and T6. Are we gonna change the identity of the game towards a smartphone-game to please these people? And how long would this suggestion make them stay? Cos if you think it takes too long obtaining t6 gear the real way, were talking weeks with your suggestion. Great long term sollution mate :slight_smile:

I think its time people swallow the hard truth, Saga servers brought shitloads of new players back, but they dont seem interested in re-doing that “success”, so why would they make any other effort of bringing players back?


Good point about the Saga servers. There is nothing like it compared to level with groups of people and having to survive as a group in open world meet other people forge a bond and make a guild and build from scratch. Otherwise its not an MMORPG to begin with.

But i think the casual Gamer wont even go through repeating RF everytime. What he wants is content and experience what the game offers. RF is too boring and once you are filled with Rings and Gear there is no motivation to go into End Game for most.

I don’t believe these people are the majority.
I believe the majority is playing some other game that is well and alive and less grindy or repetitive.

Many people start loosing their motivation as soon as they find out they can’t manage to do purist runs. Others loose it when they find lvl 80 dungeons being dead. Others quit as soon as they can’t find early raids going on and when they are there are no spots. Others recieve their final blow once they waited 2 months to manage to get into T3 and find out its only lower and not upper to beat the Storyline’s Arch Enemy.

Too few remain and they are already drained not from effort but the time that passed. 3 Months+
Even if you play daily thats how long it takes. This more due to the emptyness of the Game’s population.
Its not the overall number itself. Its the Rate of incoming New or Returning Players. This means alot of people once they enter AoC they may be lucky to find 5 people with same interests.
Most new toons are old players anyway on their 10th alt.

Yes. Saga is important but if other things are not addressed the positives will only last for those who participate in the Saga server. The others who will come afterwards will still face the same problems.

The source of the issue is what funcom refused to address in the last decade. Eventually it would lead to this. AoC is lonely.

Personally i spend more time on this highly modded beast. Its still lonely just more interesting. Its Vanilla Combat sucks without extensive modifications though. Funcom has a Gold Mine and they throw it away!

If anything really needed to be tweaked, which is debatable as people have stated, I wish you didn’t need full t5 clear to buy the rune. I’m pretty sure only 1 guild is capable of it anymore and they generally do t6 instead. So classes like hox which hugely benefit from the rune are kind of dead in the water. There are active full t6 players without runes, and it’s not for lack of tokens.

There are 3 running and sucessfull t5 I know of, I bet even more. But t5 is a pain to keep running for raidleaders, because people tend to attend 3 raids with one class and swap to another the moment they get the rune, making the raid harder the more people come with alts they can not play. Loyal players are forced to carry the raid by coming with key classes and get angry at class hoppers, and the fun begins.
The gear loot is just too bad to make people stay interested.

And I do not fully get the suggestions made here. Make new requirements to “access” gear (lol at accessories as last category), to access raids, but make the urge to attend more raids less? This will drain raids even more of players.
You do not get T6 gear fast enough? Token gain in T5 is not fast enough? Well that is a bold opinion, with the bossnumbers, loottabels and super fast token gain, and the fact that all t6 raidforces are almost geared to the teeth and new players almost always get showered in items.
But of course only the oldest guilds do T5 and T6, because it takes time and effort to maintain a raidforce, and you do not only need people who are willing to learn and improve, they also need to be loyal and stay longer in the raid than they need to gear their toons. There is nothing more devistating to a raidforce than an overload of people who “finished” their class with the last item and then retire that toon.
Having to improve and invest time ist one of the core pillars of an mmo.

The difference between veterans and raid finder crowd is not the skill per se - in my experience it is mostly the attitude. If asked to bring another class to help the raid/group out a veteran will not even think about if his toon is actually needing something from that dungeon. He will just log on the toon he is asked for, knowing for sure he will get a chance for his less geared toons eventually (if he even has those). A player raised by the raidfinder and Kuth will first count his tokens and check the weapons, and then tell you which other toon needs xy in that dungeon and insist on logging to that class, regardless if the raid/group needs it or not.


Too much time for all that for the average Gamer. I personally don’t mind AoCs progression much though could be better but they do. As said it isn’t that bad its the population numbers making it bad.
Therefore we have to compensate for the lack of population by decreasing ‘‘time of our life’’ invested.

I do understand what you mean and its true most people just want their toons fully geared instead experiencing and mastering a class. But if a good player (in my occasion i was a returning player) has spent already a month clearing the game and he gets only once per 3 months the chance to participate in T3 for example and hasn’t found people to clear the other dungeons first he’s going to just call the game dead and leave.

I have actually forgotten the name of the Guild i was in but we lacked a dedicated raid force and although knowledgeable about T1-T2-T3-T3.5-T4 most of the time we didn’t have people. That was a really big issue.

Another problem i saw (you already mentioned people trying to get carried to fill with loot quickly) yeah there is alot of people trying to get into a big guild and expect to be showered with loot for all their toons. Its true.

I don’t know what conclusion to reach with the conversation… There are too many issues.
PvE without population is more boring then Bori and PvP without population is unaccesible.

Yes, I agree, the population is not good. But still good enough to do all content (pve, I have no clue about pvp). But this beeing a mmo, friends are not handed to you at the log in. I know for sure that if you want to progress, there are raids of all tiers that will happily take new, dedicated people in, train them, gear them. Of course they expect something for their time and effort, namely your time and effort. This is much more a social question than game mechanics. Maybe not all raids equally in all time zones, I will give you that. But what I do not understand is why someone complains about not finding a spot in a guild or raid while at the same time complaining about the content he would like to experience with that guild or raid is not to his taste anyway. Endgame content takes time to master. Endgame gear takes time to gather. Why buy chocolate when all you want is vanilla? This might just be the wrong genre of a game for the “average” gamer. And this change in the gaming experience over the past two decades is of course part of why this kind of game is slowly dying.
I am not saying there is nothing to fix in AoC, but changing the core of a game, from loot and time sink driven multiplayer to…solo instant gratification shiny things showerparty is just such an akward thing to ask for.


Anarchy Online actually have more subs and higher daily base than AoC.

Just let that sink in.