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Is Funcom will provide to further exchange relics Higher then T3? ( for ingame money)

Cause we have already T1 to T2 to T3 on Vendor

Many of us have thousands of T3 relics and want to apply them anywhere.

Game is for gamers

If you guys want it - Sighn

There is the T3 vendor on the upper floor where you can buy Shards with your T3 relics.

If u have that amount of relics it means u have the gear to do other content, unless ofc you are asking them to be exchanged for vanity or social stuff only what I am completely fine with

Yes, they should reintroduce the T1 and T3 vanity sets for T1 / T3 relics. One of the vendors should sell them, maybe the one who already sells all the pets, morphs etc.
That would be really awesome.


was about to propose this as well !

About changing t3 tokens for t4, t4 for t5 and so on : please no.


Spending relics on more vanity, pets and other social stuff like T1 and T3 vanity sets is a good idea

“Upgrading” T3 tokens or above to higher tiered relics is a big nono as Cappa here says.

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But “upgrading” our tier tokens to alantean shards I’d like to see even at a poor return
(And a conversion of a PvP token to shards to …)


Nah, if it was the last option sure, but if they are going to put shards somewhere else than RF to begin with do it in real dungeons/raids.

It has been mentioned by several different people, myself included: Just put a weekly quest rotating five random dungeons (khitai, unchained, dragon’s spine) where you need to complete let’s say three of the five and you’ll get a couple of shards, or if you complete minimum three you get some shards, and then the more you complete out of the five the more you get. And this quest can be repeated on alts too, and the reward could be like 30 shards or something, it doesn’t even need to be very high.

But then again, I am pretty sure you’re aware of that suggestion already :smiley:
About PvP tokens to shards I am not on board with that. I’d like to see them put -1000 PvP hit rating on the rings instead to be honest. If that would never happen yeah sure let the PvPers have a way to get PvE rings too :upside_down_face:


T1 to T2 toT3 to T4 to T5 to T6 Yes Yes Yes thats what i mean.

And dont need USELESS Vanity or pets.

Not at all players living the same timezone when server is raiding.

It means that all this dangeons locked for them or just not EXIST.

Time is going on and technology moves fast , every seasons world have a new games.

AoC is great but old.

So time to open all “treasure” for all players until server be empty

It give more motivation extend the gameplay

But that way you could farm T1 raids every week and then buy T6 items at some point.
Or you would be able to get T6 armor from raidfinder which shouldn’t be possible as well.

Getting T6 gear through raidfinder isn’t motivating, the grind would just get even more insane.
Also it would not extend gameplay because you simply do what you already do, farm RF day and night.
A new dungeon, raid or any other mechanic would extend gameplay but not more free gear.


Might as well just put T6 gear in /claim then.
If vanity and pets are useless to you, I would think T6 is also useless when you’re not going to use the high tiered gear for anything? If it’s just to stand still in Khemi to look at pretty stats, that sounds pretty useless to me.
T4 is obtainable through RF and you can do every single raid/dungeon in the game with Khitai gear which is worse than T4
I don’t see why they need to “give” the end game gear to everyone. End game in this game isn’t even difficult if you compare it to other games. If you don’t have time or aren’t able to raid higher tiers that’s fine. As said you can do everything you wish with the T4 gear you get from RF. If you go into RF with full t4 or full t6 it won’t change anything.
And how it gives more motivation to just get the gear for free is incorrect. Most people I know that get full T6 just parks their toon and never plays it again. They just go and gear a new one without even having a single clue how to play their full t6 character to begin with.


How exactly converting t3 relics to t5-6 relics, make those instances any more relevant for people who want that, If you are not raiding t5-6 raids, you do not need the gear or runes gained from them. And I am sure at every timezeone there is more than 24 players online. So there is no excuse not forming and creating a raid, excuses and nothing more, and how exactly giving free high tier gear people give motivation to extend gameplay?

If anything it REDUCES it. Even as it is, you get too much free stuff from RF. Rf should not provide any sort of relics or dragon tears for that matter,

If you dont raid t5-6, or even t4. U do not need the gear, you are completely fine with khitai /t2-3 sets.


Getting everything for free doing the lowest rank of content increasing the logevity of the game? Please explain that bend of logic pls, think we all want to know!


Making AoC a game for casuals is killing the game. We have shortcut to get T3 / T4 items and best rings in any game. Are you guys wanna everything for free or what? You still need more, and more items without doing much. I do not know what is your playstyle but for me I want be rewarded based on what i did. It’s more satisfying doing something hard and be rewarded of it than doing lack of job and be rewarded good.


Part of items, part of content should stay locked for some people. If you are not raiding, you are not learning, why you want to obtain high tier gear? Just think people, use some brain or just go play mario not aoc. If you wanna everything log on test live in future and talk with NPC. You will get full aa, full gear.

People who want everything and cring about more and more on forum make me laugh. I hope funcom will not listen your crying.

I agree with a lot of what you said, but hey don’t diss Mario. Best game(s) ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Mario is good. You know what i mean. Mario could be harder than rf for some people in here. :turtle:

I know what you mean yeah was just joking :smiley:
However difficulty in Mario games are higher than one would think actually :muscle:


even if the new or casual players do not know or do not understand it, the gear in game is not the final destination but a way that helps you overcome the next challenge, which is why the nomenclature is progressive. You dress T1 to get ready for T2 raids where you dress T2 to face T3 etc. etc. If you don’t have to face any challenge you don’t need any gear. Also you have a lot of relics 3 and 4 you say, if in your timezone there are enough people to do RF then there are enough people to do normal T5/6 raid too

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