T3.5 Weapons Vendor

It’s been way too long without a vendor for T3.5 weapons, at least for me, where most of the times I’ve been to this place, the loot rules for some weapons are restricted, preventing me from getting certain weapons on some classes (2hb for conq and barb).

Could we get a T3.5 weapon vendor, please? They could cost the same amount of T4 relics that T4 weapons cost - 120 for 1h, 240 for 2h - or even double that amount, along with Rare Relics or Dragon Tears. I have too many relics on my barb and I wish I could use them to buy this weapon.


Why don’t you host your own T3.5 raid and make those weapons available for everyone?

But yeah, T3.5 Weapon Vendor would be nice.

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You do know that Lurker and WB drop t3.5 weapons too… So, more vendors?

Im not sure what you mean Dim. I think you are going to say Lurker and WB weapons have the same look as T3,5 weapons, but i’m 100% sure Patoson isnt looking for vanity weapons.

He wants these specific weapons because of their stats which are not compareable with any others.

But let’s have a look on it why people “need” this weapon vendors. Its obviously for PvP.

In my little opinion if there would come a weapon vendor for this tier too we’ll loose another global pug raid BECAUSE its no longer necessary to do this raid too.

why? Since raidfinder and t3 t4 relic/rare relic overflood for the whole community its no longer necessary raiding anything under T5 because we have vendors for all lower raidtiers (well, T3 and definetly T4 are the only interesting ones).

Of course a 100% pvp really dont care whats happening to pve raids.

I’m still hunting some of these weapons too, but just buying them without doing the effort, thats not what Age of Conan should be. You want it, work hard for it. Or as Frenjoerd said: Host your own raid, tactics are known and everyone nowadays has full T4 set, what means, overgeared for this. :upside_down_face:


there are 2 sides of the coin,both u and pato are right in ur way,but yea,there are too many ppl with full t4 sets who doesnt know how to run from miasma :smiley: dont let them have those op weapons for free

I just love to see full t4 geared people joining real t4 raid saying that they do not know tactics



yea, nowadays u prefer to have some1 in khitai blues than in t4 epic,just because u know where it comes from )

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Why do we keep bringing these people up like they matter lol. these types of players are a complete non factor. Giving them another shiny literally does nothing. Also when are these global pug raids you speak of? The players doing them for fun wont stop. The people wanting vendors largely aren’t helping or going to raids anyway.

lol, have u ever hosted pug raid ? )
im doing it very often and everytime i see dts/conq full t4 who cant pull agro once or demo/necro/sins which are doing less dps than guards, also a lot of people who doesn`t know mechanics, so suming up all above, me and other people are just wasting there time or carying such people who will also steal loot at the end. Is it good? Obviously,not. Whats the reason? Raid Finder and possibility to buy EVERY T4 peace for relics

Yup, part of me wants it badly but then it’s one more raid that we won’t “need” to run and that’s not healthy for the game at all.

If only t3.5 didn’t share tokens with t4 :slight_smile: (and if only RF didn’t give t3 nor t4 tokens… but I digress).

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And add a T6 vendor while you’re at it.

I ran every pug raid there was before the EU NA mergers and stopped doing it for that specific reason. Its existed from the dawn of this game and has never gotten better. People like that existed before RF. You find the competent fun people and roll with them, kinda like the pvp community has figured this out and is hosting “premades”. adding a vendor isnt stopping the competent from doing the content tho. if people find that sort of pve fun they’ll continue to do it. Not sure what the issue is other than purely wanting to restrict access for the sake of it

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