T3.5 Weapons Vendor


It’s been way too long without a vendor for T3.5 weapons, at least for me, where most of the times I’ve been to this place, the loot rules for some weapons are restricted, preventing me from getting certain weapons on some classes (2hb for conq and barb).

Could we get a T3.5 weapon vendor, please? They could cost the same amount of T4 relics that T4 weapons cost - 120 for 1h, 240 for 2h - or even double that amount, along with Rare Relics or Dragon Tears. I have too many relics on my barb and I wish I could use them to buy this weapon.


Why don’t you host your own T3.5 raid and make those weapons available for everyone?

But yeah, T3.5 Weapon Vendor would be nice.