To Devs: Buyable t3.5 weapons

Hello. We have vendors for t1,t2,t3,t4 weapons and armor, and only t3.5 weapons cant be bought from them. Why? T3.5 is equal in some cases to t4, but some items are different, why wouldnt funcom put vendor for this items too?


Cause no one will be raiding.


There are still T5 and T6 raids in game. People stopping raiding by many reasons, buyable 3.5 weapons are not of them

The fix is to just require an extra token on the 3.5 vendor that drops in 3.5.

Otherwise nobody would raid 3.5


you cant get T5 and T6 from Raidfinder. Think before you type :slight_smile:

The same argument could be made about T3 and T4, where you can buy the weapons, yet pugs still happen. So I don’t think being able to buy T3.5 weapons would kill T3.5 pugs.

when was the last time you saw t3(not craft) pug? especially upper instance?
t4 is also very rare, so yes, if you allow to get t3,5 weapons from rf - it will finally kill t3.5 pugs

It would be a better idea to remove vendors selling raid gear or just leave vanity items and pets.
Do not add any weapons.

We know you don’t want anyone to get something you “worked” for. But really, let’s be realistic. You can do literally 50 t3.5 and only see what you want 6 times. Of those six you need to be A: lucky in your roll AND B: on the right class at the time. So after 50 T3.5, you probably don’t have the weapon you want.
That is why they should have a vendor.


Halfdead’s solution sounds very good to me. Plus they should add a t6 weapon vendor. Actually he is already in the game and visible on the minimap if you look carefully. But he does not have a name above his head or is active ingame.