Tier 3.5 and Lurker Weapons

Any plans to make these purchasable with raid tokens and relics? running out of things to buy and some of these look awesome especially. Plus people never run lurker so it would be cool to be able to get some of these. Preferably with t3 tokens

Considering the fact that these weapons are partly better than T4 (BS weapon, offhand sword, protection swords etc.) making them purchaseable for T3 relics would be a bit too cheap, even the armor costs T4 relics. I kinda like the idea of making them purchaseable but actually, they are probably the only reason why people go there at all, it would kill these raids too and given the fact that already noone runs T4 anymore because of the raidfinder I don’t think it would be healthy for the game.
Because lets be honest, no one would go to T3.5 anymore if you could just buy them by farming RF for a few weeks instead.

So, we have the solution: delete NoobFinder and put a vendor for the t3.5 weapons. :wink:

It’s very bad idea. Lurker and T3,5 raid are awesome! Also if u are lucky and you will get one of these weapons give you more fun. : ) My plan is to collect all polearms from he game so i’m very excited about t3,5 and lurker raids.

Could someone post the stats for the bear shaman weapon? I’ve also heard it’s better than the tier 4 version.

I think he’s talking about the Nergal’s Bludgeon of Agonizing Wounds :wink:

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Why is there such a huge difference in base dps when the numbers between the brackets are so close?

Oh that is sexy. Thank you

Are there still guilds doing Lurker Raids, on a schedule?

I think the last time we did it was more than 1 year ago… :expressionless:

Lurker probably would be more popular if they changed the stupid silly spawning hoops. Takes like 15-20 min just to spawn the damn thing.

Also, if the 3 small brains remained dead after you killed them once (similar to entity adds) that would help also.

Just changing those 2 things would make it much more popular.


Ya i wouldn’t mind some easy, quick fixes to make lurker a more viable raid. Such a cool encounter it’s a shame a fraction of the playerbase has experienced it.

It was one of the cooler fights back then - top-tier difficulty, atmospheric AF. Too bad it was never made into something more players would want to complete (because the gear was meh even back when it was first made possible to summon him).

Maybe instead of making this content even less relevant, make a few changes to the loot to entice people to go there?

I’d suggest putting the raid finder rings, atlantean shards and good chaos gems in the box. That would drag people in there…
As it is to get the raid finder rings and the four vendor brought gems it is about two years of attending raid finder once per week per character, so an alternative drop place for the raid finder rings would decrease this grind.

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I think people are overestimating the popularity of Lurker. I know very few people that enjoyed that fight and even less that would even want to do to again, even if you juiced up the loot from killing the boss.

Probably, the fight was a bit of a pain.
I would really prefer that funcom spend their limited coding time putting atlantean shards into 6man instances and non-raid finder raids OR code so we can convert rares into atlantean shards.

Amen :pray: lurker fight is a nightmare to summon and probably one of the hardest fights in the game considering so few have hands on experience there. But no I like the fact you can’t purchase 3.5 weapons some of the weapons are better than t4 and the raid is not that difficult

As interesting as I think the unique mechanics of spawning the Lurker are they sure are too time consuming. Getting a whole raid in 1 instance and spawning the boss takes more time than many are willing to spend on one fight already and then the encounter itself hasn’t even started. I agree that the brains are not very interesting either and add very little to the fight so staying dead after killing them once like the Entity adds would improve the experience.

The fight on it’s own is not very hard with the gear we have now. I lead a raid there a couple years back when the achievements came out and people were more geared than when the encounter released. It only took us 4 hours to learn and complete it for the first time. That’s less than pretty much any other raidboss took us to learn and now with the crazy power creep we have gotten since with widespread RF rings and T6 gear I imagine gearchecks like corrosive burst won’t be as punishing anymore either.

That said even if you could find experienced players that can just go in and kill it it would probably take up to an hour to gather, spawn and fight the boss for pretty much no rewards at all.

It’s a shame to see such an encounter go to waste. I don’t agree with Zaldar about that at all. I think the encounter design and mechanics are far more unique and engaging than pretty much any boss in T6 for example.

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Yeah at least its not green! I think the T6 designers ran out of colors so everything was green.

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