Adding a T3.5 Weapontrader because of vanity weapons

I know this topic has been discussed multiple times. But with the vanity weapon update there is a new reason to add a t3.5 weapontrader.

T3.5 is the only non endcontent raid, that doesn’t have a weapontrader. But with nice looking designs and sharp textures on almost every t3.5 weapon, i think it’s a shame, that we can’t buy those weapons to use them as vanity weapons.
I think it’s time for this weapontrader because otherwise it’s pretty hard to get those weapons, if you only want them for vanity. Most people i know do t3.5 raids for powerprogression so you would be an ■■■■■■■ if you just ninjalooted the weapons because of their awesome looks.

When talking about prices you could do a combination of the actual loot that drops in t3.5. So something like 90 T4 Relics, 1 T4 Dragontear and 1 T3 Rare Relic.


+1 for this and the original weapons!

Yes please add a t3.5 weapontrader

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Or simply make a raid and work for them instead of buying everything


Making a raid will not solve this issue:

Those weapons look amazing, have almost unique skins and are not part of the top tiers. Veterans have tons of T4 token they ycan not use for anything, raidfinder people alike. So why not let us buy T3,5 weapons, preventing drama that comes with people needing on them in real raids for vanity.


Yes make the weapon vendor for t3.5. I would like to buy the t3.5 2hb… for vanity of course.

On one hand i would like to just buy the good weapons out of the raid without spending more time in it. On the other hand this cant be the goal at all.

My suggestion would be creating a tier-weapon-vanity-vendor for them or all raids.

T3.5 is the only lowtier raid people actually raid for good/better weapons than they could buy from T4 since they farm the relics form RF. ^^
Selling T3.5 weapons on a vendor like T4 and we can say goodbye to this raidtier too.

Being honest, T3.5 is the fastest complete raid you can clear in around 30min with full standard raid? And some more minutes with a raid of 12-18 people.

So well, wouldnt say no to it since RF overfloods all chars with T3 and T4 relics. It just makes raiding T3.5 unimportant to do it like RF makes T3 and T4 raids unimportant to achieve the gear and weapons.

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Sometimes it is very simple.

But I’ve been raiding for 4 years to get a 2H+aggro sword on my conqueror and every time it drops (usually 1 time of 5 raids) other conq or barb or HoX win the roll. I think I’m very close to 150 finished T3,5 raids on this char.

In words, everything is much easier than in practice.

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Yea, that’s exactly why it would be nice to have a vendor: to put a limit to the RNG factor.

I would prefer separate vendors for vanity weapons of all tiers. These weapons should have no stats. Raid weapons would still require the appropriate relics but being cheaper overall. There could be vendors for Khitan weapons or other purples as well which then are available for rare trophies for example.

While I understand the arguements for adding it in terms of vanity/powergear & need/greed issue. t3.5 is the sweetspot of puggable content for the broadest audience while also being an alternative to RF given its rewards. Shortening the lifespan / decreasing its popularity by adding vendor doesnt seem like a good idea in the bigger picture.


If only there was a way to deal with raid drama once people start looting those weapons for vanity only.

Wait, there is! Petition and a GM will help you!

WAIT! There isn’t, because FC cancelled one of the EASY ways to keep its raiding community happy, and GMs no longer help with raid loot. Well, the one part time GM that is still working for AoC.


i understand the want/need for a 3.5 weapon vendor and like i said in post a few months ago (also world boss weapons due to the severe rarity of getting them to drop even after farming WB for years ect and not getting them ) i would still rather raid for them personally tbh… but if they added a 3.5 weapon vendor they should add wb weapons to the wb vendor to imo… and in the view of a 3.5 vendor and to keep people raiding the content because tbh it is one of the most fun raids in game these days imo maybe add the weapons only vendor into the raid instance like the shard/recipe vendor is in t3 upper to continue to encourage people to raid for the instance may be an idea… we would all like to be able to buy the weapons tbh but there is a lot of us who would want to raid for them…adding the weapon vendor inside the cleared instance would satisfy a lot of us i think :slight_smile:


I would like an Mystical Excavator vendor then aswell

There are some pretty interesting items in T3.5 that even T6 toons can use. Right now they are pretty hard to obtain, as you mostly get pugs with free-for-all drop. It would be very nice to have the items at vendor.

Examples of such items are tank neck and protection sword

Let’s not forget the ability to swap t4 relics for t3.5

That would be nice, since many have T4s to spare. We could use them for vanity

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Now this is a great idea …

make the t3.5 vendor spawn in a room of the t3.5 AFTER the bat boss is killed … either in the first room after you log into the raid or in the second&third boss room.

if they could make him only visible IF you have a t3.5 raid lockout on your toon that would be ideal.
But if that’s not possible then having him spawn only in a cleared instance will give incentive for people to attend a raid.
(Locking it to your character having a clear is better than locking him to a cleared instance as people can reform raids later to invite characters who haven’t cleared the into the cleared zone, as is currently done in t3 upper.)


yep… either a npc spawns or a pedastool rises from the floor ect…have all the weapons/ring/necklaces available there be a good addition…even if it happened in the lobby area would be nice to see imo

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An easier to implement idea would be to create a buff similar to Conqueror’s Gift.Call it nergal’s blessing or w/e .You get it after you kill bat and after that you can use the vendor for a limited time on that character.Imo a t6 weapon vendor is in order too along with the gold cap being upped to 30 gold for f2p players but we all know that ain;t happening :stuck_out_tongue: