Token converter

We need a way to change t4 tokens into t5 tokens like you can with t1,2,3.
As it stands I have 400+ relics obviously make it expensive like 5 relics 3 gold.
I really want t5 vanity for my hox :joy: only reason really and to avoid the big problem with the runes just add a shard of pure ice to them so raidfinder rapers can not get the runes without doing t5

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You can’t buy the T5 rune without the full clear kill achievements anyway.

The minors the majors you have to do a full run I know this

great suggestion, lets make RF yet another part of the game obsolete

As the original poster actually wants tier five gear for VANITY not power-armour a better suggestions is for Funcom to create a set of vanity only tier five skins purchasable for a token of some kind … that would also open up a new range of vanity only armor for all sets that all classes could equip as vanity…well they could do that with more tiers as well …they did by putting them into cash-shop boxes for some…(but I don’t favour lottery boxes in games)

Then open up an exchange of relics for that token …eg if put in for purchase by gilding tokens then allow exchange of raid relics, PvP tokens, moa, insignia etc for gilding token


I like this idea as we know hox t5 armor is lets be honest…crap. Just looks the dogs bollocks I would love to get into a guild that has regular t5 raiding spots because mine …every tom dick and Harry want to sign up …think we get roughly 30 sign ups so it’■■■■■ and miss if you get in every week.
And how is this idea making raid finder obsolete??? The easy mode population still get to grind there hearts content for t4 gear …but why give out some of the best weapons and armor t5 t6 for dumbed down raids filled with lazy narsisitic people ???

@Moriala meant that the raidfinder will make other content, namely T5, obsolet if you can convert T4 into T5 tokens. As the raidfinder made a lot of content obsolet because you can pretty much just farm raidfinder and ignore all dungeons - in other words, raidfinder killed groups and all tier raiding 1-4.

Your suggestion to let T4 tokens be converted into T5 is a horrible idea, because it would actually give T5 gear to raidfinder grinder.


It’s bad enough that lottery boxes give t5 relics. RF ruined Crom and Saga, just take all the raid relics out the blue boxes if you ever do a saga again so people only get bags of money for farming it all week. Or, buff all the 6 man loot by 50% so it’s better than T4 (and maybe buff the dungeons to a higher gear threshold too).

One aspect of obtaining raidgear is to show off that u have it, by wearing it. I dont see the point releasing it as vanitygear, would just be confusing. A carrot in getting the raidgear have always been to wear it, why mess with that.

@bennyboi Converting tokens will not get you the head, chest and legs of tier five as you need a shard of pure ice to purchase those.

It will make faster to have the number you need but I think you would find that the quality of your raid force would rapidly decline and many stop attending if they could convert t4 to t5 … just think on it … clear it ONCE so you are eligible to get the major rune and then just grind raid finder until you have enough t4 to convert …that is unless they already have them like you do… this equals raid death as people will stop attending difficult content
…or will want to swop to a different toon each week to get that eligibility … and THAT also leads to raid death as people are in a constant learning curve and raids stop clearing then people do not want to sign to a failing raid group…downwards spiral…

You are very fortunate to be in a guild that still has an excess of signups for that instance and runs it regularly…most guilds that I know of who have cleared tier five no longer run that instance …if they even still exist at all as a raiding guild.

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Iam already full t4 with some t6 peace’s and t6 accessories with t4 sword t3.5 sword so Iam not and easy mode player! I’ve done all raids …and to the raid gear as vanity question …as far as many are concerned you can generally wear what you want if you want I understand that for some classes t5 gear is really good and I would never want it to be easy for people to obtain! Ooh I currently have two shards of ice but iam getting 4 maybe 5 relics every 3 weeks inconsistently…but I don’t see the problem with it honestly! In most cases t4 gear which you can get for free 9 out of 10 times is better than t5 minus weapons and accessories which you all need shards of pure ice for …so for simple people means you cant obtain them or major peace’s of armor without spending a fortune on boxes :package: or doing full t5 so a bunch of newbies with minor t5 doesn’t really worry me as a long term player much

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Wanna know even better idea? remove tier 4 relics from Edit by Anzu: Raid finder, and give atlantean shards from completing t5-t6 raids. So u know… the best players who work on the gear get it, and not the people who are literally leeches in the game and want everything for free.

This would also show who is actually willing to learn game and raid mechanics by ACTUALLY playing the game, instead of spamming white hits on boss and wiping wiping wiping, hoping that then noob buff carries u through it.

Edit by Anzu: This part is not needed.


Maybe Funcom could implement a system where you can only get 10 T5 relics for a bunch of T4 relics once per week immediately after killing the last boss in T5. This would speed up gear progression in T5, but still force people to clear it week after week.

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Why would you want to progress in T5 faster then now? This game is not getting more content so I dont see the point. And besides, T5 is one of the fastest raids to get loot in (honorguard drops bigpieces) for example.

If your aiming this at me delred I’ve been playing since 2010 go vent your anger somewhere else we all know there are free loaders in every game and there the most annoying in raidfinder and it has bread a player base of poisonous old vets with a chip on there shoulder and new players in some of the best gear with no idea how to do anything and these are 2 of the main reasons why people leave this game

The fact that people are asking for high tier rewards from doing something easier than onyx chambers is just beyond stupid. why not just give t6 tokens and pvp levels from doing rf, why actually even do any content. Just make RF give every relic possible and farm it like headless chicken.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: you are bitter aren’t you I don’t understand players like you …if you hate the way the game has turned out and feel the player base is pants …why do you still play ??? All the these old vets are like the horrible old men in retirement homes who where better than everyone else and always talked about back in my day …sooo stop saying crazy things like free t6 (which you get from Zath after killing ya chieng!!!) and free pvp levels which are absolutely soul destroying trying to get past 5 unless your bori farmer :woman_farmer: and go back to you armchair in the corner facing the wall and let aoc evolve into something new ie new ways to obtain certain items , new ways of doing quests welcoming saga as new content in a 10 year old game that still has a healthy player count.
If it was left to certain individuals this game would be exactly the same as it was in 2008 when it was released

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Hey now don’t lump all veterans in the same category. :slight_smile: Some of us know that a majority of players do nothing but RF, but also understand that those people (and people that buy loot boxes) are helping keep this game alive.


I play the game because I have fun in it and I actually play it. And I am at least capable of doing content in the game, Edit by Anzu: Stop trolling.

“let aoc evolve into something new ie new ways to obtain certain items”

By that ^ you literally mean presssing “ctrl + r” > click accept > alt tab and browse random websites and wait the free handouts just fly in your hands. Indeed evolving into something ““new””

“and free pvp levels which are absolutely soul destroying trying to get past 5 unless your bori farmer”
Need 20% to pvp8, have not done bori. Has not been wery soul destroying :wink:

So, do you want an easy way for people to obtain T5 gear as suggested in the first post, or do you not want that? I don’t think you understand that beeing able to convert T4 in T5 tokens means that people who do only farm the raidfinder (read: Only have to stand afk in an rf instance*) can buy T5 items (small). And just so I said it: If you are in a guild that actually DOES T5 - why are you whining again? To have at least 30 people signing up for a T5 raid…I call that a very healthy raidforce, something most of the normal players would envy, and not something to be sad about. As a raidforce you need more than 24 player, because of rl stuff, Murpys Law, and those people who instantly leave a raidforce the second they got what they wanted, or leave for any other reason.

*I did see the post about Funcom not beeing happy about the afk in raidfinder people, and I think it is a good start to admit that, but as long as there is no system or mechanic in place that prevents people from standing afk at the door, or “fighting” naked, I consider it a perfectly fine way to do the raidfinder.