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Can you link that post, please? I did a quick search, but didn’t find it…

Anyway, the only chance to make raidfinder a barely decent environment would be to give full power to the raidleader, not just to reassign the groups, but also to kick people. Anything less will allow the leechers to keep doing what they do now.
And, obviously, to give the chance to sign up with more than just a single group.


Giving any more power to the raidleader than he has now is a terrible idea - every rf raif would be at the mercy of that person. Signing up as raidleads, pulling all healers to one group and then going afk is one of the troll games happening right now. A raidfinder that actually needs a raidlead is a fail in itself. Power can and will be abused - no power makes it a pain in the ■■■ to try to “lead” this ■■■■.
A vote-kick option with a threshold of like 75% would be better. You don’t behave? You get kicked, if 75% of the raid agrees to that. Put a timer on that, and on the retreat option, so people can not spam it. You would give the players a oportunity to get rid not only of Afkers, but also trolls (spreading miasma and blooddraw, solving puzzle at the wrong time, kiting commanding death over all pads, kiting Hollow Knight into the raid, running away with or spreading the parasite…)


Thanks for the link.

Anyway, Funcom should check how group/raid finder works in SWToR and do something similar. What we have now is just dumb.


They need one that exchanges Rare Tokens into T4 relics or whatever tokens. Reason being is there is not much to do in Age of Conan once you get to Raid Finder. Oh you could sit around and do RFs over and over to advance your character, but that is absurd. Players all want you to have EXP on their raids so they won’t train anyone. However there is a great deal of content you can play that rewards Rare Tokens and this is the level just prior to T4 so it makes sense. Quests like ‘Dead Man’s Hand’, ‘Isle of the Iron Statues’ etc. as well as Khitai 6-mans.

It would be something challenging to do. Raidfinder is nice, but it can’t be the only thing the average player can do to advance their character or have some fun. Why bother playing AoC if you never get to use the items you aquire in the Raidfinder quests?