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For all of you who might think that getting the wave 30 achievement in onslaught is hard.
You can get lucky just like me and my group and get a very easy wave 30 :grimacing:

Lucky wave 30 clear in onslaught

The rarest raidboss in the game when it comes to actual kills. In my opinion a very fun fight and with T6 geared characters not even that hard to kill. Keep in mind this is somewhat a german pug and also my first kill of this boss.
So give it a try even if the loot isn’t worth it :wink: and progress on it for one evening like we did!

The Lurker at the Threshold

Also i’ll be streaming T5 on my DT tonight. 8pm CET :wink:


du bist n clicker? :face_with_monocle: :kissing_heart:
danke für den content, hehe

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Will we get more oneshots or skydiving DTs? Find out in todays T6 stream :wink:

Will I get healed again?

Find out in todays T6 stream :wink:

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I understand why you wear a shield now

I wonder if this actually works, cause I sometimes get strange error messages on the embedded videos.

Anyway! Will we get another close kill like that or do better today? See yourself in my livestream at 8pm cest!

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