Drop in Raid Finder

increase the percentage of tier 4 relics in rfs, low players index.


I hope youre trolling.
If not…Go play WoW where they make everything easy for the new players.

Well if we do not get easier things for new players soon we will lose more players. How is a new player without items and without knowing the instances supposed to play.

By reading the tactics, asking for someone to teach them the tactics or doing a learning run themselves?
T4 gear wont stop you from wiping in Vortex of the storm if you have no clue what to do. You only need T4 gear for T5 and T6 raids, everything else can be done with the other gear out there.


Todays new players already have everything on a silver platter compared to how the game once was. New players can gorge in the conviniencys of.

  • Countless of guides explaining strats of all content in the game.
  • Dumbed down versions of the fights to the point where knowing strats is often irrelevant to your success. (nerfs)
  • Free gear in RF allowing you to obtain it while doing dishes afk, with the strenth of doing any content ingame with it.

So what should new players do? Maybe they should take couple of minutes to think. Do you want the journey of progressing and playing trough the great content of the game, or just skip to the end destination (loot). If the latter, whats gonna keep you in the game once you are full t4 and full rings? Failing, adapting, learning and overcoming is the essence of mmos. If you want a medal without a race, there are plenty of smartphone games for that.

The OPs post should rather say “I want everything for free at a higher pace”


Yes but you have to get something,

  1. this game is at the “end game”, it means you will see T6 tanks at monapalace so if you want to play a tank forget about it, not a chance to join a guild raid as a tank, the game is spoiled overall.
  2. reading the walkthought is not enough, you need to practise, i have spent nice time reading and trying chaos, i can kite quite well now, but still i had to practise to learn it on melee mode.
  3. it is a game not a job, some players might not want to get the stress, we pay for fun not to be stressed. Those raids where one player makes one mistake and wipes everything is one of the main reasons of frustration, how a new player can get in there.
  4. many players do not have the patience to teach you, eventually some will just kick you out during a raid or a 6 men instance and this might happen quite often.

Some do have to patience some do not.

So at the end of the day, considerating this game is based on groups because without a group you can just solo level to 80 and that’s all, we need more players aka the new players who, when they join, they should find a more friendly environment, or just because it was not easy for us it must be hard for everyone else.

This game like all the games gets boring, the only fun left you will have is the global chat, reason for i do not like the fact “free” players cannot use the global chat or the pm because an online game without community will shoot down the sooner you believe.

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if you want to make things easier for RF, just reduced the required number to pop it to 18 and the number of kick votes to 12

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Im not sure if I get what you mean by this, but if you are saying that theres only t6 tanks everywhere in the game, and that the lowest standard for acceptance of tanks is t6 geared ones, then thats completely wrong. The guild Im in Ivory tower clears t5 and t6 in about 1h10m each, and we allow t4 tanks to join our highest raids. Have never seen a guild decline a tank with t4 gear.

Yes, you need to practice, whats stopping you from practicing? The fact that you cant get carried by already experienced people? cmon you can start your own chaos and decide the rules.

Again, there is nothing stopping new players from starting their own raids with their own relaxed rules (the majority of the game are currently unexperienced players so there is plenty of players to go around), but most new players are showing spoiled tendencys and want stuff served.

That is true, but who do you think taught those people when the content was new? they formed a group of six players that struggled and figured out how to do it. Besides, when unexperienced players straight up tell me “hey, i dont have the experience for this, but im willing to listen and learn” I always accept them if i got time for a learning run. Do people usually approach me honestly about their experiencelevel? No, usually they claim they got experience, and wipe us repetedly.

That goes both ways, its not friendly to be new and without knowledge in a dungeon/raid/raidfinder and not ask for the strategy before the fight starts which usually ends up in multiple wipes.


If you want to make raids easier for new players KILL RAID FINDER. Have a % of atlantean shards drop from every boss T1 to T6 and possibly a 48 hour cooldown for T1 raids. That would encourage people to actually do real content again instead of taking 50 alts into a RF and pretending to participate and using Vote Kick to troll just cause they’re bored after their 20th alt in RF.

RF teaches you only how to be lazy and use the Vote Kick button.

Imagine global being filled with raids again because people want their shards.


Well, how can a new player start a raid when this game is at the end game, and when we lack of players, there are not enough new players for them to even start a raid. With end game this is what i mean.

Before, to tank the T4 you needed to take turns on aggro between T2/T3 tanks, now you just use your alt or main who is T5 you won’t even need to switch aggro. Nobody can be bothered anymore, so the game is spoiled anyway because after 2 wipes, “hold on i’m gonna get my T6 tank” and there you go.

Also who is doing raids anyway for new players, i see many complaining about the RF, but nobody complaining about the world boss? One world boss and you are already fully kitted.

We are just talking about T4 items, an instance 9 years old, most of the guilds start from T5, so once again what is the big deal? Better to farm a RF than solo farming faction items.

What i do know for facts is this, before the RF i could get items for 4 or 5 toons per week due to the high number of pugs, now with the RF i can barely get items for one toon at once, so i really do not see how the RF is giving free items.

What is annoying are these selfproclamed “vets” who have been doing the same instance for years, they start a pug and they quit as soon someone makes a mistake.

These selfproclamed “vets” should not start a pug if they don’t have the patience to handle it. I bet the avenger life of a new player in this game doesn’t go more than a couple of months before they quit the game.

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By Set!

I must say one… this game is not at [end game], but it is at a pivotal point in regards to the story-arc so far. There is extreme amounts more stories and arcs that have yet or could be explored.

Aquilonia, Cimmeria, Khitai, Stygia, and (only a small portion of the full region) Savage Coast of Turan… we have not seen Shem, Argos, Zingara, Zamora, Ophir and others; we have only dabble many be just 25% of the all the short-stories and writings in relation to Hyboria; we are long, long from [end game].

Progression is held in respect and asked to be admired of new-players by seasoned-players because there is something to gain, not just the mechanics, but we want you to enjoy the games world-content; traveling the desserts in Stygia, climbing the bodies wracked in the invasion-battle in Cimmeria, and the unsealing and deciphering of schemes plotted in Aquilonia.

Want you to dive into the quests, take part in dungeons to be amazed and not just look for an upgrade; then set aside some time and immerse yourself in cooperative raid-parties with all the challenges, beauty, and story; and not just about the upgrades, but the thrilling fights.

We want you to fall in love with the world and delve into its content… not mire it up with dozens of alternate-character roles and just queue-up and collect loot


what i really hate is 15s reward, geez increase it at 30s min…

End game means all the bosses have been killed, all the items have been dropped and there is nothing new to do. It does not mean the game is ending soon.

As been said here already make the raids you want to do, or 6 men learning groups. People like to complain all the time because what they want isn’t happening, but they won’t make the group or start a raid. The raid leaders can decide to run the raid however they want. If they call it after 1 wipe that is their decision. This kind of attitude is what people are talking about, people wont form/lead raids or groups and yet sit here and complain because the vets dont cater specifically to them.

Are you really that simple minded? Funcom will not dumb down the game even further for lazy people like you. What you define as end game is an incorrect statement about the game as well. People play a lot of different content not just t5+. Raids have CD as well, so it can only be done once per a few hours so people have to run other stuff as well. If you find this game too much of a grind, then go play WoW, it’s the perfect game for you; the devs like catering to players like you.

It is getting tiring of players too lazy to do content and wanting shortcuts, that is the sole reason we got RF. Without people like you the game would be in a better spot, so if you don’t like the game, just go. You keep saying things that are incorrect and you know nothing about, so just save us the time and just go or just simply don’t mention this again. It’s annoying as hell reading such threads and pretty insulting towards people that actually run the content.

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Ad hominem attacks are hardly an appropriate response to someone trying to voice their opinions about making the game more accessible. Go back to farming pillars of heaven for vanity gear if you don’t have any civil comments.

At this point it’s should be obvious that raidfinder is here to stay. It would be nice if the grind wasn’t as long for new players to get acceptable gear in order to begin tackling t5 and t6, as well as chaos. In all honesty, I’m pretty sick of hearing how all you pve’rs whine about how you had to do it once so now everyone else should too. It’s a toxic and counterproductive mindset that’s ends up with players leaving the game.

You guys don’t care, because you think it won’t effect you. But players leave the game- even your guildies and guild leaders will leave eventually. Without a steady stream of new blood, raids will not be able to happen, period.

I would strongly implore everyone to look at the suggestions, say “hmm, why would this be a good suggestion? What’s the underlying issue here?” rather than say LOL NOOB RF SUCKS YOU SUCK!

People don’t like raidfinder, but they have to do it to get gear. You think anyone actually like grinding brain dead bosses all day for gear? They’re not lazy, it just sucks because nobody does 6 mans and the only other way to get gear on a new character is raidfinder, which is horrible.

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Hey dude it is not me who said to add more, actually i have said the game was easier with the pugs because getting items from the instance was much faster. I also said that new players have issues to join the game because like many other end games to start all over in blue items doesn’t get you in a T4 raids.

Also let’s say the truth :slight_smile: There are not so many new players, most of those who join the RF are old players getting T4 items for their alts, let’s not be hypocrite with new players who barely know what an RF is at all :slight_smile:

The gap between new players and vets is not cos of gear, its because of knowledge. It doesnt matter if those new-gen players have T6 gear, they wont be good enough at the game to carry their weight and kill a single boss in T5 and T6. If raidfinder is the only content this generation plays, why shorten the already short journey of reaching full t4?

What you dont seem to understand is that faster rewards in RF would give even less incentive for players to play the real content of the game, the content that would teach them how to play the game and be ready for t5 and t6.


Yes the rf has killed all but one 6 man instance and it had pretty much killed all raids except for T5 &T6, which is really sad. And I often wonder what people farming rf for best rings are gonna do when they step into t5 (because 5 comes after 4 :smiley: or T6 for that matter…
They will have the gear but they won’t stand a chance because they never got used to mechanics.

Meanwhile the majority of the pve content (and there is a lot of it) is just sitting there completely unused because it does not reward better gear than rf. Well it does reward players with tons of exp in AOC mechanics and it still rewards players with tokens that can be spent on awesome 4h potions, which are really handy in end game raiding.

Not going to defend the rf, but even before we had rf I saw a lot people just only playing for loot, and that was sad back then but now it’s even worse.

Finally, some of us (not many it seems) took an interest in trying to do master timers in all these lovely 6 mans and for me it turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected.
But it does not seem to be popular because “No good loot!”.

These are sad times indeed, and when i look at other online games it looks even worse. Nothing but endless grinds for pixels given to players for no challenge whatsoever.


So true!
Btw. Here is a censored up thought :smiley: The rf should give players t6 armor (only the armor) since that armor tends to make them more tanky and thus more noob friendly :smiley:

ps. No I am not seriously asking for t6 gear to be gained from RF. Just a random thought :slight_smile:

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