Drop in Raid Finder


I’ve been running for vanity as well, gear was a rare bonus. Spent 3 months hosting pillars of Heaven to get a blue helm, and had many people joining. Hell, I even taught new players (but kicked lazy people who didn’t care about strat or were thinking they were wiseguys, they were not.) And I revived pillars for those 3 months. How is it that 1 player has to revive a dungeon for it to be ran? Lol
Now it is dead again because the imbeciles that think they know better keep on joining and since I got my helmet already I ain’t gonna bother tolerating those idiots. Gonna probably try to host Abyss or Jade…If people ACTUALLY bother.


Is disagree with that comment styyga ive recently returned to AoC after a year and a half break.
I love this game but I actually think a majority of new players only want to be RF rapists …I’ve tried putting 6 mans and raids in global and hardly get a sniff!
And the new players I do get that I try to teach that mess up rage quit …had a fresh DT yesterday throw a strop because he wanted to be dps spot not OT :rofl: and his dps wasn’t even over 500 on flame monk in mona :thinking: …but there are still some out there who are keen and want to learn …I think


You’re kidding right? Man, DT I heard is a better dps than Conq, I always get 2nd spot for dps many times beating casters and rogues and many times not far off from the t6 MT. How tf can a DT possible have such a garbage dps? Lol, this just proves that it’s the noobs that bring a bad name to dps soldiers.


Yeah it’s quit terrible same with me on HoX I stuck with this class when it was one of the worst and materd it (pve wise not quite as good at pvp :grimacing:)
But after our dev love and better gear iam pushing 1650 without full 2 raid finder rings and t5 rune …and I know 80%of dungeons like the back of my hand bit rusty after time of but 6 mans are probably the best part of AoC in my eyes


Okay, here’s where I’ll put my 2 cents in. Funcom sells a lot of crazy stuff on the item shop. So here’s to Funcom, if all the new players in the game want to catch up to the Veterans lets do this on the PVE servers (I know you can do this Funcom).

You already sell a level 80 character.
Add Full AA’s points for that character for some crazy amount of Funcom points.
Also add T4 Gear for sale for some crazy amount of Funcom points.

If you’re a serious “new” player after trying it out and want to see more advanced content you’ll pay the price.

I know I have spent a few bucks in the item shop.


I think that might be one of the few things I might agree with. As long as it ain’t t6 ofc.

Yeah, i spend a bit myself. Gonna buy max inventory tomorrow as well, so yeah, I want to support the game. It has good and bad things, but good things certainly outweigh the bad. And I enjoy cosmetic hunting a lot


How do you except them buying t4 gear will “let them see more advanced content?” If they are new to the game literally everything is more advanced then raidfinder. T5 doesnt require you to have T4 gear, it requires you to know your class and understand game mechanics. The gear doesnt automatically make you do required dmg/healing/tanking. its like dressing a child-soldier in kevlar and tell him to go fight a transformer. :triumph:


You are 100% correct.


You forget one key thing. In t4 all content gets easier either way. This makes it easier to learn as well. I myself had to learn everything the hard way, and the game didn’t seem enticing because of various factors. However, the moment I hit half t3, everything got much easier, and started to fully enjoy. Mistakes got tolerable as well. Below t3, most if not all mistakes are not tolerable in combat.
T4 on start would greatly improve learning experience as then every mistake wouldn’t insta kill you. Getting insta killed can easily lead to people leaving the game (I’m talking non dungeon and raid content, but partially those things as well). Some things make learning easier, gear is one.


Did you note I said Serious New player? Anyone that will spend the $$$ I think would be serious enough to figure out their class they are playing or ask for pointers/tips.

My experience as a raid leader when I do anything that requires a person to actually think and move I ask before we start does anyone have any questions on their role?

No matter what is said or done I’m sure there will be a no win win situation since the game is 11 years old at this point.


Sorry but saying a serious new player would learn his class enough to contribute to t5 and t6 just by asking stuff before pulling the boss, is not connected to reality, that doesnt even work remotely in something as easy as raidfinder. :slight_smile:


Get punished in raids. Questing and solo stuff shouldn’t be punishing as it gets boring and you learn jack. You learn more if you don’t get insta killed, instead of being almost insta wiped you should have time to learn how to use your abilities to survive. Wiping teaches you nothing, losing fights because you don’t use right abilities forces you to learn. Wipes give no opportunity to learn, ever. Tbh tho, I would recommend to Funcom to rather have t3 for sale than t4, since t4 sale might kill off the fun t4 raids which I certainly wouldn’t want.


wiping teaches you nothing? ehh, that’s exactly how you figure out mechanics and you don’t even have to learn on your own. there are plenty of guides for everything out there.

Been like that for years.


That’s so for group content. Not for solo. Without gear, solo your progress is hampered. And since you have no xp, no one will have you in a group. Sure you may believe otherwise, but I have seen this in many mmos, people with same arguments, which in the end were wrong. Sure gear isn’t the only thing that affects how well a player plays, but it certainly does help.
And hell, if a player with t4 doesn’t want to learn too bad, he gets kicked. They lose, Funcom wins. And we win, since players will support the game server further with this XD


Okay, I’m bad. Seems I’ve offended the T5 & T6 raiders of the community. I have personally never been to a real T5 or T6 raid (just no interest to me). I mainly play a DT on Crom and no desire to be able to solo tank anything T4 or lower. I rarely do RF for sheer lack of fun and excitement for me. The rings are great but not something life changing for me

I only just tried with a group of friends last night for the 1st time Slithering Chaos. All of us went in as noobs and of course didn’t get past the 2nd boss (kiting fails and jumping on the rocks fails). But you know what we had fun and we didn’t need anything more than some T4/AA’s and some Khitai gear.

What I’m trying to say is know your limitations and exp with the class you are playing. Just because you have the T4 and full AA’s will not make you a God…


Wiping is the only thing that forces you to learn. If you get your reward regardless, people are less likely to optimize or change things up. Thus why some guilds still run their un-optimized strats in t6 after 2 years.


I respect what you did in slithering chaos, thats my whole point in this thread, gear isnt everything and giving it out for free is lowering the incentive of learning the game like you did in chaos.


That is correct. Gear is only a walking stick that slightly helps you climb a mountain. In some parts of mountain climbing it will help you, in many others it will be useless. Where it’s useless, you as a player define whether you succeed.

Also ignore t5/6 Raiders hating on you. Many of those are elitists and won’t even invite people for their own stupid reasons. Whether those are in the forums here or in the game. Also, you may avoid many people hosting chaos. Half of those people are horrendous teammates even if they know what to do. Maybe they don’t roll on all, but they treat he less experienced like trash. Kind of the reason why I don’t have my friend playing in chaos anymore, and it’s just me. Kinda sad :frowning:


Ok then, if you ask me i prefer the pugs over the RF, but i prefer to look at the numbers.

This is the cost of a full T4 kit, we play the same game and same server, so you know at USA time nobody plays and T4 relics do not drop so easy, try go guess how long it would take to make a full kit:

Weapons: 4xtears, 480xrelics up to 2x extra tears and 240x extra relics
Accessories: 4xtears, 480xrelics
Golds: 96 golds
This without counting rings and necklace, otherwise it is another 3xtears, 220xrelics and 30golds.
The total is
8xtears(eventually 11x) 960xrelics(eventually 1.180xrelics, 96golds(eventually 126golds)

So those who say the RF is making it easy to get those items, think how long does it take to gather all of the above.


While it doesn’t make t4 easier to get, it makes the rings super easy.
But yeah, couple that with low RF pop ups, and it gets even harder. Would be nice if RF was only rewarding once per week just so that it can’t be farmed. Would be epic.


There are guilds in US time doing T4 weekly. Because there arent many pugs is a different conversation. For a while guilds were struggling to fill raids so you would see the pugs, which were more just guilds trying to fill the last spots, because of that guilds have worked together and have friends come in, so now the pug thing has somewhat died out.