Harassment in RF

Hi, I’ve been in RF alot this week, and some last week and I’ve noticed so much hate and harassment directed at players, who I can only assume to be new or returning ones when just one little thing goes wrong. This is beyond what became the norm on Crom, where it would amount to “Are you a noob/troll?”. It’s sad that the community in game has become so toxic towards people who are just there to have fun, and learn. I honestly think that the GMs really do need to pay more attention to what’s happening in the RFs so that it doesn’t cause people to leave in droves.


No offence but i wish most of the people playing rf to quit the game, most of them are not there to “learn the game” they are there because they are ■■■■■ for the tier 4 relics so they can get “best” gear in game without putting any effort or learning the “real” game.

Nothing wants me to claw my eyes out more than when I see full t4 tanks who do not know what irritate or goad are ( … or combos for that matter) or healers not having any idea when to use big heals / blues


I’ve seen the same thing, Cookiemonster. The best raids are filled with veterans who know how to run the different encounters and the worst are the ones with a mix of serious raiders, noobs, and hangers on. Noobs can learn if coached, hangers on are just there for the loot.

BUT, not amount of hating in RF is going to make a noob a better player or a hanger on care.

It’s better to offer coaching when possible. Sometimes that coaching is just, “it’s okay to stand by the entrance for the duration of the fight.” I would rather the players learn the encounter. There are a lot of locations to watch videos of the different encounters and to read carefully written descriptions of the encounter that include what to do and what not to do. Please review these, learn them, participate in the raid. Learn your class.

And to the vets out there, hating during a raid doesn’t do anything but make the rest of us angrier.
So, settle down and enjoy the game.

If you haven’t done the raid before, Google it and learn it…



Ditto. I have been flamed in pm during RF. Doesn’t make people want to stay in the game with toxic players


The Raidfinder itself was just a insanely huge mistake from Funcom, it actually encourages “toxicity” and hate because of the way it is designed.
RF puts people of all kinds into one raid, overgeared veterans with casual raiders, completely new players and AFK leechers / trolls, it’s an environment that is destined to be bad. I do not encourage flaming and so on, a lot of people just don’t have an idea what to do and were never teached the tactics or don’t even know the “requirements” to do these fights like not having special feats like Thundering Voice / Thundering Flames for ToS and HoX or Goad as a Tank or basic things like “What the hell is targets target?” BUT as someone who has seen the very early days of RF back in 2016 I can tell you it’s really not cool to see the same people leeching / trolling at the same bosses for years.
I can totally understand it that people get extremely angry if some people do not listen a single bit and just do whatever they want even though they are participating in a group activity - they are just wasting time that could be saved.

I had it myself happen just too often that I tried to explain someone the tactics and all I got was a “■■■■ off i play like i want!!1!11” but the worst part of it is, that even those players get encouraged to say “I am doing it right, otherwise I wouldn’t have one of the best gear sets in the game!” because they get free T4 gear for doing basically nothing or even worse, wiping the raid on purpose.

No one will be able to fix this (sadly) because it’s just a very bad thoughout idea in my opinioin, you put everyone randomly together into a raid, half of the people got so much gear they shouldn’t be there (but still need to be there because FC refuses to put Atlantean Shards into the real raids), the other half is full of people who have no idea how to play their character correctly.

If you want a real raid environment you need to do the real raids with a guild / raid alliance, there is no way to replace this by doing RF, it’s just a complete mess.

And just as a sidenote: AoC is not the only game where things like that happen, I play a lot of Overwatch, the Quickplay game finder there is nothing different from the Raidfinder in AoC, people from all kinds of skill brackets come together and need to play a game, people who want to win, people who want to fool around, people who don’t care a bit about the team and if the matchmaking ■■■■■ up totally even completely new players who are still messing around with their graphical settings come into your game - a complete mess that encourages “toxic behavior”.


After the first run on Mondays - which are generally decent because the real players will do it one time for the big box of tokens - raid finders are filled with leeches who are just there to get tokens for no effort. There is no vote kick, there is no punishment for AFKers or anything - by the time you get a GM the raid is over. So of course it’s toxic, no one has patience for those people and nor should they.

RF is so poorly implement in this game, it actively encourages leeching, so you get what you deserve really. Those aren’t people anyone should even want in the game. And I’m not referring to newer players who actually try and happen to be bad because they don’t know the game

For new players, they should be learning how to play in dungeons in lower tier raids and that’s the entire problem, Funcom made all of it obsolete so why would they bother?

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I’m baffled by hearing about existence of these “leeches” . Why the hell they even play the game in first place? What they gonna use that gear for when they are not interested in playing the game? Why they play this game at all?

I was so happy when I learned there is no dungeon finder unlike in EVERY modern MMORPG. Every single person I met while doing purist dungeons were amazing people :frowning:
No idea why raid finder exists when dungeon finder does not. It makes no sense to me.

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It doesn’t really make sense to any of us. The main reason for Funcom to introduce the Raidfinder was probably the fact that they were also adding these ridiculous Raidfinder rings + all the gems for an insane amount of Atlantean Shards that can only be gained if you keep on farming the RF for a year / two years non stop.

It would be nice to see those Atlantean shards drop in other raid content that isnt generally run, such as t1 and t2 (wing 1/2) raiding content. Would make some redo those old raids and just enjoy the older content a bit more, the noobs can get the items they need (talking about crom really as saga is auto t1) and the vets get some atlantean shards.

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I agree but sadly, this suggestion was made hundrets of times already in the old forums, Funcom never responded to it so it will most likely never change.

Sounds like someone should really go to the effort to create Strat Scripts that can be posted in chat. Share them on the forums here and you could get a lot of people using them and linking them in each Raid Finder run for those too quiet to speak up and ask.


Actually, the RF was introduced to make people experience (a slimmed down version) of raids they would normally not be able to participate in. The intention of the RF was to make people learn the very basics of most fights to be able to adapt more easily in the real raids (so they get a general idea about what the real raid is).
Sadly, Funcom decided to put rewards for the best rings in the game into the RF AND made it a grind which made the RF fail since veterans who want improved gear are forced to constantly play with raids where people are that have no idea (what I wrote a few posts further up) about the instance.

If they made some kind of quick explanation pop up every time you enter a boss room in the RF it would have been better I think, right now people need to write the stuff in the chat and hardly any person even cares about reading what is going on there.

With your logic people who already did the real instances would no go to RF at all since they already know the instance but since RF rewards you with the best rings they still need to farm it nonetheless.

Generally I find a few basic instructions in raid chat helps the fight go smoothly when it is apparent people do not know the fight. Some fights we try to prevent a wipe by typing these instructions before the fight.

Often however this is after one wipe as this is when you can see that tactics are unknown. So as people are resurrecting and getting to room and buffing etc, I (if no one else is) type a brief explanation of what needs to be done. Or during the fight … eg for the keeper/hollow knight fight “add spawn” “kill add …need more on add”

Although I do acknowledge RF can be rather frustrating for a number of reasons.

The raid finder implemented is rather generic and I have to admit, I am SPOILED by the one in FFXIV which is by far the best in the genre.

There raid finder places you in a tiered queue based on your gear unless you queue for the helper finder where you get a major bonus to payout for helping newer players and players with weaker gear.

Sadly, far too many people in older games are rotten to the core and wont give the slightest thought to helping anyone but themselves…and they dont even realize how they are hurting their own game which is lacking in people to play with at end game. They believe since they have played for 5+ years to get where they are, everyone else should and not realize they are basically saying that they want few people to play with themselves for ANOTHER 5 YEARS!


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A tiered RF in AoC would not work, it’s already problematic getting them to pop as is, especially during NA playtimes.

Only alternative then is to get veteran players on board with helping new/returning people getting experience/geared to end that issue.

Veteran players already do RF as it’s the only source of Atlantean shards for the best rings (and gems for the rings).

Yes, but I am addressing the OP and the thread which is about veterans harassing new and returning players :expressionless:

The issue is veterans have always tried to explain fights, assign jobs, etc in raidfinder. But over time there’s just been too many trolls that don’t care to listen, want to purposely try to wipe the raid because they find it amusing, or just be afk the whole time and leech from everyone else. So this isn’t a veterans are “evil”, it’s a small subset of the playerbase that are just bad for the game due to the reasons I mentioned earlier.

Ok, I never mentioned anything about trolls…assuming a person is a troll because they are “bad” compared to a veteran is to my point. If Veterans give new/returning players are hard time because they are either bitter or just expect the worst, they make their own game worse by vastly increasing the chance they will not stick around to become a veteran and increase this games lifespan.