Bullism on Brc raid finder

quote “hey doors are closed!”
What was going on today? yesterday I did a lot of rf n new Brc and everything went fine with very low people close out…today we were lucky if just 5 got stucked out,
Ok many does not know the tactics and obviously get closed outside, one time happened to me because of people blocking the entrance, but every time “genius” people who passed in started s crewing up making fun of"noobs" “retards” and so on? There was this guy always blaming, and the time it was his turn to be closed outside he blamed the rest of people (19 inside) are you f serious lol!? and started an animated discussion (btw we kicked him out)
not talking of other splendid guys entering like bosses and attacking immediately the first boss with only few people inside
Probably in these days there is a horde of newbies in rf, I understand some of their behavior can piss off people but try to count to 10 and remain calm before saying bad things!

There is nothing really you can do against these people other than trying to vote kick them out if they constantly spam insults in the chat, you can also report them via the /petition command and then setting the petition as harassment, I don’t know if GMs look into them very often since the PvP sh*t-talk (which is similar to that) is going on on a daily basis but I would definitely try it.

What I find shocking is that there are more than 10 people who doesn’t know Ancient raid content like Wing3.

But Maybe the majority playing these days only know raid finder raids…

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We had 3 locked out in today’s raid that I did at the start and yesterday myself and another were locked out, I announced it and got a reply ‘just wait 1 min and the doors will open’ and they did.

I’m not sure the other person’s reason, but I know I was the last one in the raid that ported in and the fight had already started.

Today’s raid I was again one of the last, but the group was waiting by the entrance before going in. Which seems to be the way to do it.

Not everyone raids so not knowing content isn’t a surprise. Especially when you count all the old & new players brought back to the game by the Saga Server.

I’ve never done BRC, but I asked yesterday at the start of the RF and got the info on it so all was good.

That’s good to hear :slight_smile: You know, I honestly wish there was a way that I could clearly see that a player in rf is just new to the instance and not just a troll or afk’er.
I don’t mind helping people who are new to whatever content we do but a few years of rf with people who should know better just made me not care much anymore. Which sucks for new players ofc. I certainly know that I am not the only one fed up with all the crap in rf and the the way rf invalidates most content in the game.

But fortunately we do not have to just farm rf and chaos. There are plenty of fun to be had in the game if people can just live with not always getting best gear when they do a dungeon or raid :slight_smile:

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well I never did raids cause I dont like to be locked up for hours, Im doin these raid finders just for the anniversary like probably many others. Next week Ill be part of the noobtrain in the thohamon lower floor so be prepared to type “retards” “noobs” a loooot
Some raid finder tactics on that or even better a list of it would be awesome to avoid making some crazy impatient and experienced guys to go mad

I don’t know if there is a guide list for the raidfinder somewhere here in the forums already but I could make one. But I am not sure how many people would actually read these tactics if they were here on the forums.


I never insult new players. you got the wrong man :slight_smile:

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well I’d read for sure, others probably, maybe also spam a link to it in raid finder just before kicking someone because he’s causing mess so when he’s out he sees the link and maybe he gives a look before joining another rf to cause trouble again

ps; today a person with nickname that remind with a spelling mistake the synonym of “wanking” pulled the imp leaving people outside included himself, waited for us killing athyr then left he group, his easy way to get the chest, happened some other times but nobody paid attention to who did it. we should nail their names somewhere as deterrent to stop this, it’s unfair

This what you do if u feel bullied Ignore them Literary don’t read chat or change it to another chat. YOU have to Understand one thing those Bully on chat probably miserable cowards in real life that cringe when they see someone coming at them… Never tried fight back as man in real life. So Ignore ignore that bother them worst than any freaking bad word u can say.

we have to remove this option from rf urgent … no one else can have fun due to this option. In the game I am Anacarolina I am struggling to remove. Together we will remove this option

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I wouldn’t say just because YOU don’t enjoy this option NO ONE ELSE enjoys it. I really like this feature, it enhanced the overall quality of raidfinder raids because the amount of trolls (the ones that actively try to grief the raid) and especially non participating AFKers has been drastically reduced.

I’m sad about this option because even those who do not know how to play are removed from the attacks, not just the afks anyone who has not learned is removed. this option is horrible is horrible and there is no need for it to be active. with rf of today day 5/28 new complaints turned

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I have seen people that have no idea what to do, they say it in the raidchat and let others explain, they might mess it up once or twice because they are learning but they were not kicked. Only the ones that say nothing and mess up the whole raid all the time even though you explained it in the raid chat and sent tells, most of them are the same people who do the same mistakes for years now. Now you gotta use your brain, no more leeching until the boss finally gets killed because the noob buff went up to x5.

This is simply not true. The majority of players who seem not to know what to do does not get kicked.

And I have a very simple solution for those players: Learn what to do even BEFOR you enter a RF. AoC is meant to be played together, not alone. So, just ask people. That is what every avarage, half decent player does.

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I still dislike you, rf is out of control, this idea is not good. now the trolls can kidding more than before. I think I’m going to continue with my campaign to remove this option that you should not have put in the game

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Well, You can wish in one hand, and crap in the other and see which one gets filled first :slight_smile:


Out of control, yeah totally. I did 5 RFs today, 4 AFKers were kicked (didn’t participate in the first fight and then still did not move after we proceeded to the second boss). 2 people who failed Miasma 3 times in a row (and caused wipes) and one person who casued another 2 wipes at Arbanus were kicked. They all were kicked rightfully, they stood near the boss and didn’t move all fight long, so I guess you can call these people AFKers too, they thought they wouldn’t get noticed that way and could get away with it - nice try but that kind of behavior is over for now.

There were a few people that asked for explanations because they never did it, we explained it and they did well.

Since the vote kick feature was introduced I had to go AFK in a RF probably 3 times too - I told the raid in the raid chat that I need to go AFK for a minute or two, they didn’t kick me a single time (and obviously, I came back and started playing again). Communication is the most important thing in this game.

Nothing is out of control, the only people that are calling RF out of control are probably the ones that can’t continue with their selfish playstyle anymore.

I think it’s because you were in rf, because what I’ve seen is totally different from what you’re writing, give us another way to get AA and relics that rf no longer need to be used, I teach a lot of people I have scripts that I did to teach the newbies, but this idea of kicking the vote is very wrong. this should be for afks and not for players who are playing and trying to have fun. when it has many mistakes it is better to retreat than it already existed. and it worked very well. (this option is generating hate as the saga was equal, much hate in chats.

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