Tired of vote to kick on raid finder - it is necessary to take measures

we have hereby requested that funcom team create a option for hide this window “vote kick”. Really is bothering because for what was created is not used, afks continue to be in the rfs and the windows do not stop pop up in our faces.

A public place can not be so interrupted, we want to have fun but in the end we ended up angry, before it was perfect, it was bad rf, we left. it may be better to decrease the penalty time by exiting rf for 5 minutes or null.

Or give us an option to hide this window as a null vote.

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Gonna approve this so i can start afk in Rf again


absolute agreed on that.

would be great if u could make it that, if 1 afks are there s(he only can be there if they actually hit the boss or mobs and if they still dont do anything they should have a counter on them for 10 sec and then kicked for 1 day

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Vote kick is a tool to make things better in Raid finder and not worst
if a vote kick message appeared on my screen and the same time i type something on Raid chat then my whole message Disappear.
that thing makes things worst cause i have to type again the whole message again
also the vote kick message always block my view while tanking the boss and i have to vote during fight or click the X to close window
this is very bad job funcom
very very bad job
it clearly shows how amature job you are doing.
please make vote kick a TOOL and not an Annoying thing


Cam we remove raid finder and world boss? Let this game get back to doing raids with guild or awesome pugs like we used to do with Posey?

I would love this game to stay true to the mmorpg format, instead of catering to lazy solo players.


I agree. Remove votekick from RF, but then add it for minigames.


No, keep vote kick.
Remove it and I am going to be AFK 24/7 in RF and probably troll the raid every now and then. I wouldn’t get issues anyways.

Seriously, I am sick of doing this RF sh*t for others to get their free loot, remove this tool and I will join them.


Again with this … I get YOU don’t like vote kick … And I’m guessing that you get kicked a lot as this has been your complaint in the past … and as I advised in the past … it takes atleast 16 out of 23 to get a person kicked from raid finder…if this is happening alot then that person needs to examine what behaviour they are doing that makes 2/3 of the raid not want them to be there across multiple random raid finder raid groups.

…but back to the current topic:
i’d take 100 annoying windows popping up in my face over Raid finder the way it USED to be BEFORE vote kick…

Raid finder without vote kick was absolutely horrible… it was the worst most unpleasant content I’ve participated in within AoC … and that INCLUDES several MONTHS of wiping on ONE raid boss as we learnt to fight it … and if the rings weren’t so OP I would not have continued to go to them trying to get the rings on my characters.

Worse than any AFK person was the players who loved to cause major disruptions to the fights by toxic behaviour. Vote kick was amazing at stopping that dead …
And for most players leaving if it was bad raid finder was not a solution as most were trying to get a clear on each character in their account to get the purple box. Leaving raid finder due to having toxic players who were using mechanics to grief the raid … such as stacking healers all in one group; spreading miasma to everyone in the raid, kiting the hollow knight into the group of ranged players so they died…all these and more… would mean WE who had done NOTHING wrong would have the cowards’ buff on us and not able to join another RF for 30 minutes on that character and OFTEN that buff would STILL be present on the character if we logged out and went to others and came back to it another day … wasting more of our time before we could sign again.

Raid finder without vote kick encouraged not only AFKers …but provoked immense anger in other players and they would then harrass and abuse the AFK person and make the atmosphere uncomfortable and toxic for those just trying to get on with the fights the best they could.

You get angry with a pop-up window … well dozens more get angry at AFK players and people who deliberately sabotage fights.

if this post had simply been about asking Funcom to move the default position of the pop up to the side of the screen. Or adding an option in the HUD to set a position for the popup window so it’s not in the centre …then I wouldn’t have typed so much. Allowing US control over WHERE the pop-ups appear I support … we can move where our chat windows, groups, cast bars and loot box window are …why not this.


Right. AFKrs are annoying, but that kind of behavior was maddening. And at least it stopped.
By the way, @Evangelini, the devs said it’s going to stay, so you can stop crying… :grin:


By the way: I took some awesome screenshots of you (Evangelini) ranting in RF about how ret**ded, stupid and idiotic people are even though they do their job while YOU messed up everything (again), obviously you got kicked, and you still wonder why?

Calling people crap who do their job and blaming everyone but yourself for a wipe nets you in a well deserved kick.
Every time you play the victim even though with your behaviour you got no right to do so.


You wrote a book, but you did not read what was written (Or give us an option to hide this window as a null vote.)

Worse than any AFK person was the players who loved to cause major disruptions to the fights by toxic behaviour. Vote kick was amazing at stopping that dead …

Right. AFKrs are annoying, but that kind of behavior was maddening. And at least it stopped.
By the way, @Evangelini, the devs said it’s going to stay, so you can stop crying… :grin:

knowing how to read is a virtue, you are being precipitated, read carefully. (Or give us an option to hide this window as a null vote.)

I did read what you wrote …

and in response I put my very strong opinion that i do NOT request the removal because without it Raid Finder was the most unpleasant experience in AoC I ever participated in…
The hostility and viciousness that existed in RF before vote kick made it a horrible experience and not at all fun … watching players rage in chat throwing abuse at other players is not my idea of a fun, whether it be abuse towards someone who was AFK or someone who refused to participate in the fight … ie NOT actuallly AFK but refusing to come into the raid room and typing that they would not participate … or the rudeness, name-calling & personal attacks when mistakes were made and wipes happened or they just didn’t like someone so always attacked them when they saw them in the raid …
with vote kick enabled I now see people who heap abuse and viciousness on players have a vote kick initiated against them … no more do I have to put up with someone who calls players retards and stupid and is unhelpful towards someone who needs help.

That leaving a “bad rf” was NOT an option that I and others want to take as we are prevented from rejoining for 30 minutes ingame time on that character …that debuff did not count down whilst that character was offline. So instead we tough it out in an toxic and abusive atmosphere … trying our best to get the fights done successfully despite players delibrately sabotaging the fights and vicious nasty words in the raid chat…

It is unrealistic to expect Funcom to make the vote kick button hidden and your vote to always be “null”/no by doing so. Asking for them to give you the power to MOVE WHERE it spawns IS realistic … you can move it so it’s off to the side of the screen so you don’t see it…effectively making your vote always “no” as it eventually times out.

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No, please keep the kick. It’s a good tool, and I bet 99% of those troll kick-messages are made by those in favor to get this removed, just to annoy the rest.

We could solve it by showing the starter of the vote-kicking and everyone who agrees.


The op is a player with toxic behavior who ingame build up a bad reputation over time. No wonder he is asking to remove the kick, as he is one of the very reasons we asked for this feature in the first place.

Also it is pretty easy to estimate what the players think about the kick feature. At least 2/3 of the people who do rf want that feature - otherwise no one would ever get kicked. End of discussion.

PLUS for moving the window, although I do not care that much about it.
It pops up where every other related window does pop up, too, and it is one fast click in the middle of the fight. You even have time to glance at the players name and watch what he is doing - if someone trolls or is afk you propably saw that prior to the vote kick anyway.


Evangelini tried to talk other players into agreeing with her on Global today. After a short discussion with people stating their opinions on either RF and WB need to be removed or kept, she raised a point on guilds dominating raids and climaxed it with the following line: “your guild is a big crap and you fault to rf.” I assume that shows that this thread does not serve any sensible purpose but to provoke people.

Overall: the KICK tool is very useful as it keeps people focused, but it would be all the better to remove raid finder completely than to remove the feature.


On this point I disagree. It’s come up previously and I am passionate about the anonymity of the vote kick system. My reason: some people get extremely vicious and vindictive … they hold grudges and abuse players for weeks, months or years about past incidents in a computer game.

My alternative suggestions to disclosing names have been:
a) restrict how many vote kicks a person can start … if we can only make a few per raid … say two per raid finder … or one every 20 minutes … then we’d use them more wisely. And at worse someone who wanted to disrupt the raid with an unnecessary vote-kick could not do it very often.
b) a more complex vote to kick system … example: that it takes x number of people to initiate a vote kick against any player within x minutes BEFORE it comes up on the screen for the rest of the raid to see and vote on. (say 3 people have to find another player worthy of vote kick at nearly the same time eg within a 2 minute window, before the other 20 players see the vote kick notice).

I had other suggestions but I forget them now.

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It’s like farting and then asking why it smells so bad.

I found it very cool that you gave your opinion, but here is to solve a problem and not to tell of your past life.

We already solved the problem: You are a troll.
You are wellcome.
Edit: Since when is one person multiple community members?