FYI on vote kick for raid finder: how to get rid of it quickly and retreat trolls

If you get trolled in RF:

ESC button will auto vote no with one button click and you don’t need to push the yes/no button

If you get spammed with retreats, pull the box up to right corner and don’t vote: won’t respawn

Thanks a lot, all these boxes popping up were making it hard for me to click my spells.


Better and also more efficient solution: keybinds


I wish people would pump up their dps in rf, that would make trolls have less time to spam vote kicks and I would get the f*k out from there faster.

It feels like every rf has 24 guardians


DPS Guards are great!

i would gladly welcome everyone to have an option in the game settings to remove this window.
who wants to see the window they leave enabled, who doesn’t want to see the window disable within the game. (That would be very good)