Tired of vote to kick on raid finder - it is necessary to take measures

I don’t see any problem with the votekick, it is useful and helps to get rid of annoyances (afkers, trolls, wipers, independant thinkers who do it all wrong without any will to learn).


You guys are running away from the subject, the idea is to solve the problem, if not to remove the window, let the funcom give us an option to hide the window to vote kick, or remove the window or hide

I dont see any problem too, but I dont want to see this window or vote to kick. I never vote so, I need one options to hide, is this the post.

vote no or don’t vote, it’s the same. and the window would disappear.

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yeh agreed…vote to kick has actually saved raid finders as for over a year i would not even bother going due to trolls ruining every raid and you could not get rid of them… evangelini / annacarolina you and you protests towards V2K are nothing but the pouting of a child who needs to grow up a little and i am very sorry that you get targeted constantly by people with grief spam votes…but there will not be a removale of V2K and the only sensible modification it needs is to show WHO is starting the votes so if they are spamming it they will be kicked…being anonymous gives a troll spammer something to hide behind and that veil should be removed… also if i start a vote to retreat it shows i started it so why not show who starts a V2K ??? RF with out V2K like you have mentioned Kwalya was just about unplayable due to a few trolls that could not be removed as well as AFK players warming the res pads… and yes i agree the pop up should be at the top of the screen (as well as all the texts in raids/6mans the bosses waffle on about)

Remove Raid Finder before removing the vote kick system. I would rather do real raids than feel forced to Raid Finder every week for some Atlantean Shards.


exactly, something that gives us the option to continue playing :smiley:

The only thing I could agree is to see who is propositioning the kick vote (so we can kick the trolls, instread). Take the kick option and we would have AFKers again in RF.


You can vote, but I do not vote and many also do not vote, so I think it would be fair to have the power to hide this window in your client game.

you obviously still dont get it

be happy and take care. good game for you

Well, what I get is a pretentious ■■■■■■■ trying to get AFKers back in the game. So, yeah, I don’t get it.

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the idea is for those who do not want to vote have the option in game to hide the pop up window, as a vote null. It’s very bad when you’re playing and the window come and hide your character.

anyone who wants to vote can continue voting who does not want to have the right to hide this window

And it’s pretty much clear what’s your goal: if enough people (6 are enough) chooses to keep the kick window hidden, the vote itself will always fail, making the whole feature useless.

Go away, troll! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The problem is the popup appears in the middle of the screen so, if you leave your mouse there before holding right-click, like I do, or have the target’s castbar there, like me, it’s annoying, but the solution isn’t removing the ability to votekick, but to be able to reposition the popup or change it into something like Source games used (Left 4 Dead comes to mind), a popup in a corner of the screen with 2 keybinds to vote yes or no.


There’s nothing wrong with how the vote kick is done in RF, please Funcom don’t change a thing. I know some are annoyed on the box placement, but I feel it would cause more problems if Funcom messed with this. Remember, this is the same company that made all our toons bald recently, which I’m still confused how any of the recent changes could even affect that. Now you want them digging into code to change a popup box? I’m afraid what other random game features would then be broken.

Just leave this topic alone!


no need remove, what the problem? only need a option for hide this window

anyone want this vk remove only need one option to hide window

Maybe do some content outside of RF? No vote kick window…

No time for that

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the big problem for people here is they do not know how to read and they jump to conclusions.

I always see the same ones here behind my posts, where I am they are here behind saying things with no concept at all.