Suggestion: RF Kick vote improvement


Ever since that new feature was introduced in game, we hear people screaming they have been victims of “harassment” and wrongly “kicked-out” from RF instances.

When I personally think most of these people crying probably are the previous well known ‘afkers’ basically complaining about not being able to be in a RF to grind the loot, without actually participating in it, I also see some kind of issues which could be abused, and result into some troll kicks for example (even if I have not seen that many yet) or personal payback between two players which could lead to players being kicked without being guilty of anything bad in the current instance of RF.
Bullying or harassing someone because of what he did is wrong if he is currently behaving.

Let me be clear, to me, “I know you, you are a troll”, “I have seen you afk in RF for more than a year”, “You are a pvp cheater”, “I dont like your face”… is not a good reason to kick a player if that player has not done anything wrong in the current RF instance. A player may have misbehaved in the past, in other occurrences, but if he does his job in the current instance, he shall not be kicked for whatever nasty thing he did in the past. Of course those who know this player will surely keep a close look on what he is doing and not hesitate to initiate a kick when he does something wrong, but before is just wrong.

You will surely argue more than half the raid need to vote in favor of that kick for it to happen, and that’s right yes, however in fight situation, when a vote is cast in the middle of it, I can assure you most people just dismiss that pop up in the middle of their screen as fast as possible and often follows the vote without looking any further.
Aren’t most people just sheeps following any Shepard they see?

I am not sure if this has been proposed yet (I dont pretend I read all forums eh) so please forgive me if it was already, but I was just thinking of that small thing, which I think could be some kind improvement, and maybe fix most of the problems/complains.

So here is the idea:

Why not simply require a kick init from 3 different players before rolling that kick vote out?

This way either 3 players will have witnessed the same ‘bad behavior’ from the players in question and initiated a kick on him on their own, or the one wanting to initiate the kick will have to give the reason in raid chat to get support from 2 more player so the vote is rolled out.

It is just an idea which I think ‘may’ resolve most of the issues, but I may not have thought of all the consequences involved.

Hope you like it.


I think this is overcomplicating the issue. A democratic system is already in place, there is no need to set a new democratic step up befor the vote. Also, if there are 2 or 3 trolls/afkers, the “initial 3” votes of the people who even care will be devided between those trolls/afkers. If there are 3 of them you would need 9 alert people who mysticly spread theier votes evenly between these 3 to even get a real vote started.

I would prefer a longer cd for a player who started a vote. I actually do not know how long the cd is right now. 10-15 minutes or longer is my suggestion.

  1. It would make people think about if they really want to use their precious vote option.
  2. Perhaps it would make people use the raidchat BEFOR they tsart a vote…(I was advocating for an option to choose a reason why that soemone should be kicked, but thinking about it it is actually not needed, because…raidchat.)
  3. If there are more than 2 (3,4,5…) trolls/afkers/whatever, one (2,3,4…) of the other 23 people will surely use his vote on them.
  4. It would prevent said trolls from spaming random votes.
  5. It should be pretty easy to extend a cd that already exists, instead of implementing a new feature that was not part of the plan of the system from the start.

I do a lot of RFs weekly as I have 32 lvl 80s who may or may not get one each week (while waiting for raids and things)

IF Funcom would label the person who votes to kick then we could kick spammers

IF Funcom would move the kick person popup to the upper right corner then the popup being spammed would not be right in the middle of the screen interfering with the raid

If the popup was in the right upper corner all the time, I could just ignore the thing. But having repeated ‘useless’ kicks popping up in the middle while tanking, healing or dpsing is annoying

Also…IF I am going to put up a kick vote I always ask in raid chat if the person is coming or afk or something. And I don’t autovote kick for no apparent reason. AFKing raid leaders for example are a thing of the past now since if the RL (even if randomly picked) doesn’t change teamleader or ignore the fact that one team has most or all of the healers after being repeatedly asked to fix groups or give up lead can be booted.

RF kick is a great feature: I don’t see the afking on the ress pad

Too bad there is not a similar system for world boss


I believe the only change Funcom should make to the vote kick system is to add the player’s name who initiates the vote.

Voting to retreat already has the name of the person who calls the vote attached to it as well as all who vote for the retreat, so there’s already a system in place for it. While most of the vote kicks have been properly used, I am seeing more troll votes where one player doesn’t like a guild or specific players and starts trying to vote multiple players out at once. Having to click through four votes in the middle of battle has become a new form of frustration in raid finder.

Yes I had suggested what you propose in a thread that is now closed… as one of several suggestions that could address vote-kicks being initiated to cause disruption to the raid or by someone who wants to harass another player.

One of them was similar to what Kantakwa put in this thread … increase the cooldown time before a second vote-kick can be initiated… though … @Kantakwa I am not sure if the cooldown on initiating vote-kicks is linked to how quickly our characters can initiate votes … or if it’s linked to how frequently an individual can have it started against them. (I do not want to try and spam vote kicks to test it)

I think the cooldown is fine

labeling who started the kick

moving the kick popup to the upper side of the screen so its not in your face during fights

those would be nice_

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I believe any normal person can tell harrasment votes from afk/griefer votes. All this crying feels more like sjw cringe.

That’s exactly what I am scared would happen if names would be shown and reason why I am against it even if some support that solution. I have not witnessed this through my RF since it was implemented, but I have seen it happening so many times in other games before. Usually mainly in pvp games, on pve games people usually mind their own flowers :rofl:
To me, displaying names would just make things even worse trying to solve something which is hardly happening so far, so beh…

Because yeah some people in those games, behind internet anonymity can spend their life bullying on others. They should get a life to start with, yes, we know that, problem is, they don’t.

So any solution not implying naming the one who initiated the kick, or name of those voting for will be better :stuck_out_tongue:


If someone is insecure enough to rage at something in a videogame for days…then they can go on permanent ignore. I am not going to change my opinion about putting up name of kick person for one person with delusions of something or other.

What I don’t enjoy is having someone spam four plus kicks in the middle of a fight while I am doing anything…its hard to do full job when the middle is full of a kick vote and clicking on it is almost as bad

move the click button position and put up name

and as a courtesy…ask in raid chat about the person you want to kick before you kick. Maybe they are stuck at door because they came in late or lagged out or got booted out. IF I get in late or kicked out I will say that in raid chat when I get in so people know I’m not knitting on the ress pad or something

My 2 cents.
As suggested by others, I would move the kick popup from the center. If there are frequent votes during the fight the popup, in that position, is annoying, distracting and probably doesn’t encourage a rational vote (some people probably just click yes or no asap to remove). I would put the popup in the upper right corner near the map. In central upper could cover buff icons and you need check them often in fight with some classes for combo, stacks, cd… etcc. In left upper could cover the raid members list.

To reduce “vote trolling” (it happens sometimes in effect) the cooldown (per player starting a vote-kick to start a second vote) could be increased.

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