Harassment with the vote kick

Aren’t you that DT that brags in global about doing high DPS in light armor and refuses to tank?

When I have no idea why the OP has been kicked from his RF instance, it remains the system as it is right now is likely to be abused by some, even if I have not witnessed it so often.

I had an idea which I think could make things better, and I would very much like to know what you think about it. I may be wrong but I feel it could solve most of those issues.

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It should just show the name who started the vote kick


I have yet to see anyone complain in global about being rf kicked…maybe its only during US early primetime?

oh, and I got raid kicked once…when I said in chat that I had to go walk the dog and was going to leave the raid so I got the fast track kick lol

Raid kick is good, because it lets you get rid of afkers and raid leaders who sabotage groups by putting all healers in one and none anywhere else. However it has also the potential for abuse because it does not list who starts the vote. If I start a vote to retreat, it lists my name, and even every person who votes yes. While most of the vote kicks have been legitimate, there have been many that are just someone not liking a certain guild or player and just spamming vote kicks all raid long. Since they and the voters are anonymous, we have no clue who puts up 3-6 votes at a time.

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I have seen atleast one person complain that they got removed from raid finder.
The incident that is vivid is a player being very angry about it - he said basically he was only there to help as a healer and did not even need anything from RF on that toon.
He had two people from his instance told him why he was removed … he just got angrier … he denied that he did it … One player continued to respond to his typing to say that it was not only one instance of the angry player spreading miasma but three…and this is why the vote-kick succeeded. This did not calm the person down at all … instead the angry person shifted to a personal attack on the player who responded to him … and the abuse flowed for about 20-30 minutes …could have been longer but I had to log out.
The NEXT day when I logged in the angry player is still typing abuse towards the one player out of 16 who had vote-kicked him…the only player out of those 16 who had bothered to engage with him over why he was kicked.
The NEXT week - the angry player (on an alt) starts to abuse the person who had told him why he was vote-kicked when they ended up in group together…

This type of incident is why I disagree strongly that the person who initiates a vote-kick or those who click “yes” should be identified … a one-off incident leading to days of abuse and harassment …

@TheWhiteHat re: your suggestion - yes I had suggested that making it so multiple people need to initiate a vote-kick before it spawns for the rest of the raid as a solution to the vote-kicks being started without good cause (ie troll or spam kicks) in the other discussion thread on vote-kick being abused which is now closed.


That type of abuse is easy to end.
/ignore <kickedplayer’sname>
Problem solved.

yes I agree the person being abused could have just put the person on ignore … or just not responded … but it would not stop the angry player trying to grief him by causing problems in any group/raid/mini game or raid finder that they were both in.

I’ve seen players abuse, harass and grief people for years over things that have happened ingame … even if you put them on ignore it does not stop them from holding a grudge and trying to cause you problems.

And the angry player could turn other people against him over time, ruining reputations all because of a silly grudge.

It takes 2/3 of the raid to have a vote-kick succeed. I am not trying to attack the original poster personally, however in my opinion, any individual who is frequently having vote-kicks succeed against them should examine their own behaviour to identify what it is that causes 2/3 of the people in the same raid as them to not want to play with them …
And if the individual does want to play in a raid group … alter the offending behaviour so it does not make 2/3 of your group wish you were not there. Really no different than any social situation

There is a player who I would have bet money on to have constant vote-kicks initiated against …as he had caused a lot of anger by what he types and what he does. But I would have lost that bet, as in two RFS where he was present … no vote-kicks were started against him … he did not give anyone a reason to start them.


There’s a simple solution to having that player in your group/raid/RF, kick/kick/kick. The only problem is minis where you’re just doomed to suffer.

Only if they are the raid or group leader … or they can convince that leader to kick… which in itself can cause more issues as more people get drawn into the conflict.

The only kick today was a player who sat on the ress pad during the entire trash kills otw to the first boss and who did not respond to questions about whether they were coming

I’ve seen raid leaders kicked because the groups were totally unbalanced and they did not respond to tells or raid chat asking them to fix groups or transfer raid leader

I don’t vote ‘yes’ on people who mess up mechanics or are short afkers and won’t vote ‘yes’ for out of the blue kick popups…I need a reason. I rarely start a kick but I will ask in raid chat whats going on with someone who is not moving

and if someone posts they need a short bio or something I don’t vote yes. One guy had a baby issue. That’s real life…and a valid excuse imo


Personally the only vote kicks I’ve seen outside of a couple (which didn’t go through) have been for AFKers, and people spreading blood draw and miasma People might have different reasons for starting a vote kick. I’m sure there a some troll kicks but I don’t think as many as suggested.

  • If the tanks are so lousy they are constantly losing aggro to DPS and letting them die I could certainly see a frustrated player starting vote kicks those tanks. And on the flipside I got told someone started a kick against me in one raid and all I did was DPS and died a couple of times (so I just sent my pet in after that and alt tabbed, and funnily enough, no one tried to kick me again despite obviously being somewhat AFK)
  • Paper tanks that die in 3 spells from Thoth I could see vote kicks being started
  • Melee DPSers like assassins using xbows, well I’d probably start a vote kick if I saw that.

The list goes on about what people might want to kick someone for, maybe you don’t agree with it but there are plenty of reasons one might have, and you don’t have to click yes. Which is precisely why a reason should need to be given with the vote kick so people know and post the name of who started the vote then, sure why not.

Just something to think about; some of us don’t have good enough computers to successfully operate a 'sin or DT in Boss fights. I know from doing WB with both I can’t do a thing up close and personal even on the Pvp/Raid setting with everything possible turned down/off. FPS is just to low to hit the combo’s.

So in those cases I use a xbow and frankly the 'sin xbow at max isn’t that bad for DPS, not what’s expected but atleast I’m helping chip the Boss down. Even managed to do a one shot kill on the black dragon in front of Conan’s castle with my DT’s xbow once.

Because of that I’ve only used them a few times in RF and only on the easier straight forward ones.

Like I said, just something to think about.

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Just examples off the top of my head, wouldn’t take it too personally :slight_smile: WB in full zones is laggy as hell for everyone, and those with old PCs that aren’t good enough to keep up with 100 odd people just lock up and have to stand there and wait for the boss to die (happened to me when I left full particles on to). If your PC does that in a raid I’d be shockedm and you really can’t contribute, but even my old potato laptop from 2004 could handle raiding, sieges were a bit of much for it though.

WB and a raid are miles apart performancewise, you can not tell me that there are people who constantly lag that much in a raid that they can not play a meleeclass. At the wb with 100 charcters you can turn of everything (low res, no wind/water/names/guilds etc.) that should be working on most, but not all systems, I will give you that. But raids? With 24 characters, world particles on and spell particles set on yourself? Those particles are all you need. Depending on the raid some instances are way smaller than some dungeons, so there is not even as much to load as in the hubs, or any other big, detailed, NPC packed map.
(On raid/pvp I actually see no difference to all particles, I do not even know why this option exists.)

You’re wrong, do not come here to defend this vote to kick.

I do not refuse to tanking, if the class allows me to use as a damage what’s the problem? I just chose to be damage.

He’s wrong about what? Please be more specific… :laughing:

And, why shouldn’t he come here to defend it? That’s the best thing that happened to the game since a very long time! :wink: