Raid Finder vote kick feature getting abused already

Not a couple of days passed since the introduction of the raid finder vote kick feature and it has already started getting abused. On a RF I was in, two inexperienced players were summarily kicked because they did not perform “adequately”. The vote was started by a so-called “elitist” player of a well-known raiding guild. Manipulating other players to join in was not too difficult either. Peer pressure and a dog pack mentality guaranteed the desired result, especially if your guild nametag carries some weight. On another RF, a player was vote kicked for “spamming raid chat” !!!.

And no, I was not the one that got kicked out. I have been active since game launch without any breaks, so I know my stuff. But witnessing this street gang behavior on newer inexperienced players infuriated me enough to post about it.

It is not difficult for FC to verify these claims either. They only need a GM to invisibly monitor some RF sessions. Invariably the issue will surface sooner rather than later. And it is a disgrace to the game and its community if nothing is done about it.


well that also my fear when I do that, I neverbeen a raid lover in general, but Im doing for the chests, Iwould even like it but every time I join a rf I feel like a student who didnt study a thing in the day of exam and crossing fingers the teacher will not interrogate him, its a really bad feeling…in guild nobody answers, I cold ask directly in raid but its like to say "hey Im total noob kiss me"I found some raid finder tactics on reddit but there are not all the raids so far I was lucky and did not cause any wipe but it wont last and Ill be experimenting the kick feature on me lol
btw someone can share a link of all rf tactics, expecially cetriss ethram fal and black ring so for 1 week I can pass the “exam”?

What you describe is not abuse. I’m not judging whether the particular votekick you’re talking about was “right” or “wrong”, but the principle of votekick is to make the majority happy. If the majority consist of elitist douchebags and easily influenced people, they can decide to kick an inexperienced player causing wipes. And in my opinion the system is not to blame, the players are.

Personally I like the votekick system, because it prevents people from messing up with the activity (a raid in this case), being afking or trolling.

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Sad if they didnt get a chance to improve before they got kicked. Me myself have been in alot of rfs already and i only saw afkers get kicked, working perfectly, after all these years of RF with 5 afkers per raid minimum, i see almost no afkers anymore.

I do also think its a good carrot for people to learn the strats, I dont think its okay that you just stroll around in a RF month after month without even remotely trying to figure out why you wipe the raid. And when you tell them politely what to do, many simply “i play the game MY WAY STFU”, that doesnt work anymore either. I love this update!

Great change funcom :slight_smile:


I am with Funcom on this feature.

So far I have seen only the AFKers being kicked. I always hated how 5-6 players just stand still for the whole duration of raid and leeched all the stuff.

Now you can simply kick those and get a new player that actualy want to play/raid!


I have been to a few RF since the Update and couldn’t see anyone but afkers kicked.

I think the Votekick works fine. As you talk about “elitist” Players, it sounds more like “Mimimi i cannot afkleech anymore”, than a real issue.


If you don’t know what to do just ask in the raid chat, no one will judge you for not knowing the tactics and since it was introduced, every time I was in a RF someone (me including) explained the fights for those who asked. If you don’t bother to ask what you need to do and constantly cause wipes you will be kicked, there is no excuse for not asking in the chat and wasting other peoples time. RF might be for the most casual players, however, it is still a group activity and in some cases needs you to do certain things, no one will judge you for learning but as I said, not asking anything and then cauaing wiped is your own fault.

Of course the kick system might be abused in some cases but I haven’t seen it happen yet, all I saw were AFKers getting rightfully booted from the raid. Leeches finally get what they deserve.

I have found the same as Force usually …if players type in raid chat asking for an explanation in most cases one will be typed out. But if no one asks them it’s assumed all know and we get on with it.
Some people have taken time to create scripts that they spawn. Others, like myself prefer to type responses each time as I may tailor it to the class they are on …often I’ll do as a tell …but as I know a FTP can’t tell back and I’ll either add as friend so they can or go to raid chat.

My usual advice to someone who has zero knowledge of the raid instances is to see if any of the players they know do know the raid finder fights and are willing to group up to do one together as they can explain as you go.

If you weren’t aware of it - a group of up to six can sign to raid finder and they will get into one together. The group leader has to initiate the sign up. All members have to also sign when the RF interface appears. When the raid finder spawns and you get the “group found” message then ALL in the group have to accept or the group will be dropped from the spawning RF and given notice that a member of your team was not ready …but you do not get a coward’s buff from that.

If you find it helps to know what the real raid tactics are then there is an excellent write up on tier 6 with YouTube videos by Caudillo on the old AoC forums (Cetriss is 5th boss and Ethram Fal the 6th/last boss in tier 6)
Many videos of all the real raid fights, so should not be very hard to find. You are more likely to find the raid strats with a general search than on reddit…but be aware various raids have been made easier several times over the last five years and old strats might have explanations for irrelevant mechanics now (tier 3 in particular)


From my observation it is working perfectly. No more afkers make for much better experience. When I see some undeserved vote I simply click No.

I like the vote-kick feature very much, is was overdue. The fact that we now CAN do something about leechers, afkers, trolls, and people who wipe raids on purpose is so satisfying - and that is just a human thing, if you are in a bad situation you feel much better if you can (or only think you can) do something that influences the situation. You do not feel helpless anymore.

And the hole point is that now we can make a decision. And we can decide “no”, too.

Until now I saw only afkers getting kicked - with one exception: A kick was started about someone who was standing still to type in explanations…most people noticed right away and spammed the raidchat to vote “no”.

So I think as long as we do not have more and reliable data we can not judge if it is a good system allready, or needs some tweaking.

The person starting the vote to kick someone should be displayed. That way the raid can see if someone is just trolling by starting random vote kicks. Too many just click Yes to kick without actually knowing the reason for kicking the player. When starting a vote there should be a check box that has to be ticked stating the reason. Such as AFK or Troll. Then the raid will get the vote to kick pop up window with the name of the player starting the vote and the reason for it.


One of my alts just missed 1 red shimmering buff when running from an attacking scorpion and got kicked.
Nice work :face_vomiting:

And when you get kicked: A member of your team is marked as a deserter. You have not been queued.
So double punishment …again nice work :face_vomiting: but this time from FunCom :rage:

EDIT: Logged off and playing offline rpg … to much annoyance for a game :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Of course it’s going to be abused. I thought this was common knowledge. I just vote no on kicks unless i see or witness for myself there is a good reason for it. like afking at the door for the entire fight.


Well I just did an rf with 3 people clearly afk at Ethram. Like afk next to the boss hoping they won’t get noticed. all 3 of them got voted at but only 1 got the kick. the 2 others recieved 15 votes.

Oh well, it’s a start i guess :smiley: So yeah, I like this feature. Was about time.

Ofc. It’s never nice when a system gets abused but since 16 people needs to agree there is some security against abuse. so it’s a pretty good system.


Votekick system is awesome. Leechers do not get rewarded anymore, and you can actually get rid of them. It’s sad that it might get abused, however I doubt it will occur that many times. Personally I have not seen it get abused yet, but I can see that it might happen if someone spreads Miasma or do not run out on Blood Draw. Anyways, I think it is better this way though. As long as people really tries to learn I doubt they’ll ever get kicked if they screw up. Maybe if the same mistake occurs multiple times in the same RF :smiley:

Suggestion: put down who initiated the kick request, so that if someone is spamming them without a real cause, they can be next up. I don’t think right now it says who started it (not like the retreat option)

I did see a lot less afking. And when someone did spam unrealistic kicks only about six voted for it.

I can see it getting abused though. But when I mostly saw it used was people sitting on the ress pad or at the first boss or not taking a ress when everyone else is back and ready to go.


This is a good idea, it should reduce the troll votekicks it should also dosplay whoever initiated vote for retreat because some people like to do it for no reason.

What if they made it that if it got less than 12 votes the person that started the vote got kicked.

I think it does show the retreat person

btw if you get a spamming retreat, put the box up on upper right of screen and it wont respawn for retreat

didn’t work for kick

Seen people get kicked for dying too much, clothies with scorps on them…and someone was kicked because raid couldn’t wait for them to run back from ress (because no one usually bothers to ress people in RF)…it makes for an unpleasant atmosphere.