Save the dungeons

Funcom needs to add something special in the dungeons because they are about to die. People grinding Chaos or RF every day, all day long. First I didn’t understand why people blaming raid finder. Now I do. RF killed literally all Khitai dungeons.


They just need to add a small amount of atlantean shards to Khitai dungeons and UC. Those who grind RF for shards will then start to grind hms / UC more.


Yeah. This is a good idea

We had a long discussion about this a couple of weeks ago. Glad you finally understood what I meant :smiley:

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Yeah bro, you were right. I admit it. Its sad what happend to Khitai and all the unchained dungeons.

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If they add shard in kithai dungeon and UC. Then they must add it to minigames and pvp events as well!


but rings supposed to be PvE thingy :smiley:

yet RF rings are too OP to be ignored on PvP, so since it’s a pvp item as well, it should be also attainable by doing pvp


Funcom provided rewards to support Fury and Crom PvP Tournaments.

500 shards just to participate and up to 1350 for the winner.

Fury: The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament

Crom: The Bloodbath "KiddiePool Edition"- Croms First Seasonal Minigame Tournament

My two cents :slight_smile:
Khitai dungeons offer a lower incentive to players when compared to raid finder; T4 is notably better. T3 is something they can see in the reliquary and start working towards right away, and many already have some before level 80. By default, they’re directed to RF to collect a few more for the item they want. In contrast, Khitai gear requires some travel through dangerous territory to be ‘discovered’.

Another issue to resolve is that nearly every time I see anyone forming a group, they require 'Exp & AA" and sometimes even include ‘gear’, which never has made any sense to me.

have you ever tried forming a group and running dungeons with ppl without the necessairy gear, aa’s or exp? it’s terrible. there are some who just want free loot and leeche themselves through any dungeon without being a benefit for said group. then there are the inexperienced ones, too afraid to ask for tactics nor will they join voice chat. it will end in a desaster. just look at how many undergeared chars try to run chaos recently. unconquered mode is a bliss and a curse at the same time…
don’t get me wrong, i love to teach new ppl. but i’d rather do that with friends or guild mates than strangers. this way i am able to plan my time accordingly.

I’m glad you posted because it’s a great example of the attitudes in global.

And yes, we have done it. We just don’t form an entire group of inexperienced players, 1 or 2 is about right, and we discuss things as we go, which can be a lot of fun.

If the issue is Khitai dungeons are dying, and no one wants to help new players learn them, then you can not expect any growth in the level of participation. You can’t have it both ways. Khitai can be your personal playground for experienced friends, but you won’t have any ground to ridicule raid finder.

Maybe we can try something like this:
[LFG] Pillars of Heaven 1/6 (AA, Exp, Gear, room for 2 w/out exp)

Of course a group would need to consider the limits they put on themselves, adjust accordingly, and make sure the inexperienced players are not the deciding factor in success or failure.


True that, you are so right. Unfortunately not too many ppl have your mentality and that’s why dungeons/pvp slowly is fading away. On the other hand I know there are players that wanna be carried by others… but those players will always be like that.

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The best idea is removing RF and WB to fix the old dungeons and adding atlantic relics to T5 and T6. Boosting rewards will not solve any problems but create new ones.

The whole mess with people unwilling to group up began with these two disasters that Funcom is reluctant to admit.


The point of RF and WB is to be extremly tedious and long time taking grind, to keep people subbed for as long as possible with minimal effort on any content. As long as you need ur cloack or ring, gems w/e. You have a “reason” to log in.

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  1. make the gear khitai much cheaper in golds. Items T4 whose relics are free (RF) and they cost 7 golds, destroy any palatability for the khitai expecially because khitai cost are 12, 14 golds out of reach of f2p
  2. light revamp of weapons (prot on conq 2h or crit rating on 2h barb/conq LL for example) could make them more desired (at a cheaper price in golds)
  3. Add small amount of atlantean shards.
    This could, perhaps, save the khitai and dungeons.

That’s a cool story but as long as RF is a shortcut to t4 gear there are simply not enough people interested in dungeons,especially “the harder” ones .The reason is simple ,the current player base is more interested in “getting the gear as fast as possible” than “experiencing most of the content” and getting the gear as a byproduct of having fun.Apparently at the moment getting the gear=fun and that’s all for the vast majority of players.And you can see that holds true since everyone spamm chaos as it offers something you cannot get from RF but no other dungeon.

Make weekly dungeon quests of clear x hard modes offer more shards than rf and nerf what rf offers and see what happens then.New players will actually want to try them and the odd veterans that still play will go too .That will also hit the sweet spot of the veterans that aren’t “elitist asshats” and actually will teach new players.Win-win ,no ?

I agree on the point that "aa exp gear " spam is ridiculous ,at the same time though i fail to see what stops 6 new players trying to tackle a dungeon and learn it while doing so .It’s not like anyone handed us tactics and held our hand when we went in with 0 aas and t2 gear.For me at least half the fun was learning and improving.Might as well add that the player base is small enough for that to happen regularly .Oh and let me drop my experience on trying to teach people mechanics or simple “how to” for their classes while being polite and not having an attitude : “Don’t tell me how to play the game,i play how i want to” .Well…sigh


Back when i was hosting pillars of heaven for 4 months almost everyday, i didn’t ask for exp except from tanks (because there is a level of tolerance i have for incompetency) and i was able to run it non stop. Hell, it is ridiculous that when i dont run it, a single person cant make a group for it.

Same case for Pagoda. Fking ridinkulous

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Right now, for the most part the only reason to do most dungeons in game is to cross it off for achievement points. Only Chaos is regularly done.

at least,remove t3-4 tokens from RF,so we don`t have million ppl full t4 with no clue how to raid


I still think best one was, there was full t4 conq only using white hits (rarely she managed to do slam or sweep)

Asked her why not using combos, response was “I doing something wrong?”