Khitai dungeons added to the group finder?

well the title says it all currently it only has old world content is the rest going to be added

I’d say there is about a 2% chance they will add it :slight_smile:

I’d say it’s less than 2%.
Since certain aa-feats are mandatory for several kithai dungeons they’d have to add more options than the 3 existing ones (tank, healer, damage). As well the 1-1-4 setup hardly works in all dungeons.


Whats the Point to implement such thing as Group finder in dead af game? If Aoc was populates as Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft then Yes, it would make sense, but in a game that is practically a graveyard i See no Point to add anything related with Group finder.

Stop comment? :upside_down_face:

those are valid points didn’t think about it

well it has one not sure how many uses it though

Do the normal modes require aa’s?

Its been so long since i did a full run i’ve forgotten.

Normal modes require no AA that I can remember.

I think a couple do. Rogue needs to FH Yun Rau at the start of the fight regardless to remove the shield he has. Resolve is still useful to remove the “lighter than air” debuff in Vortex but it’s doable without using it.

I was thinking about that one too.

You can do palace without a rogue. FH and TW just make it easier (a lot easier for the HM version).

Yep, this absolutely be the player set up and skill level I am expecting in a hypothetical random group finder HM group.

you can beat flames with 2 ppl but its unlikely you will find such skilled players in a groupfinder.
i’d rather not have funcom implement such a thing. dungeons are broken enough with the last groupfinder and onslaught updates xD (barriers not opening on last bossfight, ardashir rhino hitbox totally screwed, etc.) btw. did @AndyB ever mention a fix for that?

Seems like there will be no further fixes or updates.

Yep what we see is what we get, save your money and only sub if you have saved up tokens to buy several t6 items. Maintenance money is maintaining other games than what u pay for :slight_smile: :money_with_wings:

That’s missing the point, we were talking about normal modes.

I remember doing a lot of normal modes when Khitai came out, with random groups, basically no AA on anybody (AA gains were horrible back then, same with rares/moas), crafted blue gear and some raid t1/t2 pieces.

Still the average skill level of players was way higher than it is now with raidfinder-generation.

Back then when Kithai came out you could easily find a group that didn’t need op-gear to do 6mans, nowadays people get full t4 from RF, but fail at easy 6mans.

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