So, I have done Pillars several times now

Most rogues don’t know when to use FH, not that it affects anything tbh, but does anyone know when it is meant to be used? Knowing that and then sharing it with my team would probably speed up the Dungeon (not that it ain’t already fast)

Eh when do you want rogue’s to use FH in pillars? FH is not needed at all in Pillars.


I’m pretty sure it Is? Or did they change that?

If you want to speed things up, try to find the script loopholes during the last encounter, all pve boss encounters are simple scripts with little to no variable. #aoc101

I have never needed FH there either, none of the bosses got spells that add shields that can be removed by FH, the last boss during HM got two spells that make his fur turn grey, depending on which shield it is it will deflect magic or melee damage though you can’t remove that shield by using FH.
There are some trash mobs that do a healing spell (green healing symbol like in Palace of Yun Rau) and the first boss can do this too but it occurs very rarely or not at all if you are fast enough.

I might have an idea where FH could be used but I never tried it myself: When the bat boss (where you need to climb up the ivyes) charmes one person, FH might be able to stop this effect faster, kind of like you do in T4 memory cloud at Lu Zhi - but as I said, I never tried this and don’t know if it works (even if it’s not really useful since the boss dies in seconds nowdays anyways).

Nah, the FH won’t uncharm team. So pretty much it’s useless lol

If your still struggling to fill group in a week I’ll help (I want some vanity there also) just waiting for my laptop to get fixed HoX dps

I don’t have problems. Surprisingly it’s easier than pre current Saga. Nevertheless, pre found players are always great. I got 1 piece of Raider armor already and I feel like I’m close to getting that damned helmet.

Iam looking for a helmet aswell but aoc is Better than tv doesn’t state what it’s appearance looks like …it’s scarlet Circle and iam hoping it’s the same as refuge of the apostates later NPC,s but don’t worry iam a compitant HoX 1600/1800 dps

Sadly many items are missing, so there is no way to know where what drops and what they look like. I would just recommend grinding the most likely drop spots.

Off the top of my head, there is a couple of “special” hats in pillars. from Ming the knife boss you can get a wolf head social hat, looks like the Alpha crown light armor hat from main system dungeon.
And from the “Batman” boss in pillars a rice farmer hat can drop, but it only looks like a ricefarmer hat when worn by females, for males it will look like… Hmm I forgot but it will look totally different for male chars, Not like a ricefarmer hat.

As for the helmet that looks like the one Garrus got as a forum Avatar, I got that one from Brassmask boss recently on my conq.

That drops from brass mask? Not Khan?

Well my memory is leaky as all hell, but I think it was Brassmask. But it might have been from Khan, in any case you need to kill both to complete the instance :slight_smile:and you don’t need to do Khan HM to get blue drops.

True, but most ppl join for HM. And so far all my runs were successful hm.