HoX's Pillars of Flame bugged damage

Did you guys notice that there is something wrong with this combo in t6? I mean, the damage seems to be locked to 2,5kdmg, I am using full t6 set along with 2x RF rings and the damage is really low, usually between 800 (yes 800 for a two step combo) - 2500 (though it happened to me only once and as a crit). The thing is, the Hellfire Breath deals much more damage or any other combo. I manage to deal almost every time over 4k dmg in t5, but in t6 works just bad.

I am using Avatar spec so the damage should be good but is not, and 1840 fire damage.

maybe specify which boss you are doing which numbers on

but yeah pillars was always a mystery because its “magic damage” but at the same time you don’t do double damage on mobs with “weak magic mitigations” like you do on spells, so…

adjust your combos/specs on different bosses

This happens on almost every boss, only Cetriss seems to receive more damage. But I talked with other players from other guilds who play HoXes and they agree, something is wrong with pillars

Pillars do fire damages. When those fire damages hit a boss with stronger protection, it’s not working well, better go for some other combos who do not do fire damages on these bosses ? Also, t6 armor has combat rating (fire) that is not as efficient as the combat rating (2HE) you can find on some other armors ( eg: t4 ) in these cases.

What cappa said plus if you are getting low hits on every boss including zelandra and stonecoat you are probably hitting stacked shields.

Nah, I am always trying to position myself behind the boss. I am a PvP player. But the thing is, the Fire Lance combo also deals Fire Damage but the damage is much bigger than Pillars combo.

Pillars has always been a weird combo it’s affected by magic damage and CR but in T6 the bosses have stupidly large protection and armor! In T4 my pillars usually hits for 4/5.5 fully buffed I’ve seen it crit for 8k sometimes but as Cappa said t6 bosses OP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …try mixing in t4 gear with t6 it has higher base stats in pure magic dmg where as T6 has intell mixed with lower base magic dmg …I know it’s hard to give up the blessings though

There’s nothing wrong with it as far as I can tell. You just need to check the amount of protection on the bosses you’re hitting. For example hitting Pillars on Leviathan or Igneous which are bosses with +10k prot isn’t a good idea. A friend of mine concluded with if a boss got more than 7k prot, go use Hell Strikes, and if it’s less than 7k prot you can use pillars.

A tip for the first boss for example: Yothians got 9k protection and only 7k armor. You should use Hell Strikes to fill with inbetween BtD cd instead of pillars. However, the adds at the doors basically got no protection which means you can use Pillars there. Same thing on Ethram-Fal. Use Hell Strikes on Ethram, and use Pillars on scorpions.

Im interested in a funcom response , why the khitai set from Scarlet circle for hoxes as 0 crit pieces same as t3 pve. Cmon even priest and soldiers have crit , on t3 set.

Because it has prot instead iirc? If you want crit just go Brittle Blade

It makes 0 sense, since the Sin Necro /Demo sets have protection (even more) and still have crit ! Hox is suppose to be a dps class. Even the t3 hox weapon has 0 crit on it .

It makes sense since you can mix and match ,unless you want it for pvp entry lvl which also makes no sense :P.T1 to t3 swords were bad ,yes ,but the game starts with t4 gear nowdays as unfortunate as it is and most of the stats there look fine with very few exceptions .

How can it makes sense if the other dps classes have it for free? Even t3 weapons dps classes,have crit . And no the game does not start at t4 , just because its easier to get t4 nowadays, does not excuse the lack of .As always Hox gets the short end of the stick ,

As far as I know, people already asked lots of times why the armor / weapons had no crit ratings on it but Funcom never replied to this.
In another subject a Dev once responded to a similar question with the statement that every armor of every tier for every class has a “stats budget” which you can not exceed when creating / designing it, maybe that’s the case for the T1 - T3 armor.

It doesnt because there is brittle blade gear and there are different ways to get prot.If you want to start that discussion you also need to start explaining the stats combinations on shadows of jade sets ,the evade BB set and so on.There was just stats and gear variety in khitai.Sc “mage” chest has 5 crit rating .Sc legs have 8 hit rating.That falls to the item budget category Force mentioned .Why so desperate about Sc armor on HoX ?And if that’s the case use those mage pieces ,dont think you ll even notice a drop on dps :smiley:

it was no desperate just a comparation btw sin and demo vs hox . They also have crit on t3 weapons ^^

I don’t use those two combo’s on bosses.