T5-6 HoX build wanted

Does anyone can show me a hox build for the highest raids? I am full t4 with 2 RF rings, t6 saga rewards and I am kinda disappointed of my dps. At 2nd boss 490k dmg playing avatar spec, zelandra burn phase 69k :confused:

Do you have t5 rune ?

On bosses with really high prot like Leviathan you want to use a btd and hellstrikes rotation while you would want btd and pillars for others.

Builds : t6-hellstrikes - https://goo.gl/q46564
t5 entry build (or cookiecutter if you wish ) - https://goo.gl/XWYNcs

I don’t run 2nd rez if i run red shadows ,matter of preference i guess.You also don’t need thundering flames in these tiers.
Likewise if you plan to switch speccs a lot between bosses you can do stuff like 1 point in supplication etc(specc switch resets cd) and make a pillar’s focused t6 specc for yothians add nuking ,unicorns (3rd boss :P) etc .

Zelandra is another beast ,whatever build you are heavily dependent on your group setups and buffs and them used right to see high numbers.I have been up to 130k dmg in avatar speccs but the way to go is possession + prince of terror (right before btd finisher lands if you have t5 rune to affect the whole dot duration) for that 30s nuke window .I d go like this https://goo.gl/BHtXch

You might want to pick something else instead of spreading flames 2 pts here as well,it can give you both lotus debuffs if minibosses pass by zelandra in the middle when switching phase after first nuke but its really rare.

Hope that helped a bit ,if you find yourself still doing same dmg or run similar speccs already you might want to check your rotations,combos used ,buff timings etc more


Thank you mate, I tried your first build and I must say that I deal much more damage now. I did some mistakes in my build, not feated knowledge of the underworld or butcher. So i didn’t have 100 magic damage and 20% melee dmg boost for all this time. Today I will check your build in t6 but I can see already the difference in damage. If I had a possibility to have 3 builds I would also try Possession build, but for now I’ll try the 1st option.
Thank you once again :slight_smile:
P.S. I havent got t5 rune yet, sadly…

T5 rune is like 20% dps increase on strawman ,if not more, so you can also expect quite an impact from that on your performance :wink:

Once I get t5 rune I should play with Quickening Death perk of stay with RSoX?

Always Rsox ,and PoT as situational perk