[HoX] Returning player looking for spec advice

Just getting back into the swing of things and am wondering what feat build(s) are good for HoX leveling and PvE raiding?
Last I remember hearing is that Avatar is a bit tankier with better demon form stuff, but for raiding Possession was the best as Tongue of Xotli/Chains of Anguish were just disgusting dps.
…or is that info outdated? Builds/advice appreciated!

Nope possession pvp mainly avatar build with avatar of xotli demonic supplication and red shadows AA perk (best passive dps boost in game) can stay in demon for pretty much whole fights in raids

But tongue of xotli is disgusting dmg spell :stuck_out_tongue:

So something like this for PvE then?

Not a HoX expert, but some things I would change:

  1. Get Undying Glory of Xotli. I know you never plan to die during groups/raids, but it’s only one point. It’s totally worth it even when you run Red Shadows of Xotli in most cases too. Probably just drop Burning Hex for it.
  2. I’d probably get Xotli’s Vengeance in possession tree
  3. I’d also like to have Flame of Xotli. It might be more important if you have the T5 Major Runestone though so without it I can understand prioritizing other stuff over it, maybe.

Talking from a T5-T6 perspective, this is what I got from Usurperius, best hox I’ve seen:
All-around spec (T5): https://goo.gl/ME3FN7
T5/6 - “Pillars” spec: https://goo.gl/4eRiAt
T5/6 - “Hell Strikes” spec: https://goo.gl/Eu84Cj
Also Tongue of Xotli might be better on Zelandra nuke. I at least got highest numbers with that. A lot of luck invovled though so it’s tough to compare 1:1.

Note: If you are not 100% sure when to use Pillars/Hell Strikes I’d say a good rule is whenever a boss got more than 7k prot go Hell Strikes. Finesse hits etc is a totally different topic, but I do believe Pillars outperforms it when boss got less than 7k prot. With that being said, pillars on bosses like Yothians (not the adds, but the Yothains themselves), Emerald Leviathan is tragic. Go Hell Strikes there even without T5 Rune.

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