Disapointment with herald of xolti

Don’t get me wrong, AoC is my favorite MMORPG, loved how they implemented demonology and necromancy but i recently created a new HoX(have a lv 80 demonologist with rank 3 Scarlet Circle reputation) and a lv 76 necromancer but HoX, i honestly din’t liked much.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of a shifter who can assume demon form is amazing(i use Lich form on my necro) but what is the point of a shapeshifter class who can only use his demon form for 25 seconds each 2 minutes?

Honestly, my third class will probably be a Dark Templar…

The duration of demon forms can be extended in possession or avatar. I dont remember which one provides that, and what is more, the cooldown of both demin forms can be decreased feating right AA’s ability. When I am playing a hox, i am most of the time in demonic forms,this is the funniest class to play imo, dealing a huge aoe and dot damage. HoX is a class which requires a lot of time, AA’s and items, but once you get them, trust me, hox is a lawnmower decapitating everything on his way


Spec Avatar and invest in the AA to reduce the cooldown of both morphs. Thank me later.

Considering that the demon form boosts your stats insanely high (with red shadows AA you gain roughy 110 weapon DPS and almost 500 magic damage) it would be pretty op if you had it active all the time.

As some people already said, if you go down the tree to avatar of xotli and spend points into the AA feat that reduxes the cooldown of both morphs you can have it active for ~35 seconds with a cooldown of ~1 minute.


Herald of Xolti indeed is not the easiest class to level up and master for a new player.
It takes quite some time to figure out and need quite decent gear to unleash its true potential.
But if you are worrying about the morph not lasting long enough at low levels, you will be pleased to learn it changes completely once you fulfilled your training with your God Xolti :sunglasses:

If you got down the Avatar tree as being advised by @biglouis, you can be morphed almost all the time between the two morphs you will then have.


3 feats in particular increase the length of your morphs or reduces their cooldown.
From top to bottom:

Demonic Supplication

Demon Within


Then to decrease those morph cd even further you can train this specific AA:
Improved Demon Forms

As you can easily see, once properly feated, and AA trained, being morphed all the time wont be a problem anymore if that’s what you really want to do. There are many ways to play a Hox.

If you wish to reconsider giving it up on the Hox, I can only strongly recommend you to have a peak on this excellent guide for any Hox beginner which will with no doubt lift some shades from this mysterious class.

Good Luck!


A Herald of Xotli is not a shapeshifter. He is a worshiper of his demonic Lord of Terror, the Black Krake of Atlantis. His devotional prayers give him the power to channel his god, and in an unbelievable cruel act against his own body, he cracks his skin, breaks his bones, and lashes out at his enemies as a perverted image of Xotli. His shifting in times of battle are pure acts of faith, his immense power given by his god only accessible in moments of terror, in the heat of the fight, climaxing in ripping his enemies beating heart out of his chest, devoting it to Xotli himself.

Shapeshifter, pffff.


Thanks. Only one more question. Dark Templar sounds cool. Should i try Dark Templar or Bear Shaman in my third character? I an undecided…

That basicly comes down to the question if you want to play a healer or a tank.

If you aren’t exploiting the hox , and play it as it was intended to be played, it is a very weak and hard class to play.

My advice is to feat into possession , when you get to pvp 10 and all pvp tier 3 gear you can then switch to avatar.

Possession gives the player a few extra tricks to use with the hellstep and hell fire breath . Chains when a target is running away is good, keeps them from immediately stealthing. People will hateI say this but feating into general at tier 1 pvp gear is not a terrible idea because it will scale with polymorphing.

im prove demon forms, really a none factor in pvp, because of fear immunities and the fact that in possession, you really aren’t polyforming as much and the hox can be played as a hit and dash caster. Everyting with Pillar of flames , imho is more importnat , as well as hellfire breath.

If they gave the HoX a supreme lich type feat, that would’ve been a lot more fun.

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Well said. Necros can be a permanente non human, but HoX can’t…

I did some testing, I was able to be transformed for over 7 mins and only twice I had to wait 5s, so yeah there’s a big gap between a wrong spec and no AA.

@L0rdVictor It might sound cool to be deamon or undead all the time. But trust me, when you get real good gear and look really bad ■■■. Such perma poly visuals are really lame. If you like being a deamon, certainly avatar specc is for you! :slight_smile:

Remember, hox has some of the most awesome lokking armors in game!

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