Necros aa tree rewamp

When will funcom fix necros aa tree? We have pets aa in nightfal and some aa in reanimations that should be in nightfal,it s not hard to switch or it is funcom?

Hola Senorita.

Basicly you’re not talking about AAs. You’re talking about the feattree that has been broken on Necro since day one. I’m pretty sure that they wont change this ever. Put half your points in reanimation and half in nightfall and you’ll have everything needed to outdps any other dpsclass in the game.

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Necro was one of the classes that had a revamp planned, but like many things in the game, this was put off continually and of course never happened.

As a result you will be stuck running a hybrid build to get the most out of the class.

don’t you have to spec hybrid for almost every class to be top of the game. maybe guard is the exception. at least for hox you have to put points in useless stuff to get further down. and speccing avatar or pos only is bad. really bad!

Most classes usually gets minimum one of the level 70 feats, necros don’t really do that which I think was his point

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