What class to go with Necro

I’ve been playing this game when it came out. I played Barbarian up to lvl 40. So after all this time I manage to convince my girlfriend to try a MMO for the first time. She’s a Necro and I’m playing Bear Shaman. I’m not shure about it.

What will be your suggestions of classes to complete the Necro?

Don’t know if it’s important but whe are on the PvP server.

Thank for your answer and maybe I’ll see you in the game.

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Pom + necro is pretty sick for pvp

I will have a look. But I like the combo system in this game.

BS seems good to me, it’s not the frailest class, it can heal, and you should both find slots in groups and raids I think. With soldier class you would be more solid but without real heal…

Something that can pull agro. So any tank class, Conq, DT, Guard. It’ll help keen her alive. seeing as necro’s dps is high. But in saying that, bear shammy is also a very cool and enjoyable class, but even with heals, you may find times you cant heal enough to keep a necro alive in the heat of battle.

Except for the shared debuffing, are there more synergies in PvP?

  • double shield + a lot of ccs from pom makes necro live forever and necro dps combined with pom debuffs killing everything?
  • both are range, makes it easier to kite and harder to be kitted :smiley:

Isn’t this also valid for any other ranged class?

Isn`t his girlfriend playing necro?

Yes. But i was asking for specific arguments(synergies) for the combination of pom/necro outside the shared debuffing which is obvious. Just for my own selfish interest :slight_smile:.

how does those points working for other classes declining it works for necro/pom ?

It doesnt. obviously pom is a good support class and necro is a good dps class that benefits from staying alive. But I was trying to find out f there were specific synergies (for pvp), since many people (also outside of this thread) say pom/necro is such an OP combination.

PoM + Necro is insane for the following reasons:

  1. Shared debuffs for holy/unholy make necro dots hit HARD, and harder hitting dots = more self healing for necro
  2. Bubbles + necro self healing from health tap make necro extremely tanky
  3. Huge amount of CCs from Pom make focusing down the necro difficult while surviving the empowered dots
  4. AoE fear and roots from necro + bubbles make focusing down the Pom even more difficult
  5. Both classes do a lot of dots - cleansing fire + purification of mitra + f2w + pb + motd + gangrenous stench is a LOT of dot damage.

Some other good combos are tos/demo, hox/tos, bs/conq

The theme tends to be damage + priest that happens to buff that classes’ damage.


you forget 6. 8 pet+holy cleasing



they were talking about PvP :smiley:
in PvE it`s 11 pets + holy cleansing haha

they are on fury i dont see that :sweat_smile:

Np, thx for your contribution

It’s a valid point, in PvE Pom + necro is just as powerful, and your gif is great haha!