Introducing a friend to the game - Anything to keep in mind?

Hi there!
As you can tell in my post history, I’ve dabbled with this game in the past, but I fell off after a while because of real life struggles making it hard to keep up with my games.
But now I’ve convinced a friend of mine to possibly try the game out with me, and I was wondering if there’s any “duo comps” that’d be fun or interesting?
I’m open to playing anything, really (Dark Templar looks kinda interesting, not gonna lie!), and my friend seems to be more interested in playing as a pure caster.
Hopefully he’ll enjoy it, and hopefully I’ll be able to stick around, because I know this game is really good, I just never got that far unfortunately.

Thanks for reading!

At this point you should not bother much with synergies and just go with what you like and seems fun to you .Also i would advise against pure caster ,while cool at start and usually strong they also tend to be boring classes later.Pick a hox if he wants the magic theme to also get to experience the different combat system :wink:


thanks for the response, much appreciated!

DT is a good pick. Very solid melee, good defense. For your friend, he might look at Tempest of Set. Good offense and has a healing & Rez function’s a duo could make use of.

Wasn’t impressed with Necro or Demo. HoX is fair but basically just a weaker melee type.

barb and bear shaman are very fun

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thanks for the input! I ended up making a DT for solo leveling, and I’ll level as a Conqueror with him (hopefully I’ll enjoy it!). He chose Necromancer, so I’m hoping he enjoys that hehe

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sounds interesting, might look into trying that combo in the future. thanks for the response though!

thanks for taking your time to respond to my thread even though you seem to have negative feelings towards the game. hope you have a great day :smiley:

He’ll get overwhelmed by spells on Necro, and it might be a bit scary at first, but a lot of them are useless. He just needs to figure out which ones :smiley:

Necro is really strong class both solo and group wise so he’ll have a good time. He’ll pretty much kill mobs before they reach him at the same level. Have fun though! Leveling together with a friend in this game is a really awesome experience.

for some reason “a lot of them useless” made me go “ooo sounds interesting!” haha! but I’ll make sure to tell him! thanks for the response!

odd, my reply doesn’t show as a reply to you :0

no,dont get me wrong, i dont play any other mmo that aoc and if id chose what mmo to start again id pick aoc 10/10,but the fact funcom doesn`t give a fk about it and just hide any negative comments says for itself

yeah it’s a bit sad that Funcom seems to have shelved the game. but at least the game is up and running, right? I’m not very familiar with the game but I’m looking forward to exploring it. And since there’s an endgoal to endgame and gear right now, I can take my time! hehe

It’s still a great game, despite some of the poor management decisions, misdirection and so on. It should slot of fun to run with a friend, welcome (back) and enjoy :grinning:

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thank you! I’m excited to delve into the game! hopefully I’ll get properly sucked in!!

If you’re friend is completely new and you have not played much of the game at all then there is so much content for you two to explore and enjoy for the very first time.

Most of the negative noise around here comes from vets who are sitting around twiddling their thumbs, waiting for new content (and feeling frustrated when all they get after nearly a decade of investment is a new mount or something in the item shop and reduced customer support.).

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Really excited to be exploring it! my friend will start playing this weekend, so I’ll try and get used to the game a bit before then!

and I totally get why veterans would be frustrated. :pensive:

it all depends a lot on what kind of players you are. But if you are like me, players who like to experience the game, enjoy it by following quests, exploring and doing all the dungeons along the way, instead of rushing to 80, my advice is to occupy the two main archetypes of the game (1 soldier + 1 healer) so you can easily organize low level dungeons on the way. In this way you can search for 4 random, spam for certain purists can be long hours because there is not only 1 tank or 1 single healer at times.

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I second what @zujilin says. If your friend likes to play casters maybe convince him to try a Priest of Mitra. It is a pure caster with heals, and it would match perfectly with your DT and/or Conq. The Tempest of Set is a healer and caster also, but requires a little bit more micro management and is not as “pure” as the PoM with its AoEs and stuff. It is strong while leveling, too.
And if you did not know: Healers in AoC are dps who happen to be able to heal. They are not healbots! They can dish out as much, sometimes even more damage as the dps classes. On your way to 80 the PoMs heals will be 2 heals over time that must be activated roughly every 20 seconds in combat, a HP buff you have to cast once (and after every death) and which lasts 4 hours, and one instant big hp boost you can use every 60 seconds. Whenever not healing a PoM has to cast damage casts.
Not too bad: A Conq and a PoM can both resurrect the other one, so it would not always be only you who has to run back from the resspad :slight_smile:.