Easiest caster to play?

Played back in 2008, maxed out an assasin and a DT.
BUT! Coming back I am looking for the easiest, least keybind intensive caster I could casually enjoy cause I have a microsoft mouse and no intention in going melee.
Thanks in advance!

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Casters are not my speciality, but a Bear Shaman (mine is 80) is really fun levelling and good survival skills. PoM for me was one click, every battle and I did not get far with it. But I am considering rolling a PoM to try again. good luck!

If I was to roll a melee class I’d go barbarian or Herald and buy a new mouse XD. Yes shaman was always legit (always?).

Good news is that all you need is a standard mouse to turn, keybind the rest.

I’m assuming this is for pve, necro and demo are pretty brain dead.

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Yeah probs should have mentioned apart from the minion controlling classes.
I remember the combos getting really frustrating which put me off.
So I suppose it boils down to ToS or PoM?

I’d be into pvp but i’m reading Fury is dead. Still i’d be down for minis and sieges (if those are still a thing)

Demo or necro are pretty simple to play.

Easiest to play would be Demo.

Do ToS and PoM require much/any melee? If not what are their intricacies?

If you are wanting something easy to play, i’d recommend a dps class like demo/necro over a healing class like tos/pom.

I see. Guess I’ll go with a demo then. Thanks everyone for their answers!

if it comes down to tos or pom: tos is for braindead ppl. its basically just keeping stormfield and stormcrown active and fill the time in between with some channeling or heal spells. though you will suffer as low lvl tos in minigames. i’ve always found pom to be more forgiving in pvp since they have lots of defensive abilities (bubble, kick, etc) and dmg is decent as well. in pve they do quite well, especially with good gear in combination with holy cleansing and your favorit necromancer. just make sure to give your tank a headstart…

Demo is the easiest caster.

Demo. You can really play it casual and relax with few keys

If you are into pvp and want a simple class with not so many key binds, play a ranger. This class has fewest keys to press and can dish out nice damage in pvp.

Tos is actually not so simple in pvp. Demo and necro are not too hard, but require you to place yourself more strategically. Pom also doesnt have a lot of key binds.

As for fury. Not many people on there, but if you want open world pvp, it’s the only option. There still is daily world pvp on fury. Often the same people, but enough to have fun and waste many hours :slight_smile:
Minigames are rare on fury now, however hopefully it picks up again after summer time.

If you would like to “casually enjoy” the game.
I would not recommend any type of healer class, becasue they are the hardest to play in any game, regardless how many buttons you have to use in solo. You have to have 3 eyes when you raid, 1st on the tank, 2nd on the group, and 3rd on your cooldowns and lastly you better to know what the boss does, casts, moves.
If you just want to travel through the dungeons and raids without sweated and exhausted, then you choose Necro or Demo I would say.

No one should be afraid of selecting a healer in age of conan, on the contrary its one of the mmos where the healer job could be described as a “healer-light”, a hybrid between healer/dps where your healing done is mostly done by applying passive heals that heals people over time while you do dps (occasionaly healing the key mechanics of the fights). Compared to other mmos you rarely sweat or feel exhausted from healing, and you can enjoy healer while casually enjoying the game.

Demo is probably the easiest caster to “get into”, necromancer has alot more spells where many of them are obsolete, and figuring out which ones to choose or not might be abit more tricksy then demo.


I am not surprised when you comment on something, you always compare everyone to your years ahead of hardcore experince with a 3 man group in HMs.

“I am looking for the easiest, least keybind intensive caster”
Probably a solo healer will be for the first time with a pug group in Pillars or Den without much experience with a T1 or T2 gear at most and with gappy AA heals.
Try it! It is not much fun as you think.

“No one should be afraid of selecting a healer in age of conan”
Yes! When somebody is not back from 11 years ago, to start over with a new char, as a casual player, who has not seen much from the game yet.


Come on, playing a healer is not so hard after all, especially if you’re already used to play a healer in some other game.
The most common problem is that some players (usually coming from other games) don’t understand that the healer in this one is not a pure healer, but a dps class with heals, and just gimp themselves, focusing only on heals.


Just wanted to give another pov on it, think you went abit too doomsday mode on playing a healer when you implied you cant casually enjoy the game playing a healer, imo untrue statement :slight_smile:

Most difficult/important archetype is soldier. If a tank doesn’t know mechanics or can’t hold aggro, the best healers and dps usually can’t help.

After that healers have the next difficult job, since they should keep their heals up on tanks and in some fights keep an eye on the damagedealers.
Big issue is that many healers use their bigheals way too late when tank is at 20% or less health already.
Beside that every healer has a good potential of dealing high amount of damage. Unfortunately many people playing healers, focus on healings and don’t care about dps. Like spamming blue heal (which runs over time for 20 seconds) every 3 seconds instead of using the 20 seconds to deal some damage.

Easiest job is playing a damagedealer since you have to focus on damage only (maybe some special bossmechanics on certain fights).

To say at least something to the original topic:
Playing decent without using many buttons can be achieved on demo. But for full potential you need several buttons on any class.