Dont know what to play

Have been going back on forward with classes, cant decide. Bear Shaman, Tempest of Set, Barbarian, Assassin.
Would like to have class wich is good with support and damage and good with soloing since I play alone a lot :smiley:

You basically want to play healer. They are support class that deals dmg and can deal surprisingly good dmg and are amazing for solo. Choice comes to PoM caster that is fun to play at max lvl and powerhouse at soloing regardless of going more support focused feats or dmg ones. Only downside is that it will feel a bit boring at start but is one of those late bloomer classes in terms of fun. More feats you get and build nice spec more fun it gets especially if you start with vengeance feats.

ToS is similar to PoM as it is caster just has amazing AoE dmg. Many say that it has third or even second best AoE dmg out of all classes and that says much as it is healer but others might know more about ToS than me so take this with a grain of salt.

And than you have Bear Shaman if you don’t want to cast spells but use combos and bash heads with 2 hander weapons.

Thing with healers is that you will do dmg regardless of build and have healing regardless of focusing more on dmg or support builds. And all 3 are top soloers. So they have all 3 things you look in class.

If you don’t want healer Conqueror tank spec has nice dmg and is durable same as DT tank but as soldier you will be expected to tank at end game. Barb berserker 2 hander has great sustain and can dish big dmg as he is pure dps class but that build is for soloing and you will need another one for end game pure dps.

Pick Herald of Xotli out of these.

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Conq. Can tank. Can dps. Can heal. And has the most powerful ability in the game. Shouts you back to life.

Definitely HoX is the best. No other class comes even close! :sunglasses:


Thanks for help and good ideas :smiley:
Now I have PoM and somehow I did end up playing Guardian too, have been fun so far. Even I have no clue about tanking in any game. Lvl 35 and didn’t die even once yet :smiley:

Soldiers are the best all rounders with the exception of guardians. Dark Templars are great in pve and PvP, conqs make great support tanks and excel in PvP.

Soldiers even have self healing abilities… except guardians… they got the short end of the stick