Best class for single player experience?

What is the best class to play if you’re a lonely idiot like me who always pulls too many mobs? Something to go 1-80 all on my own.

Really whichever class attracts you the most. Barbarian and Bear shaman I enjoyed a lot. Both are melee with the ability to heal or regenerate health during a fight.

If you have a problem pulling lots of mobs in, stay away from Ranger. Great class but while fighting vs 2 is OK, vs 3 starts to get hard.

I’ve found both my Dark Templer and Tempest of Set aren’t too bad. The DT just has staying power and the ToS has a fairly good AoE attack plus the ability to heal herself.

I have found that fire-heavy hybrid specced demo is the quickest most straightforward and most enjoyable class to level. As a bonus, it’s the best for aoe burning of mobs at 80 and can be an excellent source of income as a power leveller and trade skill resource gatherer.

Having just returned after over a decade, I decided to play a couple of new, to me, classes. In the past I had leveled Bear Shaman and Guardian classes to level 80 and enjoyed them.

This time I went with Barbarian and loved it. Very simple to learn and play, great DPS without being to squishy. By the time you have leveled it to 80 you will have a very good grasp on it with just minimal research.

Currently working on a Conqueror, level 70, and it is my favorite so far. Absolute power house for soloing a pure melee character. If you like the toe-toe melee style, I would highly suggest playing a Conqueror.