Returning Player Looking for Advice

I would be looking for a class and character that is easy to play and learn from a solo, PvE perspective.

What recommendations?

I’d say Dark Templer. Good DPS, good armor, very forgiving when you get in over your head as they can still hold their own.

Demo if you want to play a caster.

Barbarian if you want to play a melee dps toon.

If you want to play a melee tank, then go with DT or Conqueror.


Alright. Good recommendations so far.

How about builds for those recommended?

Any class. I’ve leveled every class and the most difficult was the ranger. Then the assassin. They were also both pretty boring classes. Conq and DT were just a bit slower than other classes. The most fun was the Bear Sharman. You can solo any class pretty easily, it depends what you want to focus on at lvl80. Tank, fps, heals and how they are played, what you find enjoyable.


Mostly agree with you, most fun BS. My toughest, haven’t leveled yet to 80 because I gave up was HoX.
I found ranger and sin not boring but not the easiest to level. Conq I went through to 80 like a hot knife through butter.

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Really? :astonished:
I think HoX is the most fun of all classes by A LOT!. :sunglasses:

The only part of leveling that is a bit boring is before lvl 14, but from then on, when you max Hellfire and make HFB instant, it’s all smooth until lvl 80. :wink:

It’s not the easiest though, for 2 reasons:

  • You need to mix spells and combos, especially to use HFB every time it’s off cd;
  • Is quite squishy, so most of the time it’s a matter of killing the mobs before they kill you. Miss 2 combos in a row, and you’re in trouble.

Yeah, I think my build was bad and after my current leveling PoM, I might try again. Thanks for the advice! :beer:

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Any guides, builds or otherwise tips for Conq? I was thinking of doing a DW one and a 2h Barb.

barb is very fun and versatile. You can spec yourself and adjust your playstyle to be as simple or complex as you want. The class has so many options for however you want to play. Bear shaman is the most fun class i’ve ever played so far, but it requires a lot of micromanaging (the fun part for me). Those are my recommendations. Just whatever you do, PLEASE do not roll a ranger. It is by far the most unenjoyable PVE class (coming from a ranger main)

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No desire to play a ranger.

My thoughts are this:

2h Barb
DW Conq

That’s what I plan to run. All PvE of course.

For Carnage conk:
aim for this at 25 1160cd180cd7c0e1c90d0360d2f0
aim for this at 40 1160c3540c8660d7a10c8c90cd180cd7c0e1c90d0380d2f00d1c40d5480d354
aim for this at 60 1160c3540c8660d7a10c8cc0c5480ca580cf0c0cabe0cb230cc4c0cd180cd7c0e1c90d0380d2f00d1c40d5480d354
aim for this at 78 1160c3540c8660d7a10c8cc0c5480ca580cf0c0cabe0cb240cc4c0c3b80d86c0c5a80cb850cbec0c8000ccb00cd180cd7c0e1c90d0380d2f00d1c40d5480d354

those are strictly leveling builds, but they stack bleeds and crits, give you more or less infinite aoe knockbacks for large pulls and infinite charge as you kill

At 80 you’ll want to move feat points out of brute if you plan to stay pure dps, or abandon carnage and focus on brute/general if you want to be effective as a tank in group pve.

EDIT: forgot to link feat builder

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Thanks a MILLION for this. You wouldn’t happen to have anything like this for BARB, BS, or NECRO would you. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

You said you would be playing barb 2h. So for speccing you basically cant go wrong with just filling up the berserker tree. I’m not sure what people use for PVE zerker barbs but its probably something like this at lvl 80.
and something like this at lvl 40.

Demonologist is the easiest class to play as caster followed by Necromancer (no combos required)… if you want melee, i would go with a Bear Shaman.

Would I be using 2h or DW with this build?

use both to maximize debuffs/dps/ccs

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Hi all, im too a returning player. Was a bit in 2009 then took a break till 2012 and then rerurned in 2019. Im looking for guild that do pve raids, like t4 and further, maybe raid crafts. I have a pom and a conq as alt.

conks should always be swapping to keep buffs, debuffs, and bleeds going. carnage favors dual wield combos, and the end tier feat whirlwind requires dw, but you will be best served with both weaponsets available

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