New Player, never played AoC before

Decided to try this game out, was looking at classes, wanting to go for a, “stereotypical” Conan character and was looking at Cimmarian Conqueror or Barbarian, was wondering if I could get any insight into the classes. From what I’ve read, the Conqueror is sort of a Buffer type, seems interesting. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


I will go into more details about the class below, and others might even give you a better reply too, but the one question I have is pretty simple and will most likely be the answer to which class you want to play: Do you want to tank (conq), or dps (barb)?

Conq tanks with a 2H, but swaps to 1H quite a lot to debuff (Breach) and apply a DoT (Bloodbath). Got two pretty good bubbles and survivability if used correctly. I personally do not think Conq is an insane buffer type personally, but conq is insanely good at debuffing mobs. Yeah you do have formation and that other one running, and heroic call every 2min (+20% weapon dmg to yourself and the group). Again not bad, but nothing like a Zerker barb/guard imo.

Conq has a DPS and a tank tree though. Carnage = DPS, Brute = Tank. With enough gear and good heals you can tank some fights in carnage, but this is very boring imo, but it’s an option. Also if you aim to be a DPS only Conq, I’d say go roll a Barb instead.

All this being said, I personally think conq is the most fun class in the game. I’ve played it a alot the last two years and this one, and Assassin is by far the most fun (Ï’ve played all 12 quite alot and this is my subjective opinion).

Conq can be a bit weak in earlier raids, but it shines in T5, and can also do pretty well in T6. Imo Conq is by far the most challenging tank to play, specially to play it at the highest level.

Now, short on Barb. Barb also has a 2H (Zerker) and 1H (Reaver) option. I will make this very short: 1H = Groups & Raids. 2H = Solo.

If/When you get T5 Major Runestone for Barb, it’s not that simple anymore (or you have an option to go hybrid). If you go hybrid you get insanely good weapon buffs for melee dpsers. You can still just go full reaver and do very well though, but now you’re not that insane buffer (Armageddon falls is pretty sick though, but works a bit different). You can go hybrid in raids/dungeons without the rune too, but that rune makes a big difference. Just wanted to say it does still work without rune to go hybrid. Barb is very fun though, very good AoE DPS, good single target dps, good solo, I don’t PVP but I know it’s good in PvP (Conq too btw). Barb also shines a lot in T5+T6.


Thanks, I’m sure I’ll check them both out, but they do both seem very interesting. Another question, how big of an importance is race in this game? Might roll a Cimmerian Barbarian and an Aquilonian Conquorer

Your character looks a bit different, and you get a different home town when you get out of Tortage (lvl 20 ish). Cimmerian is Conarch Village and Aquilonian gets Old Tarantia. Might be some other minor detail I’ve forgotten, but it doesn’t play any major role in the game unless you ‘really’ care for it.

You forgot the most important thing: Different dance moves! :smile:

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Damn I knew it was something I missed!! :sweat_smile:

Who has the best dance movies?

If this will be your very first class I suggest Barbarian as first toon, as you can focus on dps only. If you go conq you will be expected to tank and there is very high learning curve, as you need to learn how to pull and position mobs correctly etc./ as we have collision detection in this game, which totally changes positioning compared to other mmo’s.

When you learn the mechanics (healing,dps,tanking tropes) of the game, you can go Conq as an 2nd alt character. Good luck

Hm… hard to say :smiley: I like Stygian (belly dance for female characters) and Khitan (kinda like an “expressive dance” with fluid movements) dance moves the most

You can get all dance moves, even though I’m not sure if there’s a minimum level requirement (might be 40, since the Aquilonian quest giver for it is in Tarantia Noble district).
You just have to get a blue heal form BS for Cimmerian, PoM for Aquilonian and ToS for Stygian (again, not sure about Khitian).

Don’t know what most of those terms mean, oh great and mighty Yawgmoth.

If you are in a guild you are able to learn the other culture’s dance moves by talking to specific NPCs, the gist of those quests is, that you need the buffs of characters that can only be played by those races, for example: you need a Priest of Mitra in your group (another player) who has one of his group buffs active in order to learn the Aquilonian dance moves, once that is done you can continue the quest.

It’s nothing really important though, dance moves are just for toying around like emotes (for Roleplay for example).
So to make it quick: It doesn’t need to bother you yet and isn’t really important anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Most important thing for now is that you find the class that is fun for you.

Sorry, I guess I took those acronyms for granted… :laughing:
You can find their meaning here: AoC Wiki | Game Terms. :wink:

Thanks, wanted to ask about another class, purely thematically, Tempest of Set is f**king amazing, how does it play?

It’s a caster class, so you get no combos, just 1-click spells. As all healers, is pretty strong at high level.
If you’re not afraid of a long reading, you can check this thread: Tempest of Set - general guide on how to play on level 80.