Player Returning (Haven't Played Since Launch)

I can’t seem to get into my account, but when I do, I would be looking for a class and character that is easy to play and learn from a PvE perspective.

What recommendations?

Barbarian. Or Conqueror. Both easy to learn and fun to play

«Conq easy to learn» ironic when basically no one plays it correctly now a days :sweat_smile:

How to play it correctly in your view?

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  1. first of all you have to choose your archetype, which determines your role in a group. Priest if you want to heal, soldier if you want to tank etc.
  2. I advise against crossing archetypes like the soldier if you want to do only dps (damage dealer) and never tank if you want to do damage, choose damage archetype (mage or rogue)
  3. playing in a group helps you learn what your place is. Try to play all the dungeons you find is doing during leveling (Black Castle, Sanctum of burning Souls etc.etc.)
  4. made these things come back here on the forum for any doubt (build, rotation, what to do, etc.)
  5. let the game guide you, follow and do all the quests on a map and without postponing. This takes you up to the epic raid quests and takes away from the embarrassment of many (where can I level at level 35?)

Have fun and good luck

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This is not a Conq guide by any means but I can give you some tips or tricks.
You can seperate this into two parts. The attitude and mechanics parts.

  1. Attitude

    • Way too many settles to do meteor jobs every single raid. Example: T6 got pretty much one (or more) meteor job on every single boss, and it’s usually the same guy(s) (often the conq) doing it over and over, don’t do that. If you play a tank you should WANT to tank imo.
    • I know in lower tier raids (t4 or below) DTs runs the show but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at least.
    • DPS is REALLY important!!! Don’t worry about surviving before you actually make sure you can compete with the other tanks. Be aggressive, make sure you don’t have more down time than needed. This is the biggest issues on Heng Shih for a lot of tanks. So much time spent doing nothing while you can get in an extra combo here and there.
    • It’s not always the DPSers fault if they pull aggro, it might be on the tanks too. Vistrix T5 is the best example where tanks need to step up their game. If you don’t kill the dragon quick enough, and he will get stronger and stronger over time you will wipe. So if barbs/sins/necros cannot even break 1,5k dps mark witout pulling a teleport (top 4 in aggro) there’s some serious issues in the raid, and it’s not on the dpsers which a lot of tanks thinks.
  2. Mechanics

    • I will do this part short but if you want the bigger explanation feel free to DM me
    • Weapon swap. Blood Bath 7 should always be on cool down. (Same with GoDS and Feint Atk crit buff of course).
    • I am not a big fan of Hail of the Furious Strikes, at all. Specially the highest rank, ouf that one is bad. Rank 5 is decent for shields, but other than that I use another rank of Feint Atk instead, I do like those.
    • Way too many carnage tanks now a days because they’re lazy. Personally not a big fan because I think optimal Brute gameplay is way better (but more difficult of course), but I am not going to tell others how they have to play the game.

Anyways, these are just my points on it. DT you cannot really play wrong since everything you do in tali will be enough to have decent aggro (‘cough’ OP), Guardian just isn’t a very complicated class imo, while most tanks that are really struggling are Conqs usually. Obviously not saying that there’s no way to optimize DT or Guardian, just saying I personally think they’re easier to play at a decent level than Conq.
If you want to chat more, as said feel free to DM me either here or on Discord, or I can send you an invite to Knights of Avalon Discord if you wish, and we can take it on the Conq thread there. :smiley:


I’d go with PoM (strong leveling class) and in a group setting has an additional healing spell, opposed to the other priests. Healing in this game is not the healbotting style of priests you see in other games. You’re quite limited in how much you can heal, so you’ll also be able to enjoy the dps aspect of the game while on a priest, so for that reason I’d avoid starting on a dps, since all priests are “dps” as well.

if you want to tank, definately follow up on fireblow’s advice. any one of the tanks are good and fun imo, with their differences.


Where is the “clap” reaction ,i m so proud :rofl:

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