Barbarian vs Conqueror- which is more "fun"?

Which class would you say has a more involved and interesting gameplay?

conqueror is probably more involved because it’s a tank whereas a barbarian only does damages. that means you will have to do correct positioning, care more about survival, also look into all agro related stuff, etc.

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Does that apply to solo gameplay too?

Ty them both i do believe in personal experience , then decide by yourself for yourself .

Barb is the ultimate fun class at both pve and pvp

Carnage conq infinite charge can be very satisfying as well though :slight_smile:

For anyone reading this later who found it.

Having played both quite a lot, Conq absolutely destroys Barb in basically all scenarios except for in groups. Conq is so damn tanky, even right at the start of the game you can pull 4 enemies of higher level and absolutely butcher them all without even losing a quarter of your health. Barb barely handles a single foe of similar level by comparison.

In the later game Conq gets dozens of passive abilities that buff the heck out of everyone just standing around him. He doesn’t even have to do much in terms of managing these abilities either. Just “existing” and turning on the ability is enough to grant nearby friendlies the buffs. Conq also ends up getting tons of self-healing and sustain too which Barb doesn’t get any of.

Barb on the other hand is a really solo focused class and that’s why it’s considered a “Rogue” class and shares many of the same skills. Being limited to wearing cloth makes you so stupidly squishy that it really is the definition of a ‘glass cannon’. Yes later on you can 1 and 2 shot mobs as a Barb but when 3 or more enemies are all aggroing you at the same time, some mage or ranger NPC can just no-scope you from across the map and you’re dead. If you were a Conq, spells and arrows just bounce off you.

If you want to make big pulls and basically never have to worry about dying, play Conq.

If you want to pull one enemy at a time for most of the game but still do absolute max melee damage, then play Barb.

To be honest, you don’t seem to have much of a clue of how to play barb, because, when played correctly, it can annihilate groups of 4-5 mobs with ease. :smirk:

Try this spec in Blood Rage stance and don’t forget to keybind the weapon swap. Use 2h for Staggering Blow (Reverse Swing buff) and CC combos, and dual wield to kill. :wink:

Barb wears light armor and is not limited to cloth.
The group buffs a barb can bring to the table I would not trade for a conq at any time.
Also, comparing apples with oranges here - one is a tank, one is a rogue dps.
And I gree with @Yawgmoth , seems like you did not play your barb to its fullest potential.

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If you think its a big possibility that you will tank, conq is great option being able to opt in for both tanking and damagedealing.

If you dont find it likely that you will tank eventually. Definitely go with barb.

I rarely see anyone main dps-conq. For several reasons, the main one being that you will be invited less to group-content. You will fight over gear with tanks who actually tank and for that reason raids and esp dungeons avoid taking them.

Carnage conqueror (dps specc) has a very basic way of playing without any real learning curve, which might bore you in the long run (right now as a fresh player this might have less impact since you are new to the combatsystem regardless). While barb has two major playstyle options with the two threes thats more suitable for a main character.

You should try both , theres nothing like first hand experience , and decide for yourself by yourself not some random answer from AOC forums or global chat.

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I’m sorry but you’re comparing a tank (the conq) to a melee dps (the barb). That’s like asking if a demonologist (mage type) is more fun to play than a guardian (tank type). They have entirely different play styles and roles in the game The archetype of “soldier” in this game is the tanks. They’re the ones meant to be meat shields for the group to be able to take down. The archetype of “rogue” in this game is for the dps who’s not magic based. They are the damage dealers. In AoC the “rogues” the combination of the typical rogue you see in other games (assassin), ranged physical damage users you see in other games (ranger), and melee dps you see in other games (barbarian). The only class with an archetype that is different than what role they actually perform in the group is the bear shaman who is a “priest” archetype because their primary stat used is wisdom and can perform healing spells but the reality is they are a melee dps who can also help with healing the melee.