Dual Wield character question

Hi, so I would really like to create a dual-wielding swords character, rather warrior-ish feeling, and I don’t know if it is better to chose barbarian (reaver) or conqueror (carnage). That would be a mostly casual character so it doesn’t need to top on leaderboards or whatever. I usually play duo with husband (PoM), most of the time at least.
I’m leaning towards conqueror because I don’t like the roguish side of the barb much (for this character, not generally), would you guys have some advice ?

Both classes are great fun, but if you pick the Conq and want to join for groups or raids it will be expected of you to tank as its a tank class in the end of the day. Barb is in that sense easier as it is a pure dps class so you have non of them expectations on you, tho there are places you need the AAs.
But if you are to play the toon only with your husband and no groups or raids conq is a great pick as you are very tanky and will not go down easy.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for your answer, it answers most of what I wanted to know :slight_smile:

Conq will be best option, because even in tanking spec you have to swap to dual wielding to maximize dps and aggro.
Also good for leveling, will make things pretty easy for you both.

Barb in the other side is also good, but rather weak in surviveability if playing reaver

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Thanks Cyryus ! I’m happy it was a good idea to make a conq after all :slight_smile:

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