Returning Player got a few questions


I’m returning to the game. Unfortunately the Zath Server won’t be going for long. Pity I only found out now.

Been away for quite some time and would like to roll a new character on Crom.

I used to tank (pretty mediocre skill) but I’m not sure how hard it is these days to catch up with gear and AA.

So I’m looking for a class suggestion here as well.

I’m playing a lot solo. So being able to solo well is important for me. Would like to play a class that’s KINDA in a good spot as well. I enjoyed melee a lot. Mage classes not so much.

I also read there’s a raid finder now. That’s cool. Do these groups actually work out? Back then raiding required some voice communication imho. Does it work for normal dungeons as well?

Thanks in advance!

There’s still 1 month before Saga ends and the characters are moved to Crom, so it can be more than enough time. Depends on your play style, but I think it’s worth a try anyway. Worst case, you will be moved to Crom before you reach 80.
About the class, if you like melee but don’t want to be forced to have the best gear, I’d suggest Barb. As DPS, it’s easier to join a group and perform decently even with less than optimal gear. On a tank it could be quite a painful experience.
And RaidFinder… it’s the worst thing that Funcom did in the history of this game. Avoid it, if you can!


your answer helped a lot! Going to roll a Barb then on the Zath Server.
Anyone got a nice leveling build for me by any chance?


Here is a thread with good points about the barbarian gameplay:

I personally would recommend leveling with 2hand in berserker stance, something like this:

If you feel you are doing fine and missing some dps to be faster and survivalbility is not an issue you can move to something like this in reaver stance (and this would be a spec with which you will do fine in groups, too):

While leveling use all your ccs, and position yourself so you always hit a maximum of mobs.

When you start doing groups and raids on lvl 80, the thread linked above will help you to decide if you want to go dual wielding (my personal recommandation is to do so, you bring good buffs, debuffs and the expected minus hate to a group, and the damage is constantly pretty high).

Nice, thanks a lot!

Great community :slight_smile:

For AA. If you’re a VIP you’ll get 1 (I’ll call them BIG) Big points for each level you go up. Inaddition you’ll get (the points that make up a BIG point I’ll call SMALL) small points from killing stuff and the daily login bonus on certain ‘days’ (the first 3 of each ‘week’). You’ll also get 3 BIG points from the daily login bonus towards the end of the ‘month’.

If you’re F2p you’ll only get the points from killing and the daily login bonus. So over all it’s harder to catch up as a F2p player with the AA points.

Also ALL now get F2p, don’t have to have Godslayer, be sub’d etc… That all changed in the big 2016 F2p change.

Raid Finder is a rotational selection of established dungeons that start out at the easy end and get harder. They are ‘dumbed’ down and if the group wipes it get’s a bonus to make it easier and if it wipes again even more of a bonus. Kind of set up so it’s hard to fail.

When I was doing them on Crom, there were some leaders that would step forward, explain and direct. Others would just be brawls and of course there were one’s where ppl would purposely drive a wipe to get the bonuses. You also have those special few that will just camp the rez pad to get the shinies without doing any of the work.

As a non-raider I like them and will do the easy end one’s from time to time for the fun of it as I wouldn’t normally ever get to see them. Unfortunately too many just put in the least amount of work to grind them for the shinies they can trade in for better armor and kind of ruin it for those that want to do it ‘for real’.

Popular opinoion is RF killed normal raiding on Crom, but my take on it is the raid calls that say ‘must have X gear, experience and AA’s’ are what’s killing it.

So, it’s been a while since I started this thread.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped me get back into the game.

I rolled a Barb as suggested and used the 2h spec that was linked in this thread. Worked great!
Today I hit lvl 80 on Saga, finished my Destiny Quest and did a Raid Finder.

It was a painful lot of Villa grinding to catch up but I don’t regret it. Also I like that the Barbarian is way more dynamic than my old Conq. :slight_smile:

So now I’m waiting for the transfer tomorrow and wonder what’s up next?

  • Are there still regular “easy” Khitai dungeon runs on Crom?
  • Any progression suggestions besides grinding AA, Khitai gear (+ standings)?
  • Any guilds recruiting that still do basic lvl 80 content?

Thanks again!
I enjoyed this opportunity to get back into the game and I really appreciate your help!

Raidfinder is pretty much eating the games activity but you will probably find a dungeon here and there.

A clear majority of the level 80 endgame lies in the Khitai expansion, a big epic expansion with almost as much content as the base game. Sadly FC made the questionable decition of adding gear to the raidfinder thats more powerful then all the gear in that expansion, practically making it obsolete, most new players skip it since its work for nothing in their eyes.

With that said, If you ask out of a gearprogression-perspective you simply join raidfinder and when you are full t4 the only progression is to try find a guild that does t5 and t6, that will be hard since you didnt learn the game properly yet. But this is the state of the game atm, you get insta boosted to a point youre not rdy for and then u stand there with gear but nothing to do.

Khitai is an amazing expansion, try to find groups for all the dungeons, or even better form own groups and learn them from scratch. They are rly well made. And learning them will educate you in game mechanics so you are rdy for harder challanges later on.

Should be guilds recuiting alot in the days to come on crom after merge!

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