Saga Class Distribution - Level 80


Here’s an updated class distribution chart for characters at level 80. Quite a lot of people have already capped out!! :smiley:

Dark Templar - 11.49%
Conqueror - 11.03%
Tempest of Set - 10.62%
Demonologist - 10.04%
Necromancer - 9.63%
Bear Shaman - 8.75%
Barbarian - 8.28%
Priest of Mitra - 8.17%
Herald of Xotli - 6.42%
Assassin - 5.60%
Guardian - 5.54%
Ranger - 4.43%


nerf rangers

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Stop trolling Andy. :rofl:


Not a surprise at the least popular classes.

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Is funny.

  1. dark templar.
  2. conqueror
    and still you need 2 hours for find a tank.
    But If you need a DPS there are tons of dps soldiers. So about this the positive thing is … oh wait there is nothing of positive :-p

Nice cardigan… :slight_smile:


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Be interesting to have the actual number along with the Pct added to that pie chart. Even the total number of 80’s they made their chart from.

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Interesting stuff. No surprise on the first two because of the obvious let’s call it “imbalances” between those classes and the rest of the mere mortal classes. TOS is also a bit more popular than I would have thought.

Thanks for posting this!

I would have figured that the highest percentage class would have been a Demonologist, given it’s relative simplicity and ease of leveling.

offcourse it will be difficult to find tanks on a new server. Its hard to tank and especially solo tank stuff on the harder dungeons/raids when the tanks dont have the gear. On Crom tanks have saved up their most shiny armour and AA to be able to tank hard stuff, and soldier to tank is very gear dependend

mine was just a provocative joke.
I still find it difficult to find tanks even for lower or low level purist content (saw purist spam need 2 tank for hours), so even if a joke had a bottom of truth :smile:

28.6% rolled tanks.
4.2% can actually tank.


Would be more interesting if you w8 with things like this until saga is over, and then listed how many people that returned for saga is staying, how many 6-mans and low tier raids are being started on crom and fury etc.

So maybe you should instead tell us what your plans are for AOC after saga? Or will you just lay back, do nothing and enjoy the money you made on getting people to buy stuff they already have bought on crom?

I’ve taken to just going with 1 tank in pretty much any Purist Dungeon and hoping they are good enough and using dps as off-tanks. A couple of Necro’s and a good Barb make good offtanks, and even main tank fights. In a Cistern/Main run with just 1 tank, the dps had and managed agro for almost all of it.

Not suprised ranger was the least played at 80.
Think a lot of people choose it for lowlevel minies, playing it at max level is a bit to monotonous.

And I for sure wasnt expecting to see ToS in top-3. :slight_smile:

I wonder how it would look like at the end of the saga server. A lot of new people are still leveling and I guess many chose the “easy starter classes” since I see a lot of demos running around in low level areas.

About the ToS being in the Top 3… yeah, I did not expect that either but I had the feeling there were a lot of ToSes around since whenever I searched for a group they mostly had a ToS already and needed a PoM / BS.