Are DT still great tanks with VOM?

Just coming back to game and was wondering if the DT was still unstoppable tank class with good gear and VOM?

yes, vom is still completely broken-overpowered !

Nice troll

it was rebuilt so rogues can take it off from you for little manner of time, and also there is now random chance for every proc feat of that perk, means you can gain override of one you already managed to get, so little bit different but still op in my eyes

Sounds good, mostly want to PVE tank and I remember how good they were for that.

i saw it but case is that always best dt will still the show, so you have to be aware that actually its not that hard to die out there, so little bit of selfawerness is always good to have
gl hope the power of vom will server you well

Thanks for the info.
I have a guard as well and I might play with him a bit as well, see how they fair nowadays…

Guard is a good class in pve but if you use sword and shield youll have to battle for aggro.

In pvp guard is craptastic.

Sword and shield is lightyears ahead of polearm in aggro, the fact is so well known that its not even debatable, spreadicus coming with the psuedo knowledge per usual :smiley:


That’s your opinion and I don’t agree. Dt, poleguard and even conq don’t have to fight nearly as hard as an sb guard due to the dps alone. I’m not saying it can’t be done because I do it and I do it well but it takes extra work than a dt does spamming vom crits and what have you. You’d be surprised what I know so don’t act like you know it all @Moriala

If thats the case, you might wanna show me your polearm talent and test it against me in sword and shield in similar gear? Im online now, hit me up, lets go against the kheshatta epic lion close to DMC.

I don’t usepolearm in pve on my guard I spec sword and shield. And the dps is horrible but I manage with aggro generating abilities. The sword and shield side needs a buff.

So you dont play polearm, but still say its stronger then sword and shield, no offence, but fact that poleramguards beat you in aggro says more about your skill in s&s then how strong polearm is m8

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Lol ok. I never said they beat me in aggro that’s how stupid you are is English a second language? I said it takes extra effort.

I use ss because of preference not because I think it’s better. I think pole tanks are dumb but they make it work and lots of them would argue for it over ss. And FYI I’m a solid ss guard. Again you presume much. Let’s just agree to disagree “m8”

Sorry for stepping on your toes, yes in fact english is my second language, so what? Im happy that I know more languages then english. And yes, tanking satetka-raids is surely a good benchmark for your guard. :joy:

Luckily, you show your tendencies of having an opinion about everything while lacking knowledge quite clearly, people learn which statements to filter out. peace out


I’ve been tanking a lot longer than you im sure

i’m not sure about that !

@Spreadicus We believe you but from what you write, we can deduce that you do not have much experience.

I am

Cool story bruh

S+S Guard is an agro beast in endgame. He will akways beat in burst agro. Do you even t6 bro and if so how long :wink: plus guard is a tank class that has great agro right from the start as was visible on saga even with low gear… and if there are 3 tanks conq, guard and DT and one dies it will be the DT since he will always stay the fragile one… DT can do great still but endgame has been tuned to diminish his advanrages a bit.
Chaos is an exception. Since the boss does not crit and hence no damage spikes the incoming damage can be easily outhealed.