Guard Smackdown

Meanwhile over in the Class Discusion thread in the DT discussion

Two players had a friendly discussion about guard dps on pole and s&b as well as a few other subtleties… i think i am not allowed to put player names into these posts? so their names began with P and with M.

Myself and a few others are very interested in this smackdown so i wondered if this could be arranged? We need a neutral umpire and maybe a few gold could be wagered?
Can a GM umpire… i realise they have nothing better to do?

What actually is the disagreement here?

I’m also confused as to what the deal here is. It’s common knowledge which tanks do the most dps while in a tanking stance and when in a dps stance.

All i can gather is @moriala believes that his/her knowledge of tanking in pve makes him/her a super pvp tank and hot ice wants to see a duel between this raid veteran and a newcomer? Am i off base here? Admittedly I barely skimmed the topic. Could someone tl;dr it for us?

I don’t understand. It’s simple, and I say this after playing the game for years and having done everything in the game, every single dungeon and raid: guard is unfortunately forced to only tank, because they can’t produce enough dps compared to conqs and dts.

It’s not that I don’t like guard. I raid T6 with a guard these days. It’s just a fact; conqs can switch spec and do decent dps, and dts can do it by just changing gear, but guards do poor dps even in polearm spec.

About the other issue, I agree with M: s&s guard has more aggro (and survivability) than polearm.

It’s pretty much like the sin, who can’t AoE, while barb has decent AoE. You can’t expect to do everything with every class. But, coming back to tanks, DT revamp made it an OP multiclass. They could do everything if they only could throw big heals as well and spammable AoE hexes or something. But I think the problem is really the fact mobs and bosses in most easy encounters have very little protection, making DT’s the kings of aggro and casters the kings of dps. Only T5, T6, SC and maybe some other place I can’t remember are more balanced in that regard.

I am curious about what would be the average pve DPS of a guard in t6 heavy armor with arena str neck, t4 str back, 2 str rf rings crit gemmed and a t3 craft polearm crit gemmed with exile rune in frenzy stance.

(In pvp the deal is fast, it would be a high chance of killing a clothie within 2 combos)

Lower than 11 other classes.


Yeah i guess any class geared like that should deal even more but what would be the guard limit ^^ Anyway pve rangers shouldn’t be that far away and they are even rogues at that.

Quality thread! Question is, would “meet me at kesh epic lion aggro duel” be the PVE equivalent of PVPs “come arena u fraid? )))) xaxax”

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lol and this pve match could be interesting only if it was about how many targets you can aggro lock at the same time vs the polearm :wink:

Why not make it interesting? go for the world boss in poitain. No heals style. Whoever dies first clearly drew the best aggro. :wink: