Guardian S&S - tips&tricks!

Hi! I’d like to know if any veteran S&S tanks here have some good tips and tricks for me to use. Also some suggested perks and “musthave” feats.

Also I’d like to know some pros/cons on polearm vs. S&S when it comes to tanking in both raids and dungeons.

Thanks in advance!

It’s pretty simple with guards - there is no advantage to poletanking at all. No pros/cons, s+s is just flat out better in every way.

There’s really only one spec for tanking (with very minor variations available and they aren’t worth mentioning) - prot spec is simply swapping 5 points in general, if you want the lazy spec with both armor and prot, move the general tree around to suit that -

As for perks? Stall the advance is still good or should i pick some new comboes?

Stall the Advance is still good for aggro, good for survivability.

Counterweight is viable also, but it’s purpose is more for when you’re tanking with other tanks and wanting to aggro swap constantly.

This whole post is from a pve perspective. In pvp polearm is the only option if you’re not okay being a gimp-meister.

Sword and shield
+threat-generation (aggro)
+croud-controll (ccs) - stun/fear/knockbacks
+Fun factor
+Higher dmg while tanking (if you know what you are doing)

+better aoe aggro (reach)
-everything else

Two trickzz
One “trick” that drastically increase your aggro output is to always prioritize shieldslam whenever its off cooldown, the threat it generates is 4x higher then any other combo in your arsenal. Another thing is to preload shieldslam in situations that allow it, for example If the boss is pulled and running towards you, start the combo and trigger the finisher animation as soon as hes close enough for you to hit, this way, you will practically be one shieldslam ahead and it helps plenty, allowing dpsers to go nuts from the start .

Another thing, when you have survivability issues, is to use Strike and guard + Stall the advance stacked. Which basically removes all the dmg input untill the stacks of Stall the advance is consumed, and will continue to shield you for a time longer (untill strike and guard is out). This can also be used on bosses where it would normally oneshot you (like the fire-spell on the miniboss in palace for example).

In Age of Conan the combos have two threat components.
1: The dmg from the combo that generates threat (depending on your hate-modifier).
2: Something that aoc players refers to as “innate threat” that transfers to the target when the last hit of the combo is landed.

The second one, innate-threat is a varius amount depending on what combo it is, and what rank of the combo it is. Shieldslam has the highest innate threat ingame, thus making it as powerfull as it is. While dulling blow has none. Therefor, i only use dulling blow on certain bosses with already low hitrating, as a defence combo. But on fights where I want high aggro i dont use it at all, not even to abuse shields.

Abusing shields
When you tank a boss you will see 3 shields that change position while you strike him. You want to use the combos that end with the last finisher step facing the empty shielded side. This is one of the things that makes this game have a high skill ceiling, you will earn alot of dmg doing this, and that means alot of aggro aswell. Though remember that you still want to prioritize shieldslam and guarddestroyer, before u start thinking about shield-abusing.

Regarding Counterweight vs Stall the advance. I would use stall the advance for 90% of the time. I mainly just use counterweight for fun. It unlocks the Reckoning ability which gives another button to press. But Stall the advance aggro, and its bubble potential, is most of the time the obvious choice. Like evito said, there are some fights where u dont want to lock aggro unless you are geared to your teeth, in those fights u rather use counterweight as a slight dps boost, and reducing the risk locking aggro and dying cos of it.

Here’s a high aggro-rotation as reference :slight_smile: hope it helps.

This is the highest balanced specc for the highest aggro + defensive-feats. The one in the link is for meleetanking, i suggest you have two speccs. one for magic fights and one for meleefights. When u want to tank magic take that specc and change iron-skin to stone-skin.


Thank you, just what I was looking for. I didnt actually know how the innate aggro worked. Thanks for clearing that out! :slight_smile:

Hi man, u are still playing aoc?

yes :slight_smile:

Never liked how wrath stacks doesn’t generate from magic damage, unless you take that worthless AA which gimps you in everything else.

Guardian is in a pretty good place right now for pvp and pve. Only other thing I would put on my “wishlist” for balance changes is add immunity or protection to all those evade feats in the tempest tree. It would add more variety to Guardian builds.

Do you have a spec for solo quests?