Pole-arm Guardian Build and Rotation for Pit Master Arena

Hi all, I am interested in a build and rotation for a pole-arm guard trying to make it through pet fighting in the Pit Masters Arena. I see lots of guides for pole-arm tanking but I don’t need tanking, just max dps. As a sword and shield guard I don’t kill purple pets fast enough. A lot of pole-arm combos seem focused on group fights but the arena seems mostly single or two mob fights.

I am a tempest (storm strike) build (this forum won’t let me post a link) but new to pole-arm and don’t know what the rotation should be at all or if the build makes sense.

Any help is appreciated!

When I did it on my guard, I used something like this.
There’s not much to say about the rotation, keep the Guard buff up, use Storm Strike when available, otherwise spam Flashing Arc. And use the dps buffs wisely.

I had full T4 gear (Fearless Soul), and still many fights were quite a close call for the timer. Of course, you have to stay in frenzy all the time.

just DPS build…