Farming arena pets

Which pet of epic quality is the fastest to kill with guardian? sigh

I have to farm 400.000 points to get rank 4 and So far Brutish jang was the one with the lowest hp i think. The Devourer takes too long, i run out of time to get it down :poop:

Rock nose is pretty easy :+1:t3:

That must be one undergeared Guardian if you didn’t manage to get The Devourer down?
Rock Nose is also pretty easy, but he adds a miss chance/stun iirc, and probably takes more time? I don’t remember. I farmed the Devourer myself.

Edit: I went polearm, but iirc most guard polearms hit right, so when x3 shields go right swap to sword and shield and do overreach and force shields left.

When I farmed the arena with my guard, I was using something like this: build
I had all T4 gear (Fearless Souls armor) and it wasn’t a problem to kill epic pets or even the dragon. In frenzy your protection will be very low, but the armor should still be pretty decent.

I am also using something similar to this, though my Guard is bad geared. Its a combination of everything, t1-t5, using t1 weapon which deals no damage. Dont know whats the timer to get down pets in arena, but i always See announcement that says i have 30 sec left :d

3 mins should be the timer

I usually go with the devourer or the spectral yig and move around for his heavy hit

You should still be OK (although do you really mean that you have t1 polearm? that’s kinda rough) but yea polearm combos suffer from hitting the same side over and over so move/cc/use the opener of different ranks/switch weapons etc to mitigate that.

I’m pretty sure I have done all of those with a s&s dps build too (in t4 gear) but it’s been a while so IDK.

To be honest i am not going with polearm dps spec because as you said earlier bosses tend to have shields on right side way too often, So instead i chose s+s dps build and i am going with it. I feel like it goes much faster than with polearm spec.

There are some bosses that i cant kill no matter how hard i try. Radiant ghostfire for example (+60% evade chance) and some others that heal up during the fight. Even though my survivability is more than good i deal way too low dmg because of t1 crap i have.

Used prime initiative-perk for the ghostfire on my guard to have a quick attack to avoid the evade-stack to raise and/or interrupt it’s healspell

why do u ppl does this to itself?